BTW Muscat on Jan 29th; Thaipooyam

Dear friends,     

Our last BTW Muscat was crowned by the Full Moon energies and Thaipooyam – considered to be the birthday of the aspect of Shiva called Subramanian (Lord Murugan).     

The Sweetness and Blessings of Lord Murugan

   The experience was magical. Throughout the evening, I was constantly getting the Shamballa feeling and the most subtle but powerful presence of Mahavatar Babaji. I was very happy when Mohanji confirmed it to me later on –my feeling was correct, He was there!     

(A small digression – since that evening, I continuously feel the pull to listen the following You Tube clipping with 108 mantra recitations of this Immortal Himalayan Yogi and intergalactic Master beyond comprehension:     

I must thank Sudeep for bringing this beautiful video discovery to my attention. If listened with devotion and an open heart, you will definitely feel the heat in the spine and gentle Kundalini movements…)    

The Magical Himalayas - Mahavatar Babaji and the Blessed Disciples

 The energy during Shaktipat was intoxicating and overwhelming. Right after BTW, in honor of Murali Krishna Swamiji, who embodies the consciousness of Lord Subramanian (pls read the experience of Mohanji with Swamiji from July 2009 -enclosed below), while still basking in the post-BTW bliss, we listened to the recording of one powerful Sanskrit chant in his honor. It threw us deeper into the loving grip of the energy experience in which all thoughts cease and the magical depth of the inner world opens up. Throughout the Satsang part, I kept feeling the pull to withdraw back into the inner space and keep the eyes closed (and this time it really was possible due to our friends Firoz and Lakshman who volunteered to prepare food for all of us that evening – thank you so much, it was delicious!) As a matter of fact, even when all the people left the villa, I still remained in the room to JUST BE in this magnificent energy, in deep gratitude and surrender.    

Coinciding with the Shaivic energies of the evening, we also happened to install the freshly framed  ‘life-size’ poster of Shiva, a loving gift from Dr. Pradeep Ullal (we had it for a while now, but the framing was getting postponed – as if it waited exactly for this special evening). Little Moushami was so cute when she said: “I love this picture so much – I feel like looking at it all the time. He looks so wonderful. I must admit that even during BTW I had to open my eyes a few times to look at him” 🙂     

Aditi and Moushami - admiring the splendour of Shiva image

  Aditi, who is our second youngest BTW-er and the most quiet one too, conveyed to me subsequently the following summary of her overall experience with Mohanji: “I would like to thank Mohanji and Biba for blessing me with magic in my life, leading to amazing emotional and academic achievements.”     

The Satsang portion of the evening was deeply insightful and stirred something deep within all of us. Mohanji spoke with great authority and with a Shaivic flow. I promise to transcribe it soon -for the time being, will share with you one excerpt:   

Satsang With Mohanji, Jan 29th - glowing eyes and cheeks

  “There is a lot of pollution happening on Earth, on various levels, and human beings are not able to cleanse it. In the same way, there is a lot of pollution happening in the cosmos too. The energy is released with every thought, and since so many of the thoughts are negative, the cosmos is getting filled up.     

There are some beings in the space, subtle beings/saints, who are doing a lot of cleansing of this pollution in the cosmos, which, I think, is something nobody is aware of, nobody has spoken about – because it is on a much larger plane. From that perspective, earth is one speck, one grain – cosmos is that large. And so, there are many thoughts, many energy releases polluting so much. That negativity is being cleansed by various Masters, much higher Masters, who don’t even have a body – because it is too gross. They are like scavengers, trying to cleanse these pollutions happening so that the whole cosmos remains pure.     

This is a bit too tough to explain but I just wanted you to have that thought in the mind – any thought, any sound, any kind of contamination of the earth, water, etc. affects our system, especially on the higher plane. If you do not understand the Creation, that aspect of Parabrahma, Father, or Allah, then it is too difficult to understand how the Creation after created works in each plane of consciousness. So, if we say the consciousness of Shiva, we consider that to be equal to the consciousness of the Supreme entity, within which we all exist.     

 I told you last time, how do I know when you think about me or pray to me? Because you exist within me. My consciousness expands to such a level that every thought of yours I understand, all words I understand, all the transactions I understand.     

Mohanji and the glowing third eye - at the feet of Shiva

   Just like that, we are all within the Parabrahma, the Supreme Creator. When we raise ourselves to the level of Shiva, his consciousness, we raise to the level of the Cosmic Consciousness, within which all is. You may not understand the whole concept I just said, but it is deep- let the seeds be there, let it grow. So that you at least start getting the glimpses of that consciousness, the Shiva consciousness – then other things will melt on their own. For example, even if the candle is not lit, when it stands near the fire, it will start to melt. Whatever is solidified does not have much value. When the thought is strong, it takes the space – but once it starts melting, it dissolves and the space is created. When a problem is there, it occupies our space, but when it dissolves, we get the ‘so what’ feeling and let go. In the due course of time, everything dissolves, including the body. Then, it’s only the consciousness. […]Detachment will automatically happen, but if we force it, it will never happen. Actually, the whole path is that of dissolution.”     

Then Dr. Sanjay shared that, ever since he started reading the book “Autobiography of a Yogi”, he is able to understand Mohanji much more. All others who read this living book agreed.    

The entire Satsang continued with sincerity of sharing from the heart and with deep gratitude to the Existance that gives us all these amazing experiences…     

With love,     



Account of Mohanji and Murali Krishna Swamiji Meeting in Dubai – July 2009     

Mohanji came to Dubai for a few hours only just to meet Murali Krishna Swamiji. When we arrived to the apartment where Swamiji was staying, we waited for him to complete his morning Poojas and were the first ones to enter his quarters.     

The moment of Swamiji’s and Mohanji’s meeting will always remain deeply imprinted in my memory as one of those rare highly auspicious and sacred moments of life – it looked/felt like, after a long time, two powerful magnets were finally joined and the energy just exploded! Mohanji bowed at his feet and in that moment Swamiji took his hand and would not let it go for the next one hour.     

Thejus and the Glowing Cheeks - the Unforgettable Intensity of Loving Energy

  There was an immense outpour of love as Swamiji spoke for at least half an hour continuously, his leg shaking due to high energy while the “downloading process” was happening from the higher consciousness.     

I sat at the feet of  Swamiji, deeply honored by being able to witness this scene. Two of them were so deeply immersed into each other as if nothing else existed in the Universe! I observed the most loving expressions of divine intimacy visible on Swamiji’s face – his eyes and cheeks were glowing and tears were welling in his eyes as he showered Mohanji with the purest love… Even though they spoke in their native Malayalam, I could feel the deeper meaning of the words by observing Swamiji’s body language and the tone of his loving whispery voice. At one point, I simply had to close my eyes as I started to experience an immense build-up of energy within me. It felt as if, in presence of two of them, a powerful energy was unleashed, energy that is obviously natural to them, but is hardly bearable to others.     

As this field of energy hit me, my spine started burning like a living lava and then the heat slowly started building up in the back of my Anahata, as well as in the front. At one point, my Anahata was burning so much that I lost my breath completely! I remained breathless for a while, sustained by the energy, and that took me into an indescribably beautiful state of bliss… After some time, Swamiji’s downloading/monologue slowed down and a conversation between two of them slowly started to develop.     

Murali Krishna Swamiji and Mohanji, Dubai, July 2009

   He treated Mohanji with a lot of respect and offered him a chair to sit on after noticing that his knees could be hurting. I could hear the words “Dakshina Murti” and “Mahavatar Babaji” being spoken in the midst of Malayalam – that arose my curiosity and eyes would no longer remain shut. I must have looked like a little puppy in front of a tasty bone 🙂 , eager to know what’s going on, so slowly they involved me in the conversation.     

Mohanji translated for me every now and then, explaining why two of us were brought together – Swamiji said that my path is that of Karma Yoga and Mohanji’s that of Gnana Yoga, (i.e. he is meant to impart knowledge on others and I am meant to serve and support him). Swamiji said that this has already started but will take off in a big way in a year’s time and that we’ll do a lot of great Seva for humanity together because he is devoted to uplifting the helpless and needy as well. I was so deeply humbled.     

However, it was only after we came out that Mohanji explained to me fully what Swamiji said during the ‘outpour’ part – I will narrate the parts that are not too intimate for sharing…     

Mohanji said that the moment he walked in, Swamiji outpoured his immense love and compassion, saying that throughout the years he was aware of everything that Mohanji went through, that he could feel his pain, the pain that only a special soul could withstand and bear with such dignity. He spoke in metaphoric sense that “iron, when thrown into mud, will definitely rust after some time, but gold thrown into mud, no matter how deep it is, always remains gold and will shine in the same way once taken out.” Swamiji said that anyone else would have probably committed suicide if forced to face the same circumstances and that, now that Mohanji’s testing time is reaching to an end, and the “heavy clouds” are leaving, he will start to display his full stature – will start to “shine like a sun, in its full glory” within next one year.     

With regards to the pain that Mohanji experienced after losing his daughter Ammu at the age of 4, Swamiji said that she is not dead but is waiting to come back to be with Mohanji again. He said that she embodies the consciousness of Krishna and is a very high soul.     

Furthermore, Swamiji said that Mohanji carries a part of Dakshina Murti and Mahavatar Babaji within him and that his connection with Mahavatar Babaji will become more visible/prominent very soon (and connection between Mahavatar Babaji and Lord Murugan, whose consciousness Swamiji embodies, requires no explanation). He added that “in the near future we will go together to one special place of Babaji’s in Tamil Nadu” (I hope this “we” includes Biba 🙂 …).     

Smiling Hearts Melting In The Thejus

   In the end, Swamiji tied a thread around Mohanji’s wrist, reinforcing their connection, and gifted him a special rudraksha to be worn around the neck. He reinforced that we will be doing lots of great Seva for humanity and will travel to many sacred places together.     

I was truly overwhelmed by all this and it took me some time to “digest” all the information. After Mohanji told me the part about his connection with Dakshina Murti, the images of the statue of Dakshina Murti in Nithyananda Swami’s Bidadi ashram (especially its facial expression and the magical, sacred moment when the first rays of morning sun would caress his glowing cheeks), suddenly came to my mind. I used to get so enchanted by this amazing statue and could not pinpoint that mysterious something in his facial expression that was so real and familiar to me.   

Glowing Cheeks of Dakshina Murti - The One Who Imparts Knowledge Through Silence

Now all the pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together…     

Divine works in the most amazing ways and its mysteries are indeed the very juice of life, the path and the goal…

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