Miraculous Death and a Graceful Rebirth: The Divine Plan

Let me warn you. This could be unbelievable to many of you. While I write this, I already know the possible responses that I could get from many of you, after reading this honest account. Life is full of surprises, if only we have the eyes to see them and mind to believe them!. Usually, just like  the Bedouin hunters cover the eyes of their hunting falcons and open them only when they spot a prey, our mind and intellect does not allow us the freedom to see objectively. It is only when we nurture lack of expectation that we can enjoy each little surprise of life. But, in this case, it was far more serious. It was a question of life or a question of death, or may be a question of life and death. In short, life and its dimensions were displayed to me, once again, through a practical lesson on existence and how it works!

This is a true story of a serious car accident I was involved in, where my faithful car has been declared a total loss, and in which Mohanji and Shirdi Sai Baba gave me rebirth. I always seem to have some stories about miracles to share with you. Believe me, I am not looking for it. It is happening to me in real life! Mohanji has truly made my life full of exciting and transforming events. And I feel the only criterion for the immense grace that I literally experience everyday has been my sincere efforts to lead a life of relative purity and unquestioned faith in him. He has asked me for nothing, till date.

With Love,


The Background

It was the 2nd of May 2011, Monday. Mondays are usually extremely busy days at the hospital where I work. After finishing all my work, at 4.30pm, I set out to plan some upcoming travel arrangements. The travel agent office near the university was my initial destination. Later, my husband Dr. Sanjay and I were supposed to go for our weekly shopping trip. The week before had been hectic for me. Mohanji came back from his Europe trip. My son Mohanish came from India to spend a week with us. My daughter Moushami had decided to shift her studies to India and was leaving our house, lock, stock and barrel. It was indeed hectic. So many details to attend to, plus the mounting work at the hospital, teaching students, attending to patients – well – I believe you get an idea. My kids went back to India on the 30th of April. It was indeed a hectic week and since the kids had left for India on 30th April,  we had not had any time to go for routine shopping of grocery and vegetables. Sanjay goes for meditation to Mohanji’s house every day after work. He is very dedicated. Sanjay works for the ministry and finishes his work by 2.30PM. Soon after his work, he goes to Mohanji’s house and usually meditates there till late afternoon. Mohanji will not usually be there, as he works until 6PM. This means, they do not necessarily meet each other every day.

I called Sanjay. We decided that, I should go to Al Khuwair which is around 30km away from the Sultan Qaboos University campus where I live. He would meet me there. This is half way between Mohanji’s house and our residence. I started for Al Khuwair after finishing my work with the travel agent.

The deadly Accident- a Terrestrial Expression

I drive a Nissan Sunny, 1.8litre or 1800CC car. This has been a very lovely and faithful car that has served me since 2003. I was alone in the car. The time was around 5.30pm in Muscat, Oman.

Oman has left hand drive. Extreme left is the fast lane. I was driving on a road with three lanes. This is a new road under construction. I was in the middle lane but I wanted to change into the right lane. A big 4WD was behind me at an absolutely safe distance so that I could enter the right lane. I looked for clearance and changed into the right lane. There were no cars in front of me, neither in my lane nor in the other lanes. The road was empty, which is also unusual at that time of the day!!!

Let me first simply describe the accident as it is, then I will enter into the subtle details.

Suddenly, the 4WD behind me hit my car from the right side. The impact was tremendous. My car rose into the sky and was thrown towards the extreme left lane across the road. The car landed on the heap of construction sand laid along road side. (You will see this in the picture.) It is now hanging at the edge with the front of the car resting on the sand. In this tilted position, with that impact and torque, at longitudinal axis, the car rolled 3 and half times and then stopped. This all happened with great impact in a few seconds.

Once the car had stopped, I checked whether my head was up or down. Great, it was up!. Then, I checked if the door could be opened or not, or if I would have to break a window. More good news, I could open the door. I removed my seat belt and coolly walked out of the car. 

My dear friends, what an accident! What do you feel about the accident? How am I  alive to write about this accident? Ha ha…. I am alive and perfectly fine.

People gathered around in no time. As I walked out, I coolly stood by the car in the sand, my mind was blank. No emotions or panic. I had a confident look at my car and surroundings. I was not trembling or shivering. There was no anxiety or palpitations. I was alive! Strangely enough, I was feeling more settled within. I felt extremely light. I wondered. There was only one small scratch on the back side of my right hand and abrasions at the location of the seat belt. No other injuries or aches. I saw my car. The car was fully damaged except for its steering wheel and my seat!! Amazing!

At the same time, people around me who had seen the accident happening and were shocked about the sight, had both their hands up towards the sky and were saying… Allah karim, Allah ke duwayen, Allah meherban, Allah karishma, what a miracle, God is great, Inshaallah, Hamdullilah, you are blessed, Jesus, Bhagawan tumhare saath hai (God is with you). I was touched by these expressions. One man actually asked me, “Are you the lady coming out of this car or are you her ghost?” The people around helped me to get my purse and handset from the car. Everything was intact. My spectacles however had only one glass remaining, that of my left eye! The right glass was missing.

After a few seconds, I made my first call to Mohanji to thank him for saving me, but he did not answer the phone
. I thought he must have been in the office attending some meeting. Then I called Sanjay. He appeared superbly composed. Within that time, I had a missed call from Mohanji’s mobile number.

I called Mohanji back. His expressions always puzzle me. I said, “Mohanji what happened? I met with a horrible accident. Thanks for saving me”.  With calmness in his voice, and with a perceivable cute smile, a short brief laugh and affirmative gesture (Hmn Hmn), he replied, “So mom, how are you? What shall I do next for you?” His powerful voice and words…. “Next for you”…. told me that, this was no ordinary accident. I asked him to send his driver Firoz. Let him pick up Sanjay on the way and reach the accident site. Firoz had to drive 55km to reach me.

Within a few minutes, the police arrived with two ambulances. Traffic was halted by this time. The paramedics had to execute their protocol. I was taken inside the ambulance. He asked, “Any aches and pains, swelling, injury?” I said “NOTHING”. He checked my blood pressure. It was 130/80mmHg; my heart rate was 72 beats per min! Both, paramedics were shocked. He said, “This is impossible. You have no reaction; there is not even trace of anxiety, shock or fear of the accident or death. Are you sure you have no injuries, any headache or nausea?” He was not convinced. He checked all of my joints, my head and full body. He found nothing. The paramedic said, “I have never seen a person being saved from such a terrifying accident and there is no shedding of even a drop of blood! This is a miracle!!!” They insisted on me being admitted for observation as there could be internal injuries, but I politely denied and as a formality I signed the discharge against medical advice papers with a note of thanks for prompt help.

I was eager to meet Mohanji and thank him. We reached Mohanji’s house that night at around 9.15pm, after finishing all the formalities with police.

Mohanji was watching TV, sitting in his favorite rocking armchair. Noticing my footsteps, he came out. He gave me a big hug with his trademark smile. There were no words, yet he communicated everything. The striking fact was that Mohanji’s body was extremely warm, much more than usual! I understood – he was not in his body!! He was working outside, beyond his body! He was in a highly expanded state of consciousness which he usually operates in (those spiritually inclined will understand this).

 Accident at the subtle level: The Divine Plan

What I have described till now was the terrestrial expression or manifestation of the accident. Many questions were raised. How could I describe my accident so vividly? How do I remember every step of the accident? What made me feel “settled and relaxed” after the accident? Where was the anxiety or fear or other emotions, which are quite usual with every accident or at least an accident of this magnitude, where my car was a total loss? How come only the steering wheel and my seat were kept intact? Usually, with such impact and high atmospheric temperature of about 40 degree Celsius, petrol tank could burst and fire could happen. How was the car saved from fire? Why did nothing happen to my belongings? Why did my body have no injuries or aches? Why were there no cars in front of me either in my lane or in both of the other lanes? Why did nothing happen to the other car and person driving? There were so many workers around, how come everyone was kept safe? Most importantly, why was I alone in the car? My husband and kids were kept safe. Why was Mohanji’s body so intensely warm?

I admired the precision of the Divine and the Higher Masters in organizing this accident and my miraculous escape!

 What I went through….

I started understanding this accident after meeting Mohanji that night. You have already read from a terrestrial angle how serious the accident was. Now let me tell you what I underwent during the accident. It is a very truthful and transparent expression –

…..“With the sudden bash from behind, I was pushed forward towards the steering wheel. The only thought that came to me at that time was that I was meeting with an accident. Believe me, I saw my accident happening. My car was thrown up and to the extreme left and then projected up onto the sand bank. There was another big jerk. I thought I was completely conscious. I was glued to the seat and steering wheel. I did not move a hand or leg.
I did not move any part of my body. I remained frozen in the seat. Then, the car suddenly took one complete turn. I saw everything moving around me. I kept quiet. I thought now the car will stop. But no, it rolled again. It was okay for me. I thought it might stop now, but it rolled again completely. Then I decided just to witness. It took another half turn and stopped with a big thrust. When it stopped, I did not really believe it, and was expecting another roll! But, no, after this time the car was finally still. It did not move.
This is the moment when I checked whether my head was facing up or down!

In reality, as the 4WD bashed into my car, I saw Mohanji and Shirdi Sai Baba holding my soul. I saw on one side, the rolling of the car, and on the other side, Mohanji and Baba holding me (my soul) straight. Amazing sight! This was an “Out of Body” experience. I was so safe there. I had full FAITH in them. My soul was out of the body and was watching Deepali’s physical body and car undergoing the accident. You can imagine my physical body as a doll and the car as a toy car; both rolling together 3 and a half times.

When the car stopped rolling, Mohanji and Sai Baba put my soul back into the body smoothly. I came back to Deepali consciousness and looked around to see if my head was up.”…..

In the earthly sense, I actually died and took a rebirth.

Mohanji said, “Till we were holding your atman (soul), it was only AWARENESS. It was 360 degree vision for you. This is the most subtle state. It was a perfect WITNESS state. So you could see everything around you.”  I know every bit of that situation. There was no mind. There was no analysis. Hence there was no anxiety or any reaction to the situation. Mind gives emotional reaction to the situation. My mind had stopped functioning. There was no ego. My atman, soul, was taken out by Mohanji and Sai Baba; only the body which is an instrument for the atman underwent the accident. Once the car stopped, the purpose was over and they delicately put the atman back into Deepali’s body. And, the new Deepali came out of the car.

I felt new and totally different when I came out of the car. I was relaxed and composed as if it was just a small incident. Mohanji must have done a lot of karmic cleansing for me. Mohanji reminded me that the three and a half rolls of the car represent the three and a half coils of Kundalini. Was this a co-incidence? Obviously not! Only Mohanji can give deeper insight into this. Knowing him, I know very well that he works in silence and usually gives no explanation.  

The day I had to meet with this accident was also a Divine game plan. The 2nd of May 2011 was Monday, the day for Lord Shiva. It was the 14th day of the waning phase of Chaitra, the first month of the Hindu calendar. It also happens to be the day of Darsha Amavasya and Somavati Amavasya. When the “no moon” day falls on Monday it is called Somavati Amavasya. This is a very auspicious day and this day may come at the most 3 times in a year. One is supposed to observe fast and have bath in the River Ganga. On Darsha Amavasya, the astral plane is very close to the earth. Offerings are made for the departed souls and their blessings are sought on this day. This is also very auspicious.

I was taken to the astral plane on that day and sent back. I was given rebirth for a purpose, on this auspicious day. After rebirth, I did go to “Ganga” and have a bath. Meeting Mohanji is everything for me. Mohanji is the conglomeration of all sacred rivers, Gods and energies for me. Visiting his house and bathing in his presence and energy field was just like visiting Ganga for me.

The Eternal Gaze

Two deaths in two days

Moushami reached Pune on April 30th. She was missing me a lot, as she had not stayed away from me for too long, till date. The same night she had a significant dream. In her words, “You and I with Mohanji climbed up a mountain. We reached the peak. Then suddenly Mohanji threw you (Mamma) down. Mamma you were dead. I saw your body. I was shocked! I cried and cried. I cried that night alone, as everybody around was sleeping. But, from the next day, I stopped missing you as a mother. I am fine! I am independent and do not need you physically with me. I know that my mamma and her energy is always with me.” Her dream touched me, but I also thanked Mohanji for the ease with which he made Moushami, a small girl, free of the emotions that were attaching her to her mother. As Mohanji says “dream state is also real. There are no boundaries and conditionings in that state. Expressions can be more candid. Cleansing of karma happens faster in dream state”.

Again, it is Master’s plan. Without Moushami and Mohanish being emotionally independent, I as a mother, would not have been able to leave my body easily. This is a big shift. I had two deaths in two days. Emotions bind one to the body and make one gross. No emotional binding with kids anymore. They have taken birth with their own agenda and we, as a parent can only support them and guide them objectively.    

When the 4WD bashed my car, certainly there was a thought that, I am meeting with an accident. But, there was no anxiety, no fear of death, no emotions for self or family or kids or anyone. There were no desires. There was no attachment to the physical body. There was no feeling of incompleteness. There was no analysis. There was only awareness. What an exit from the body!!!  Can this only be called DEATH? I actually experienced true liberation in those few seconds.    


Reflecting back, since 28-29 April, I was experiencing certain rather strange feelings. It was as if I am about to embark on a long journey. I was concentrating on completing my work. On April 30th, my daughter Moushami left for Pune. She will continue her studies there. Until then, she lived with us. This is like one phase is over in my life. Mohanish, my son, is already in Pune. Both kids will be independent from now onwards. I was completing work in the office, house, and at all levels. On May 2nd itself, Sanjay and I gave big donation (daan) for a very genuine cause. There is a custom of daan before departing, in India! That too happened for me, without any planning of any kind.

After finishing my work at the travel agent, I sent an sms to Mohanji, “I cannot come to your place today evening.” This was around 10-15min before the accident. He replied, “I am not important. Mission of liberation is important. Your job is to take care of the mission.” This was a significant reply to me and he had never mentioned these words before so strongly!

But, the accident brought us back to Mohanji’s house and presence. That night, Sanjay and I stayed at Mohanji’s place. Next day, when I got up, there was a deep feeling that, this was day 1 of my new life; this was the beginning of my Dharmic life. I was feeling liberated. I could not perceive much of the Karmic entanglements anymore. It was more like the relief of a tough job, well done! I then understood Mohanji’s sms reply. 

Gratitude to my car and the Power of Purity meditation

In the Power of Purity meditation we are guided to offer gratitude to all INANIMATE objects which have served us in this and past lives. Sanjay and I went and bowed to my Nissan Sunny. It had suffered from impact everywhere except my seat, steering unit and the roof. She was my family member.

 Mohanji always says “Everything has a purpose in life.” How true this was, for my dear faithful car! Within one and a half months of my landing in Muscat on 14 April 2003, I procured my driving license after my first attempt (ask any expatriate living in Oman, what an ordeal it usually is, to get a driving license in Oman) and bought my car on June 19th 2003. Sanjay came with Mohanish and Moushami, who were then 13 and 4 years old, at the end of June. The car supported me throughout the kids’ formative years. Mohanish left for Pune to pursue his musical career in 2008. Moushami also left for Pune with our house maid Mumtaz on April 30th, 2011. My Nissan Sunny’s role in this phase of my family career was over and she departed two days later!

My Understanding

Physical Death is always a juncture. A new body that the soul will take is always for higher or different reasons. There is always a certain limitation in spiritual evolution when karma is strong. So, the soul exits the body and creates another body to evolve further. When my soul exited, it was death. When it re-entered, it was another life. Masters stood guard by my body and soul. So, there was no confusion. There was extreme precision and supreme planning. Near Death Experience is always a shift in consciousness. I changed my track, but remained in the same body. What a beauty! In a way, the tasks related to my “past life” are over and I resumed the journey, using the same body, taking on new tasks of much higher and selfless nature.

Being a medical doctor, to me death means cessation of the body’s biological functions like respiration, circulation etc. But this rebirth experience gave me the confirmation that the soul does not die. It only changes the body. Life is a continuous phenomenon. Thus, death in real terms actually does not exist.  There is an in-depth and advanced meaning to all this, but I need not explain it all here. Being spiritually inclined I knew this concept and now Baba and Mohanji have given me an experiential understanding.

Interesting coincidence

Interestingly, in India, on May 2nd, Mohanish was in Mumbai to play tabla (Indian percussion instrument) as an accompanist for a masters’ exam (MA) in Kathak dance. He had been travelling for the last 2 days after leaving Muscat and hence was quite tired. What a coincidence!. The exam started around 7pm in India which was the same time I met with this accident. Interestingly, the panel of examiners gave the topic “Pootana Moksha” (salvation of Pootana) to the performer for extempore performance. Mohanish was playing the rhythm pertaining to salvation on his instrument at the same time that I was going through this accident experience! Pootana Moksha is a story of how Lord Krishna gave salvation to the demon Pootana. When Lord Krishna was a few months old, Pootana was sent by Krishna’s maternal uncle to kill Krishna by breast-feeding Him with poison! Instead, Baby Krishna gave Pootana her salvation! Pootana represents the tamas or inertia. The Lord removes all tamas and installs supreme brightness in the person attaining salvation.

My death and nearly at the same time my son performing on tabla with beats for salvation, liberation or moksha!

Deepest Gratitude

I offer gratitude to all those who helped me physically during this event. Mr. Hilal, Sanjay’s colleague and Mr. Balaji, my colleague who came running to the site. Mr. Salem helped a lot with police papers and insurance completion. How can I forget dear Firoz! Without him, moving around to complete formalities was just impossible. I thank my department for its support and kind consideration. I thank all my friends from the university and outside for their best wishes and concern. Many asked me to visit temple and make offerings to God and do charity for poor people. Some known to me actually distributed food on my behalf. Some visited temple too. Everyone thanked God for keeping me safe. I thank everyone. I understand your concern. I visited Mohanji. He is my shaktisthal (centre of energy, spine). One of Mohanji’s main messages is “Help the Helpless”.  Sanjay and I have been doing that regularly.

I also thank the 4WD and the person who were instruments used by the Higher Masters just to give me rebirth!. In the police station, I actually thanked him. I thank Mohanji for keeping him and all workers around the accident site safe.

Masters work!

Masters work so beautifully and with precision. This  accident was made to happen. Sanjay and the kids were kept safe. Any second person in the car would have surely died. My seat,  steering wheel and the roof of my Nissan Sunny were kept intact to save me. The person who hit me was also kept safe. No other cars were on the road at that time. All workers around the road construction site were kept safe. Because my soul was out, my bodily functions did not get affected. Heart rate and blood pressure were normal. This body of Deepali must have some higher purpose, so it was kept intact and not damaged in terms of injury or fractures occurring. I had a little neck pain for a day, I have no other aches. Everything that this body needed was kept intact. Funny, the next day, Sanjay also found the glass for the right eye of my spectacles intact in the car, not even a scratch on the glass! Precisely, only my car underwent the impact and gracefully like a faithful soldier it took all the brunt to save me. I bade it goodbye with tearful eyes.

Everything now sounds so simple. Routine life started the moment I finished with the official paperwork for the accident. Mohanji also took away the trauma associated with the accident. He took away all of the associated emotions. When Mohanji works on you, you will not realize that he is working on you. His happy, casual and jolly nature is truly deceiving. His casual talks are not actually casual. His energy works for your upliftment remotely, while he will be talking about something else.

Next day morning, Mohanji said, “Deepali, your Dharmic life has started. The mission is important, Mohan is not. Many have come before me and many will come after me. The mission of liberating people from mundane existence and elevating them to higher dimensions must continue.”

With complete gratitude and surrender, I offer this new life for the Dharma and for the mission of uplifting humans to help them achieve liberation. The basic purpose of human birth is to achieve liberation (moksha). I offer this life to Masters to let them execute their purpose through this body known to everyone as Deepali.

With love and regards,



The Eligibility factor: Why Deepali was the chosen one by the Divine and Higher Masters?

What Sanjay feels:

My dear wife Deepali, as I have known her for so long, has followed her karmic path with full purity. She has never deviated in spite of the stresses, hurdles etc which happen in the daily life to anyone. I may perhaps not be wrong in stating that she lives the essence of Bhagwad Gita in her daily life. She lives in the present and harbors neither guilt of the past nor many anxieties about  the future. She has never ever complained about any work from anyone, anytime, and has always treated work as worship. She has been a dutiful daughter, wife, mother, sister, daughter-in-law, doctor, friend etc etc. She selflessly does her duties without any expectation. She has been helping the poor and needy both here and in India and there are many laborers here in Muscat who would vouch for it. She wholeheartedly feeds the birds and animals daily. Maybe a rare one or two persons may oppose my observation. But for them also, I would suggest that Deepali is an enemy worth having!!! 🙂

Our family meeting Mohanji here in Muscat was a part of the Divine plan which transformed our lives. Mohanji always says “The form of the Master is not important, live the teachings of the Master. Be one with the consciousness of the Master”. Deepali operates in this consciousness and lives the teachings of Mohanji, Shri Shirdi Sai Baba, Bhagwan Nithyananda (Bade Baba) and other Masters. I offer gratitude to Mohanji and all the Higher Masters for considering Deepali eligible and elevating Deepali for a higher purpose and mission.

Mohanji said that the Masters needed to give a sudden jerk to the physical form known as Deepali so that they could work to elevate her soul for her new life which would be purely meant for Dharma. They made this accident happen on the auspicious day of Somavati Amavasya which from now on will be Deepali’s birthday according to the tithi (Hindu calendar).

Love and regards to all,


48 thoughts on “Miraculous Death and a Graceful Rebirth: The Divine Plan”

  1. P. Gopi Krishna

    Dear Deepali,

    Love and Love alone ….

    Should I congratulate you for the rebirth or convey my sympathy for the terrific accident and offer my prayers for the miraculous escape from the terrible impact of one of the most dangerous accidents I have seen. I do not wish to do either, as I also went through some such experiences in my life. I am also blessed with the same amount, if not more, composure and calmness.

    However, I wish to stress two important points here: The faith and confidence you have in your Gurus and the love that you share and enjoy with your husband. Unless you are mature enough to understand the subtle instructions of the Higher Masters and the Love of your dear ones and reciprocate without attachment, you will not be able to stand firmly on your legs with confidence and faith. I am very happy that you have both these essential qualities in you and these two only saved you from this catastrophe. As Mohanji rightly said, now the remaining life is meant for a PURPOSE, as planned by the Higher Masters. Be happy and keep smiling. May God guide and bless.

    Love and Love alone …..

    1. Dear Ma Mrs. Deepali

      First of all Wish you belated Happy birthday, Please celebrate next birthday same date, bcze this really amazing, God is there sabh ka mallik ek.

  2. Dear Ma Deeepali

    No words to explain the happenings around you.The GURU”s Grace is extra ordinary.

    Every seeker , those who wished for liberation, JIvan Mukti wish to experience the Grace of GURU in abundant manner.

    It happening in you.

    Kindly accept my humble pranams to you.

    Once Ramana Maharishi declared that one who has obtained the grace of the Guru would never be abandoned. He who has earned the grace of the Guru will undoubtedly be saved and never forsaken, just as the prey that has fallen into the tiger’s jaw will never be allowed to escape.

    You are the witness of this statement. I bow to you

    I truly sincerely wish to get connected with you and mohanji spritualy for the uplift of my spritual journey towards liberation, jeevan mukti


  3. Welcome New Born ( Deepali ) to BTW family. Wish her all the good luck and wishes and a happy Prosperous life Ahead…AMEN !! :):):):)

  4. Dear Didi,

    Welcome to the old world in a different garb. The path has been defined and conveyed to you. Your role in BTW family will lead you to liberation for which everyone strives for, some wholeheartedly and some for the heck of it. Belated birthday greetings.

    sai ram

    Ravi Bhai

  5. Dear Deepali, Some times we can not understand how divine works in our life. I do not know whether to say this is really a great experience or a sad experience(human behaviour). But one thing is sure, it clearly shows how guru works on all of us when we have full faith on him. It is not at all possible for any human body to react to such a major accident. In your case it clearly show how much the divine grace is guiding you and it clearly shows how strong you are internally. To have a unshakable presence within, one should be fully preapred. You have done that and with this experience you have mulitpied that to thousand times.

    Thanks a lot for sharing. It increased my level of confidence on Mohanji’s grace. A sense of gratitude flowing out as I type this…Thanks a lot to Mohanji for guiding all of us with your unconditional love.

  6. Dear Deepali,
    God,your spiritual Guru,your life partner Dr.Sanjay your kids& friends wishes has given you new life.
    Your new life will give life to may more.As Sanjay expressed rightly that you have done your karma so well in every role,it speaks everthing about you & your life values.
    God & gurus are great to you.
    Now help everyone so much that God will wonder whether I created this Deepali in my heven who is giving deep ka praksh to every one who comes in her contact, by her deeds.
    We are proud of YOU
    Dr.Sunanda Surendra Rathi,pune

  7. Shashank Jaitely

    What an experience. You are so blessed to be so near to the master, physically. We envy you..:). Just kidding, we know for our master, distance is not a deterrent.

    I would just say, happy birthday! May your new life is full of light and love for everyone around you.

    God bless you.


    dear sanjay thankx for posting the article on facebook it is only such incidents that make us to stop and turn inwards they make us more spiritual and less materialistic congratulations on ur miraculous rebirth

  9. Chandrakant Marathe

    Dear Deepali,

    I was shocked when I read the opening sentence of the mail and my heart stopped for a second. Then when I read the following lines I got a sigh of relief. It was indeed a miraculous escape for you from the near fatal accident. I pray God and your Master who have rescued you or shall I say they made you go through this rigorous test in experiencing the both sides of the divide between life and death.
    I congratulate you for articulating your experience of accident, interpretation of accident and philosophy of existence in a very rich literary way. Your maturity in understanding the ethereal levels are commendable. I am sure your ‘rebirth’ will be beneficial to the worldly humanity.
    Some what similar experience Anita (my wife) went through when she was cycling 1000KMs from Chennai to Kanyakumari and was hit by a truck. She escaped the accident with a few bruises while her cycle was completely written off. She continued to cycle after the incident and completed her total planned expedition. At hindsight I thought it was just an accident without analysing it. After reading your interpretation I really think that every incident in life has a purpose and makes you richer in a philosophical sense.
    Look forward to see you soon,

    Chandrakant-Anita- Siddharth Marathe

  10. Dear Deepaliji,

    Your Firm faith in Beloved Mohanji has lead to your REBIRTH-Congrats and
    I bow to the Divine in you.

    I appreciate how your whole family-Sanjay saab,Mohanish,Moushami are
    very dedicated in following Mohanjis teachings.

    Hats off to all of you.

    Peace and Love.

  11. Dear Deepali,
    Its infact Mohanjis grace that you are safe. I really thank god for giving you a new life.Truly agree with you that how Mohanji silently operates on us, indeed his casual talks are not casual. Looking forward to meet you soon.

  12. Dear Deepali,
    Your explanation of the accident was really spine chilling&unbelievable.
    God is great you are fine as a fiddle.God bless you,Sanjay&kids.
    your enormous faith has defntly made an impact to evrybody including
    us badari&me.Takecare &all the best in all your ventures for humanity.
    amazing experience indeed.
    Fond regards

  13. Dear Deepali,

    WOW. What an experience. What a miraculous rebirth. Sometimes we wonder how Masters work. It is the grace of Sai Baba and Mohanji that has given you a new life. This is a clear incident of how Masters work.

    Om Sai Ram.


  14. Dear Deepali,

    You are pure Light as your name suggests. You are a living proof of God’s miracles.
    Although we have never met, I feel I know you so well.
    I bow to the Divinity within you, which no doubt is living through you to fulfil the higher Mission on our beloved planet.
    Pranams to Mohanji, Biba, you and your entire family.

  15. Hi Deepali. This is a miracle! I am glad you are well. I hope you can achieve your goals. Best wishes.

  16. Our dearest mother Deepali,
    I will never forget the heart-melting feeling when, after the shock of the initial sms from Mohanji about your accident, you suddenly called me on my Serbian mobile number and shared your joy with me. I could literally feel our souls dancing together in light and lightness! And my Mom (who heard the initial news about the accident) walked into the room and was shocked to see me laughing. She thought it was highly inappropriate. 🙂 How could one explain this in to anyone in terrestrial terms…
    There is no greater joy than to bathe in the Love and Grace of the Guru/Divine beyond life and death, to know experientially that our existence is a celebration of that Love and that bathing in it, flowing with it, spreading and expressing it, is the very purpose of our existence.
    When I look into the divine eyes of little Mila, the most loving, most beautiful miracle right here in my arms, I am simply overwhelmed – I am reminded that this Love Divine is tangible physically but it can never be owned, ruled or framed. It must flow eternally, free and expansive, available to all who thirst for it, just like Ma Ganga…
    I feel so blessed that you and your beautiful family exist in our lives.

    With great joy and deepest love,

    your Biba

  17. Charu Shrotri

    Yesterday Shree told me about this and sent me your link. I still just can’t believe this !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. anita marathe

    you were the the chosen one……………lucky soul…………happy wanderings into the divine light……..love….
    anita marathe

  19. ashok patwardhan

    dear sanjay/deepali,
    it is unbelievable.udho! karmanki gati nyari.
    the meaning of these words are understood in full after reading your story of accident.
    khalil jibran has said that we call that mohanish and moshumi as our children yes they are born to us but they are different atmans who have come on this planet thru you your media
    they are totally different personalities
    one has to believe in karma siddhanta.
    ashok patwardhan

  20. Dear Deepali,

    Let us all be as charitable as Masters are self-controlled!!! What a power of LOVE! What a POWERFUL LOVE!

    Happy rebirth,

    Biljana V

  21. Dear Deepali,
    Your this experience only highlights 1 point that we all are just Instruments and its the Lord who decides all. your faith in that Supreme truth is what should become stronger. The one whom he saves no one can harm. such accidents keep happening and being a doctor you should be aware there are instances where the co passenger dies on spot but the other one is saved without much injuries. The whole incident only makes the glories of that Almighty whatever name to give Him. all rest paraphrnalias are just dramatic and unimportant. take care. fix the goal on the Almighty, The Truth and your life or death then doesnt matter.


    dear deepa 2,

    Thank god & your guru for saving your life & uplifting you spiritually. Please continue the good work & shower some blessing on us (Me, my family & all our friends) also. Hope to meet you when you come to Pune.

  23. Dear Deepali,
    Such incidences procures wisdom and life is so much incomplete without it. As Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says, that the feeling of being blessed helps you overcome any obstacles in life. It gives you courage and confidence and it will open you up for grace to pour in. Graced poured upon you and I believe every word of your description , because, my husband went through almost the same type of incident , again on a Monday and the Divine Power had something else in store for him. The incident definitely has made us less shallow as humans and inclined towards humanity more than ever before.

  24. Dear Deepali,
    This is indeed a miracle which clearly shows that the Higher Masters have choosen your Soul for a higher purpose. The account you posted reconfirms the willingness and the deep faith you have in the Divine Plan for your Soul which is often beyond the physical level of existence. May you be a beacon of light to all around you through your remaining years on the Planet fulfilling all that is meant to be.. Love you lots. Vindhya, SQU

  25. Dear Deepali,

    Just amazing! It proves again that when One is open and honest to the World spreading Love 360′ degree then also the Great Lord keeps his eye on such a Person as his own Lord’s envoy on the Earth! It is the Sign of Acceptance of Your unselfish activity on Mother Earth as Contribution to the Love and Harmony in the World!
    A lot of love,
    Your friends from Latvia,

  26. Anitha Sreekumar

    Dear Deepali ji,
    Amazing story! Why fear when He is is there with You! May your life be what Masters want it to be..Best wishes…Best Wishes!

    Anitha Sreekumar, Abudhabi

    1. Gopi Krishna, may be its another scam in Hindu dharma, these people bring bad image to saffron and this mohanji should not collect any money from people.

      1. Dear Sir,
        Many thanks for your subtle suggestion that Mohanji should not collect any money. I kindly share that, Mohanji does not charge any money for his meditation. Mohanji has a family and he works for his living. All are welcome to Mohanji’s meditation. All are welcome to join Mohanji’s ‘Bless The World’ family. Cast, creed, color, culture, country etc. are not barriers to join this family. What one requires is faith, unconditional love and openness to accept.

        As far as I can see, Mohanji is a real Guru. His meditations have transformed many, all over the world. Yet, he has no tall claims or vain promises. He is unassuming and very simple. He delivers experiences unconditionally. You are welcome to read other blogs in this link. You may also read Mohanji’s blogs in http://pkmohan.wordpress.com/. Guru happens when one is ready. Mohanji happened to me. I did not go in search of Guru. And he did nothing to impress me and allowed plenty of time for me to understand him. Guru is the one who gives understanding and leads the way to one’s Liberation. Mohanji has done that to me. Mohanji does not bind anyone to himself or his path.

        I have written my experience of accident very transparently. In fact, I have written all my experiences till now transparently. Experience is unique to one but understanding out of experience could benefit some.

        Mohanji says, “Our Path is of Pathlessness. It is the golden Path of Liberation. Do not get attached. Share the experience, and go ahead on your path. It is your evolution. Take help from Guru you have faith in, whoever that Guru is.” Till date, Mohanji has never said he is a Guru to anyone, let alone, he is the only Guru. He never claimed he is enlightened. He never asked for money. He never accepted gifts or any favors. He does charity. He lives what he teaches. His house is home to many. This is my experience. You may also read the recent blog about meditations in London at http://mohansuniverse.wordpress.com/2011/11/24/london-calling.

        You may please log on to our website http://www.mohanji.org download Power of Purity meditation. It is free. It is available in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Serbian, German, Russian and few other languages.
        Love and regards,

  27. ~Jai Sainath~

    Dear Deepali Ji,

    Welcome back to spiritual uplifting stage.

    Master are always great and saving the universe with their master minds. I used to read these words in the book but after read your miracle, I had a strong impression and witness for me to uplift spirituality. As Sri Shirdi SaiBaba said “After left the body my bones will protect you from the tomb”. Be stable following Dharmic life in any situation that will always protect you.

    “If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself” this quote absolutely worked for you. I am from Austin – Texas, we are making Ek Musical life history of Shirdi Sai baba. Here is the link http://www.ekmusical.org

    Baba always showers his graces on you.

    Take care,

  28. Dear Deepali,
    You are a blessed soul. Divine power is always with you, protecting and uplifting you. I live in Muscat and will be extremely grateful to you if you could tell me Mohanji’s address. I am very much interested in being in his presence. Thank you very much. With lots of love. Ranju.

  29. kanchan gehani

    Dear Deepali
    What a miraculous escape congratulations on your rebirth you are blessed
    bow to sri sai peace be to all

  30. Anil Kumar.C

    As a reader, understanding the depth of this story behind and that reading itself is a kind of “moksha” for me. This is such a wonderful life transforming incident you have been narrated Deepali deedi…

    The reading process in that sense would make us understanding of deeper Karmic journey of one’s soul, faith in God and the connection of a soul with “Sat Guru” being acted upon for the rest of her life being lived for the path of pathlessness…

    Maya……Wonderful Maya…Sivoham..

    Pranam Guro…..Pranamam…

  31. Naresh D Ahuja

    In all it’s forms and manifestations life is truly beautiful. The moment you have savoured the essence of the verse, chapter, book, class, school etc one moves on to the next level which could be higher or lower depending on ones karmic and spiritual performance.
    One does not acheive moksha overnight. It is the eventual culmination of the journey – the destination being reached at the end of ones life/lifetimes.
    Finally the road to salvation is only through a detached sense of attachment with love for one and all.


    I salute you as you are the ‘chosen one’ for a mission by the Almighty …. after He ascertained your ‘purity’ ! It is as good as offering my salutations to the Almighty ! My heartfelt regards to Sanjayji and respects to Mohanji ! I wish I could be blessed with Mohanji’s ‘darshan’ ! My salutations to Lord Shri Sainath Maharaj……Sabka Maalik Ek !
    He saved me too from an accident and has been protecting me at every step in my life !

  33. Amreshwar Gautam

    I also have a similar incidence to share with all the believers. I purchased an i20 petrol car in mid 2014. Soon i realized that the fuel consumption was making me bankrupt. A was already paying about 8000/- pm towards its EMIs. Those who belong to my country i.e. India know how much we prefer diesel cars for the shear financial comfort of being able to move the car economically. PEtrol is invariably much costlier here and at the same time it returns much lesser mileage because of a petrol engine gaining similar power at almost double rpms. After some time i started having a feeling that i will lose the car in an accident and then only i will be able to get a replacement. Simultaneously i always ignored the thought being absurd. But, it was to happen. One day when at about 4 pm when i just started from a traffic light point (the traffic lights in the middle of the road separating sectors 23 & 24 of Chandigarh – i was coming from Sector 37/36 (driving on the road dividing sectors 36 & 37) after it turned green an older and very popular model of maurti ZEN car overtook me from left and it almost was about to collide that i instinctively turned my car right and it jumped the road divider which however was left hardly about 4-5 inches above the road level obviously due to frequent road-carpettings. However i could not apply breaks and collided with the electricity pole on the divider. Car’s right corner touched the pole and then airbag opened and i could not see anything but only feel the car moving in rounds. almost immediately the car stopped and the airbag also flattened. i was on the other side of the road divider and had taken an exact u-turn with the car facing the direction i was coming from. i was calm and cool. Some white smoke was coming from the source of the airbag. it was very mild but i decided to come out. i unlocked the seat belt and came out. I thanked GOD that there was no traffic on the other side to which the car could have collided. i was absolutely safe or rather i was just untouched any where. There was no one on the road. Quickly people started gathering with the one even asking me whether the driver could escape unhurt. i told him that i was the driver. The car was looking quite damaged but after we took it to the dealer the surveyor declared it to be in total loss as per the rules. The claim settlement took about 4 months. i absolutely lost the will to drive ever. we went without a car for 6 months. But my son Aashish kept insisting and one day i was ready to test-drive a diesel model of a polular car. The 1461 cc engine of this small round bodied car – a youger sibling of a very popular mini SUV with same engine (but more powered) and perhaps the car’s excellent predictiveness on the road gave me confidence immediately. now we own/drive a diesel car. we are very happy family.

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