BTW Serbia – March Update!

Dear all,

In preparation for Mohanji’s arrival to Serbia in mid April (gratitude to Miona for the beautiful design of the flyer 🙂 ), our meditations in Novi Sad and Belgrade have been progressing beautifully – I’m happy to share with you some lovely BTW news and updates for the month of March.

Serbia Welcomes Mohanji!!!

A small sharing to start with 🙂 – During one of our meditations in Novi Sad in early March, for the first time, I felt like bringing Mohanji’s photo and put a candle in front of it. I did not give any explanation about its effect to people, because I was not sure whether this very concept of a photo would go well with the cultural conditionings in my country… However, to my great joy, one lady approached me right after the meditation and said: “I’m so glad you put Mohanji’s photo there – the moment I looked into his eyes and started the meditation, I could feel some vibration on my forehead. It continued throughout the meditation and increased its depth manifold. I’m feeling something like this for the first time!“ So there we go – the photo is now in for every session :-).

The Photo that Radiates...

After my shift to Belgrade in early March, I was happy to see that the number of people attending the meditations in Novi Sad continues to grow – and, as Klara said, so is the depth of the experiences people are getting during the meditation. They are able to see the positive effect of this meditation in their daily lives…

The Power of Purity meditation - in Novi Sad

My days in Belgrade have been really beautiful – the spring is on and I’m enjoying the walks, meeting up with the friends, and attending the weekly meditations.

Biba and Marija - enjoying every precious moment 🙂

For those who have joined us recently (and live in/can come to Serbia), here are the details of the weekly meditations:

NOVI SAD – every Thursday at 5.30pm Homeopathy Center „Hahnemann“ , Bulevar Oslobođenja 37 Contact person: Klara, 064 203 7213

And Klara sometimes attends our BTW sessions in Belgrade too 🙂

BELGRADE – every Thursday or Friday, at 6.30pm (to confirm the timing with Marija if you are not on our btwserbia e-mail list) Zeleni Venac 11, 2nd floor, intercom “Toma“ ; Contact person: Marija, 063 828-0485

The Power of Purity in Belgrade - deep dive within...

Our BTW meditation in Belgrade on March 24th, I must say, was one of the MOST INTENSE EVER (at the same time, the 360 Degrees meditation was on in Muscat). All present had a very deep experience – the energy we experienced was so intense and cleansing effect so deep, that we needed some time to ’gather’ ourselves. Several people reported very deep plunges into the absolute silence within, as if getting ’spaced out’ or going into deep sleep, and some could feel PHYSICALLY how the negativities were leaving their system.

Our joyous group - after meditation in Belgrade on March 24th

One lady had a very touching encounter with the soul of her mother, whom she missed deeply ever since she died years ago. Another lady, aside from the living friends/family members who kind of line up for the blessings (usually flowing from the right to the left), this time saw (before her inner eye), for the first time, a long, long queue of already departed souls of the ancestors and people she doesn’t even know – they were all, as she said, ’flowing from the left to right, lining up for the blessings quietly’. It was a real scene to behold!


Inner witnessing of the Grace


I spoke to Mohanji about this later on and he said something that amazed me: “When we say that, by doing this meditation, we serve humanity selflessly, that is not limited to living beings only. That includes all those souls in the astral plane as well who seek the liberation. They are all welcome to join in, as they know this is a safe and effective method of cleansing and elevation. As the vibration on our planet increases with the fast approach of 2012, there will be more and more souls seeking this opportunity. All are welcome.“ What a beautiful insight, which expands the heart further and inspires us to serve in this noble way, with deep humility and gratitude…

Mohanji - serving with humility and grace...

Aside from the weekly meditations, we have continued with the charity activities as well. This month we had our first charity event in Belgrade – we visited the drop-in shelter for homeless children called  “Svratiste” (part of the Youth Integration Centre) where we donated clothes and shoes for the children from the street. This was yet another experience which enriched us from within…

The drop-in shelter for children in Belgrade - SVRATISTE

Aside from the clothes and shoes, in the spirit of ACT, we brought with us loads of positive energy and love to share. 🙂 We were happy to learn (from a lovely lady who volunteers at the Centre) one of their basic principles: ’The main goal and obligation of all of us towards the homeless children exposed to discrimination are unconditional and non-judgemental acceptance and support of children, with an aim of their empowerment and gradual integration into the society.“

Our loving team - at the entrance to 'Svratiste'

We kept asking further questions to this sweet lady and were amazed to hear about various challenges they meet during their volunteer work at ‘Svratiste’. I must admit that, in comparison with our recent Seva experience at the ’Safe House’ in Novi Sad, this place left a completely different impression – that of cruel and crude reality that homeless children in the big city like Belgrade experience on daily basis. Observing the colorful decorations at the Centre, which hopelessly aim to add some joy and color to children who come to this Centre temporarily for some food, shower, medical help, etc. – gave an impression of a temporary oasis which means a lot, but cannot save them from the unimaginable challenges that they face in their daily lives…

A bed at 'Svratiste' - the colors that counter the darkness...

However, what the homeless children do receive in this Centre is truly commendable:

Shelter, i.e. an opportunity to rest for a day or so and spend some well-structured time under supervision of the educator/volunteer who conducts creative, skill-imparting workshops.

Food – breakfast, lunch and dinner, with regular, pre-determined timing, is available to children every day (based on the donations from several restaurants who send fresh, ready-made food)

Shower – and training in personal hygiene

Most urgent medical help/healthcare

Accommodation for a few days – in situations when children are gravely sick or have underwent a trauma…

Basic education and skill training, which will come handy to children as they learn to lead an independent life.

All in all, even though the daily reality of these children is cruel, the very thought that all of us have a chance to shower them with love, fills the heart with great joy.

Jela & Biba - radiating joy at the 'Svratiste'

This specific Centre requires volunteers who would, once a week (say, over the weekends) spend a few hours with the children. The voluntary work would include – sitting with the children and helping them with their homework, sharing with them some of your skills, playing with children, drawing, simply talking with them lovingly… There is an expert team of trained educators/counselors/medical staff etc. to lead the way – for more info (in English & Serbian), please visit:

And how can I contribute...? - it's the intention that matters...

It is our hope that more people will feel inspired to dedicate their free time to selfless service, as it is our honor and blessing to be in a position to serve… All spiritual Masters, throughout the ages, continuously remind us that “Hands that serve are holier than lips that preach“, and that our spiritual evolution can’t but happen through Love, which must be experienced and radiated in our daily lives, not just in theory.

A sincere 'Namaste', invoking the Divine within

Let us find our own ways of coming out of the lethargy which comes as a result of stress and daily rush, to value our free time as a precious opportunity to serve and express Love – towards people, animals, plants, nature….

With endless Love and warm spring regards from Serbia,


Biba & Aunt Danica - feeling the beautiful vibrations of St. Petka

6 thoughts on “BTW Serbia – March Update!”

  1. Anitha Sreekumar

    Sairam Bibaji,
    Great to read the wonderful acts of Love you all are doing in that part of the world….Just by reading this, we could feel the Divine vibrations you all feel..
    Wish you the very Best!


    Anitha Sreekumar

  2. Dear Biba,
    Thanks for the update. Wonderful work.Please convey my regards to all there who are associated with Mohanji’s noble mission of spreading unconditional love.You all are indeed radiating bliss.

  3. Namaste___
    agree with Anitha and Sanjay – only bliss radiates 🙂
    also, I would like to say about April’s flyer 🙂 it is a wonderful design – I consider it as art piece___ Hari Om___

  4. Dear Biba,
    Serbia group would have never developed without your valuable input and presence. It is so blissful to know about news in Serbia.
    What strikes me…
    Let Power of Purity Meditation be conducted by anyone who are initiated into giving Shaktipat or even if someone is doing the meditation alone by connecting with Mohanji’s eyes… people do meet departed souls. It is a lovely gratitude and reunion with departed ones happening during meditation. That is fulfilling of relations. I feel, the purpose of meditation is achieved. One does find fulfillment after the meditation. The peace automatically settles on one. Incomplete relationship is the main cause of unhappiness in people.
    Also, Mohanish and Sumit conveyed to us that they; and people attending meditation are seeing other souls attending the meditation as well and enjoying the blessings. This means a lot in spirituality.
    I must mention a great thing about 360degree meditation that we had on last Thursday, which you have already mentioned….. I saw many many many souls gathering for meditation. Some of them had not seen such loving energy before. They were also amazed with the grandiosity of gathering and were also discussing about it! Readers, please it is not crazy thing. The meditation and Mohanji’s energy makes you so subtle and it elevates to such high consciousness that you do see and understand the subtle; the reality. Off-course Mohanji confirms that.
    My love and regards to Serbian group. I am sure they eagerly waiting to meet Mohanji.

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