BTW Pune – Short, Sweet and Intimate, by Dr. Deepali

Dear Biba and Mohanji, 

We had BTW meditation on Friday 29th Jan at Pune.
Mohanji told me earlier me that I need not inform him about the time of meditation and that, as we start the Aum chanting, he will get connected. It happened that way! 

Art as a Blessing - Original Paintings by Berislava Grace

My father-in-law’s best friend Mr. G S Thorat, who is a CA, runs a massive firm and is a consultant for more than 20 sugar factories. His first sugar factory will start functioning soon. This was his time first to meditate ever! He was deeply affected by it. Later on, he asked so many questions about spirituality and meditation. We were discussing that till late night over dinner. 🙂 

Seema Khot who is the Head of Corporate Social Responsibility with SUZLON Foundation, and my dear friend, said: ‘Deepali I never wanted you to remove your hand from my head!’ 

Mohanish said that his abdomen and back had become water and were forming waves!
All had their unique experiences. All, including my Mummy-Puppa, had lost time sense. They were amazed when I told them that we sat for 1hr and 15mins! 

This was a short, sweet and intimate meditation indeed.
Mohanji, they all asked me to convey “Big thanks” to you. 

With deep love and complete surrender,

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