Astral Shaktipat – New Discoveries

Dear friends,  

Yesterday’s BTW was sweet and surprising. Dr. Deepali and I agreed that both will perform Shaktipat and she asked me to ‘prompt’ her when the time is right for her to start. However, that was a mind’s decision which stood no chance once the real experience took over.  

Hardly a few minutes passed after the meditation started, and I clearly felt Mohanji surrounding me with his energy and passing on the Shaktipat astrally. I was amazed how powerful it was – the whole room started revolving around me and I felt too intoxicated to stand up. I just enjoyed my state of ‘spiritual intoxication’ until suddenly a physical hand reached my Agnya and Sahasrara – it was Dr. Deepali, performing Shaktipat for the first time (in Muscat) after her initiation. 🙂  

The Radiant Smile of Dr. Deepali, BTW Muscat on Feb 5th


After her Shaktipat I still felt intoxicated, but to a much lesser degree, i.e. I was able to get up and do my duty. I strong feeling of merging with all the recipients of Shaktipat made my heart expand.  

I started with Bery (Ma Grace), who came from Dubai as our special guest – I could feel her sinking blissfully to the ‘bottom of the ocean’, exuding great peace and calmness.  

Ma Grace Radiating, Celebrating Colorful Aliveness


Soon I reached Gitanjali, who, on the other hand, continued going upwards. She started breathing really deep and I could feel her astral body levitating. And then, at one point, I had a clear glimpse of her (looking much younger and radiant) floating in the Universe, with galaxies in the backdrop, much beyond our planet. This is the first time I saw something like that, that too so clearly! Later on she confirmed that that is exactly what she felt – she was simply radiating and could not contain her joy!  

Gitanjali Radiating After Her 'Galactic Journey', BTW Feb 5th


As I was moving around the room performing Shaktipat, at one moment I glanced at Mohanji’s photo placed on the sofa where he usually sits – his eyes PIERCED me and, for a moment, I felt that the Earth stood still. The experience was so strange, if not scary (if I did not know who Mohanji was, I would have definitely become frightened). The fierce expression in his eyes was kind of too strong to bear – I assume I shouldn’t have looked (that is the instruction Mohanji gives when present physically during BTW, but I didn’t know that applies to his photo as well…- I guess learning lessons never cease…)  

Mohanji At The Feet of Shiva - Piercing Eyes and The Glow


I continued with the Shaktipat task and soon performed Shaktipat for Vinod and his wife Priti, both at the same time. I could feel them individually but also as a couple – beautiful, loving rays of bonding were flowing between them, and they were both very receptive. Vinod told me later on that before Dr. Deepali and I gave him Shaktipat (which felt very warm), he also received one COLD Shaktipat on the third eye at the very beginning – he could feel it clearly and the experience it gave him was wonderful. I was so pleased with his sensitivity level and confirmed that, indeed, that was Mohanji who was giving Shaktipat to all of us astrally.  

As I said before, it is wonderful to have Mohanji with us physically, but there is a point at which we have to grow to experience him (and the Masters that work through him) at a much deeper level, i.e. reach a point at which the subtle frequency of the higher realms becomes our tangible experience.  

All in all, yesterday’s BTW was truly enjoyable, especially for me, because it crowned an already amazing day spent in a continuous inspiring conversation/experience sharing with Bery, a dear friend and one of the greatest artists and spiritualists I have ever met. Her artistic name is Ma Grace, which truly suits her because she is like a loving mother to all, has served selflessly for many years, raising endless funds for orphan children across the globe, and continues to touch many people’s live through her ‘healing through art and joy’ workshops in which many people, especially women dulled by routine life, realize just how much life energy we all have and how it feels when it flows and expresses as joy and creativity. Moreover, Bery’s paintings literally radiate energy and have a healing/harmonizing effect.  

Paintings That Come From/Radiate Grace


This kind of grace can be earned only after one braves many tests of life and proves worthy/eligible to receive it. To see someone of her age being as light as a child, living on her own, across the globe, with no guaranteed material income, is a true inspiration.  

May our world be blessed with more people like Ma Grace who are ready to live their passion/life’s purpose courageously, with the HEART OPEN and vulnerable, at all times.  

Keep The Flame Alive - No Matter What!


With love,  


2 thoughts on “Astral Shaktipat – New Discoveries”

  1. Thank you Biba,
    Although I have met Bery a couple of times, I was never introduced to her nor knew anything about her.
    The first time I saw her was at Anup’s villa in Deira when Mohanji conducted the 360 deg meditation, and the second time was recently at a women to women art evening on a boat at the creek, when I introduced myself to her.
    But today, thanks to you, I feel I have really met Ma Grace (what a beautifully apt name) for a beautiful soul.
    I love all the paintings, they all express her inner beauty and she truly inspires me to pursue my creative urge to try painting which i have been putting aside for far too long now. (I used to be good at art, drawing, painting and rangoli during my school days)!
    Thank you once again for filling my day with happy pleasant moments.
    Luv & Hugs

  2. Dear Biba, I did not get a chance to meet you personally, but each time I read your fb posts and sharings, I get incredibly touched by your Wonderful Heart and Expansive Love. Thank You. Reading the above blog felt like an Enlivened experience for me as well and the Grace of Shaktipat acutely tangible. Thank You again. <3

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