Poetry & Seva – A Creative Welcome to Serbia!

Dear friends,

this is how Biljana V. from Novi Sad decided to welcome Mohanji to Serbia 🙂 – dear Biljana, this was such a beautiful surprize, really amazing and inspiring! Your acts & radiance, more than your words, speak volumes – I must say, you have understood Mohanji and what ACT is all about…

With Love,


Biljana V. - preparing a healthy snack with Love

WELCOME TO SERBIA, by Biljana Vozarević

Dear Mohanji, you teach us

we all need to give love overt

selflessly, unconditionally

though it may sometimes hurt.

Being so blessed with your presence

whenever I see your face

physical distance, doesn’t conceal

your welcoming love and grace.

I wanted to send you a word

something that will touch your heart

I wanted to make your heart smile

with some acts and words to impart.

Your birthday message was a signpost

what is the best gift to give

you taught us in a few words

how it’s blessed to live:

Let everyone express kindness

towards the hungry and needy

cause acts of love fulfill you more

than being selfish and greedy.

Not only once, but consistently

whenever one feels like it

honestly, with deep compassion

love actively and never quit.

Love your SELF by being non-violent

selfless, caring, detached

inspiring others into kindly acts

our consciousness will be matched.

From the Heart...

And now, I want to share with all of you one Sunday that I filled with kindly acts. I had several ideas how one can share love and care in Novi Sad.

In Serbia, love is everywhere, yet expressions of love often remain only on the walls…

And there are those cute little children begging in the streets for basics. This girl’s eyes are shining, she looks happy with herself…

She lives in a slum near the railway between Novo Naselje and Detelinara area. It looks neglected and uncared for for this part of the town. I decided to visit them and give them some food and biscuits.

They were amazed and grateful, though they are not usually hungry, as you can see. What they need is love, care and hygiene, so this is also a kind of invitation for settling this.

Biljana V. and the slum girl

There are also unattended dogs who need home, love and care. Asylum for the dogs should be built in Novi Sad.

Furthermore, there are regular institutions that are not well equipped.

For example, there is a kindergarten “Guliver“, which has been built recently, but is empty because it has not been supplied with toys. I initiated an action through Novosadska TV, for all the parents to collect their children’s toys that stand on the shelves for long, covered with dust – they are of no use if nobody uses them. Children overgrow the toys and the toys should be shared. I also brought a lot of toys myself last year, and the governess was overwhelmed. This brought tremendous joy to the children, too.

The kindergarten "Guliver"

Another idea to make one’s day is to buy flowers from the poor – and I bought magnificent lillies of the valley from a woman who lives from selling them.

And in the end, there are always kind people who feed birds, so there are plenty of them on Novo Naselje, especially pigeons.

All these are tiny everyday things, but they brought tremendous joy to my heart.

In search of the ultimate truth, with Love,

Biljana Vozarević

7 thoughts on “Poetry & Seva – A Creative Welcome to Serbia!”

  1. Oh, Biljana, lovely act and welcome for Mohanji. You are really selfless and lovefull.
    It is always nice to read your poems.
    Love and regards,

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