Compassion of Master Mohanji – Our Gratitude, shared by Sudeep

Dear Biba,  

Let me share my thoughts and personal experiences that are continuously happening by the mere presence of Mohanji, a precious gift of Divine to all of us who have the great fortune to be around Him!  

Sudeep radiating


My wife Shampa, who came to visit me here in Muscat for some time, needed Baba’s help and protection to come out cleansed from many lives Samskaras, which continue to give her a lot of mental and emotional anguish, as well as physical pain.¬†¬†



I just had to request Mohanji. At first I thought I will visit Him after work along with my wife. In spite of his very busy professional schedule, He accepted to visit my home instead and bless us. This is only possible with great compassion that oozes out of enlightened state of the Master. We were all touched by His immense compassion, unconditional love and great humility!  

Shampa normally feels strongly connected with Jesus and Shirdi Sai Baba only and is not willing/able to accept any other form as her Master. Spiritual workshops and retreats do not appeal to her either and I did not really know how to help her.  

The first great surprize happened the moment Mohanji¬†walked into our house – I was amazed¬†to see Shampa¬†touching Mohanji’s¬†feet, which is something she would never do just like that.¬†She was instantly¬†receptive¬†to Mohanji’s¬†energy. After the Shakipat¬†Mohanji¬†gave her, she underwent a deep cleansing experience and felt very light and fresh. I could see her aura totally changing in front of me – she was glowing! She felt completely dissolved in Mohanji’s energy field.¬†¬†

It was amazing to see¬†Mohanji¬†‚Äėdownloading‚Äô the messages from Shirdi¬†Baba for Shampa¬†right before our eyes. We all felt tremendous presence of Shirdi Sai and Jesus, and were deeply touched by their love.¬†¬†

Baba said, through Mohanji, that He is always protecting my wife. He said that¬†whatever she needs in this life has been given to her and no big spiritual sadhana¬†is needed. Her illness itself is her cleansing. Furthermore, Baba said that He has already appeared to Shampa¬†physically and she knows that, but still does not have enough faith. She must always be inviting life, with faith in Baba, and not invite sickness and death. This way she will reach great heights in this life itself. At the same time, even I received Jesus‚Äôs communion ‚Äď He said that Shampa is getting ‚Äúlife solution‚ÄĚ today!¬†¬†

I am sharing this in deep gratitude to the Masters who are so compassionate and unconditionally loving. This is a great miracle in our lives, enough to take us to the enlightened state, the state of ‚ÄėNithyananda‚Äô in which all enlightened Masters live.¬†¬†

We need Masters’ grace and blessings to attain¬†the ultimate. Spiritual practice alone won’t help. Therefore, the gratitude has to flow naturally, from the heart, before we can experience the Grace. Masters have no bias, their grace is always flowing and always available – the bridge that is to be built from our side is our gratitude… I say this out of my personal experiences with several Masters.¬†¬†

Mohanji , we bow to you with deep reverence, honoring your Enlightened state, Shiva state of consciousness.  

With love and deep gratitude,  

Sri Ananda Durlabh (Sudeep) and Shampa

5 thoughts on “Compassion of Master Mohanji – Our Gratitude, shared by Sudeep”

  1. I was present at Sudeep’s villa as well when this took place and will never forget the high energy experience and depth of love during Mohanji’s intense communion with Shirdi Baba. It was as if he had the ‘direct line’ to Baba and was conveying the messages as they were coming, while we were all speechless and engulfed in Baba’s mighty presence.

    I also felt very strong presence of Mother Mary, especially after I received the inner prompting to give healing to Shampa. I felt she was very dear to Mother Mary and had a glimpse of Shampa serving orphan children and glowing in light, which I suspect will really happen in the near future. The heat in the spine, as well as the loving presence of Mother Mary, remained in my inner space for hours after that… An unforgettable experience……

  2. dear sudeep and shampa
    Its good to know that you are basking in the grace. Baba appears and guides us in many ways. We are all on the path and Baba will ensure that we remain resourceful to others who need us:)


  3. Dear Sudeep,
    We all are blessed to repeatedly experience the deep unconditional love Mohanji has for anyone who approaches him. Baba is showering His grace on us through our compassionate Mohanji.
    Shampa has already expressed her gratitude by bowing down to Mohanji and this experience will definitely strengthen Shampa’s faith in Baba and prove a ‘life solution’ for her. She has actually been witnessing your spiritual growth and the grace all the Masters have been showering on you due to your deep surrender. In fact it was the divine plan of these Masters to send you to Muscat to be blessed by Mohanji.
    I want to let Shampa know that it was the satsangs I had with you which helped me in my initial days to walk the spiritual path and learn to surrender (though I back tracked many a times) and believe me …..Paramhansa Nithyanandji and Mohanji happened in my life. Shampa must hear from Mohanji himself about how Baba tackled Upasani Maharaj… will help her to understand how Masters work and strengthen her connection with them.
    With deep gratitude to these Masters and love to you both

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