With Faith Come the Miracles – Sharing by Shernaz

Dearest Biba, 

I would like to share with you a small miracle, or shall I say, Divine help that came to me two days back. 

Shernaz's Post-BTW Glow, Dubai, 2009

As you must be aware, Glaucoma in the eye is a very serious disease and it is hereditary. Since my mom lost her eyesight because of this dreadful disease, the doctors had advised me to check my eyes regularly. For months I have been thinking of doing that, but never pushed myself to go to an eye doctor although my visit was long overdue (last checkup was 3-4 years back). I have a very bad habit of keeping myself miles away from any doctor. I know I have suffered, but I hate going to doctors or taking medicines unless and until it is very,very essential. 

Now here comes the divine help. Two days back somebody kept an invitation on our door step regarding the opening of a new clinic close to our house. My husband Baji said that ,since it’s close by, we should get our eyes checked to see if our numbers have increased or not. As usual, my first reaction was “NO” but later on I agreed to go and check my eyes for Glaucoma (I don’t know what made me change my mind). When we went there, the doctor checked my eyes and gave me the sad news – that Glaucoma already started and that the damage on my left eye is already 24%. That was a shock! He asked me to come the next day in order to do a more detailed check up. He said that, if I waited for another month, Glaucoma attack would have really ruined my eyesight. 

I knew right away that there was a Divine hand in this. How many times I told Dr. Bajaj (the eye doctor who stays in my building) that I would come one day to his clinic to get my eyes checked, but that day never came. Now as I contemplate, I know that my Sai was making me meet Dr. Bajaj quite often to warn me of my coming illness, but I failed to get that signal. We are at times so ignorant that we fail to catch the warning signs given by the Masters. I feel Baba was so concerned about my eyesight that finally he had to ‘serve it on a platter’ for me and got this clinic opened next to my house, plus sent an invitation! I thank my Baba from the bottom of my heart for this great blessing and miracle. He is ALWAYS with HIS devotees, helping and guiding them all the time. 

When I returned home I went straight to my Mandir and meditated. I did not want to allow the fearful thoughts about losing my eyesight to pollute my inner space. I opened my heart in deep gratitude, thanking Baba, Mahavatar Babaji, Swami Nithyananda, and all other Masters for their divine help. However, since Mohanji is my ‘most immediate’ Guru, who is always there for me, especially in the matters of urgency, I connected with his 3rd eye and then also sent him an e-mail to appease my agitated mind. 

The following day, another miracle related to my Glaucoma issue took place.
Before going for the scheduled appointment at the clinic, I was a bit nervous, of course, but then prayed and connected with Mohanji’s 3rd eye sincerely. I could feel a beautiful energy and somehow my fears just vanished! I also read Mohanji’s e-mail reply in which he said: “Indeed Sai arranged it. Do not worry. I will be with you the moment you think about me.”

Shernaz in melting devotion - Dubai, May 2009

After a thorough checkup, the doctor looked at me rather shocked and said: “Your left eye, which had the 24% damage, has somehow recovered to only 5%, while the right eye is completely normal!” He couldn’t believe that the percentage of Glaucoma could fluctuate so much in just 24 hours!!! 

He had no logical explanation for this and agreed that it was nothing but the divine grace. I was so choked with emotion and love for the divine that I could not control my tears. I immediately called Mohanji to thank him. I know for sure that he indeed was present at the clinic when the test was going on.
I couldn’t wait to share this miraculous experience with my dear Baji who was equally overjoyed – we both agreed, this can be nothing but a divine miracle! 

I wanted to share these two small miracles with you to inspire you to walk the path in surrender and gratitude, and know that, once we operate from the inner space of gratitude, the grace of the Masters is always with us. 

In Baba’s yaad. 


9 thoughts on “With Faith Come the Miracles – Sharing by Shernaz”

  1. I am so happy for you shernaz. Your faith is very strong and your experience is a reminder for the true power of grace. thank you for sharing. god bless you with abundance of joy and good health

    lots of love

  2. om sai ram very glad that you got your sight back,only sai could have done this miraculous cure through Mohanji om sai ram

  3. dearest shernaz

    what a wonderful miracle. thank you for sharing it with me. my mother had glaucoma and took medication for years, which affected her walking stability also, apart from the fact that she had no vision in one eye and only peripheral vision in another. Despite this she led a most active life till the age of 92, and took it all most philosophically – using a magnifying glass when needed. i am so glad that by Baba’s grace and your immense faith you have been spared this disease that robs eyesight. Glaucoma is caused by pressure in the eye. Faith removes all pressure – including, it seems , in the eye!

    God bless and love


  4. om sai ram shernaz,

    wow- what a miracle. thanks for sharing with us. I agree with you just surrender to baba and he is there with open arms to take care of all of us. Thanks to mohanji as well for being with us all the time and guiding us throughout.

    Bow to sri sai-Peace be to all

    god bless

  5. Sri Ananda Durlabh

    This incident further makes my Vitarka strong about Masters who are embodiment of the Existence. In the words of Swamiji Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda on Patanjali Yog Sutras, strong Vitarka can do miracles in our lives. May the grace of Masters be always with us all who are on divine path seeking the ultimate experience of Enlightenment.
    Sri Ananda Durlabha

  6. Wonderful Shernaz! Just read your post. When we hand over our problems to Him in good faith, miracles do blossom, thereby making our faith stronger. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, it is a reminder for me now to go get my eyes checked without delay, as we have discussed this recently, how we both are avoiding getting our eye problem checked. Your strong connection to divinity and with our dear Mohanji will remove the 5% balance as well. The frequencies of our current ascension period also helps repair our genetic DNA codes associated with transformation and miracles. So please do not link your mother’s glaucoma as a possibility for you. May all the Masters and Angels protect your eyes and remove any vestige of dis-ease.
    Lots of love

  7. Dear Shernaz,
    Thank you for sharing this. it gave a tremendous push to the soul.sometime life gets back to the same busy/lazy self but your experience added that jolt1 required. Sai baba and Mohanji have been blessings in our lives. May God continue to bless you and keep your good health.
    Love and Light

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