Consciousness Kriya – An Accelerated Spiritual Evolution

Written by Milan Bojic (Serbia)

 Milan shaktipat

Man’s life, the greatest mystery of all, is being revealed and hidden in front of our eyes every second. Most people don’t see a thing… they don’t comprehend, don’t realize. Only the very few manage to catch the glimpse of insight and higher knowledge, that is mostly due to merits they gained from long term exhausting self-improvement, together with blessings and grace of the Masters and Traditions they belong.

Since ancient times, Masters have only one mission to which they sacrifice everything – liberation of people from the enslavement of the illusion. There are lots of Masters that walk this world, and even more so that don’t walk, but watch over it. There are a lot of traditions that these Masters belong to, but there’s only one Ocean as a source of them all, to which they all flow into.

Nath tradicija

Dattatreya, Nath and Kriya traditions belong to the highest and most ancient Golden Tradition whose existence has only one purpose – Liberation. They are the origin of the greatest Masters that have ever walked this world, and who selflessly spread sacred initiations and knowledge to those who are ready to implement them in their struggle for liberation. With God’s grace, as well as the blessings of Dattatreya, Nath and Kriya traditions, it was my faith to be initiated into one of the holiest techniques leading to liberation.

Consciousness Kriya belongs to an advanced type of spiritual practice that has as its main goal the work on Kundalini energy. Mohanji, a spiritual Master who received this sacred knowledge along with the permission to share it with eligible disciples, says that Consciousness Kriya is somewhat like a rocket. Its efficiency and power to launch you into spiritual heights is incredible.

Mohanji says that Consciousness Kriya is like a rocket. It has power to launch you into incredible spiritual heights

My personal karma wanted me to receive this holy knowledge in Rishikesh, India, in 2014, with the first group of initiates.


My energetic system at that time was still unstable and changeable. Consciousness Kriya technique seemed so simple, and yet so compact and complex, and it felt to me it was the missing link I needed in my spiritual progress. In the beginning, it was hard to stay focused on energy movements and guided breathing processes. More often than not, sensations and attention would go their separate ways. Even so, I was persistent and worked hard every day continuously.


First shifts were evident after barely a month. Energy channel within the spine became passable, and I could clearly feel the movement of energy. I was feeling strong activations of Bindu and Ayna chakras, but the crown was still shaky and unstable. After a couple of months of practising, crown chakra too became very active.

DiagrammaChakraKundalini-B-pNumerous activations of energy and spiritual experiences followed. Sometimes intensive experiences simply went one after another, and sometimes long periods of stagnation would test my patience and steadiness. Even when I’d come to terms with the fact that I’m no longer making progress, I’d continue practising.  Crazy determination and discipline are maybe the two most needed qualities during the periods of stagnation. Practice for the sake of practising, practice as a routine, practice as the way of life, without thinking about the results, effects, sensations, experiences…  Just doing it, just flowing, without thinking. Shakti loves it. Kundalini adores it. Once awakened, it itself calls you. She doesn’t allow you to stop, she makes you tickle her and raise her.

Just when I had lulled myself into a nonchalant Kriya practice, there’d come a round of blasted experiences burning everything in sight. Eruptions and cataclysms, visions and insights, long term cleansing and falls, long crying and sobbing, periods of unconditional love and purity were changing places with agonies of sorrow and senselessness. Destruction and creation were taking place within me, in my being. They were tearing me to pieces, then putting me back together. What a rocket this is, dear Master. Thank you for launching us on it.

After the first year of practice, I started experiencing spontaneous Kriyas, without any use of procedures and techniques I was taught through initiation. Shakti was dancing by itself in my spine. Then I noticed an interesting thing: at the time when I used to do my practice, Kundalini would activate by itself, reminding me, like an alarm clock, that it’s time to wake up.  If by any chance I’d skip my Kriya scheduled time during the day, Shakti would activate by itself, and I’d dance with her spontaneously, without any preparation.

Crown chakra became stable and almost always active. I was managing to maintain vertical breathing through most part of the day, no matter where I’d be. Surely there were periods of downfalls, but they’d only make me elevate higher afterwards. Shakti was awakened and active. Rocket was doing its job on autopilot. What a wonderful ride.

Just when you’re used to a certain level attained through practice, an even bigger cataclysm first tears down all you’ve gained, and then it elevates you to a new, by far more stable level.


After two years of practising, I stopped being surprised. I know what Shakti is like. I love her and adore her. My personality is her slave, my consciousness her master. Sometimes a wild girl, sometimes a caring mother, she always gives me what I need. Now, after two years of hard work, in a simple and spontaneous manner I was fully revealed the meaning of a spiritual practice under the name of Consciousness Kriya .

naslovna slika

With the blessing of the beloved Master, I would like to state this cognition:

Consciousness Kriya  is an extremely advanced spiritual technique obtained through initiation by Enlightened Master. For that reason, the process of its performance cannot be shared with public. What can be said is that it is a technique that combines mantras, visualizations, special body posture, and several specific breathing techniques. Each segment has its own order of execution and duration.

During the performance of each one of these segments, disciple goes through certain states and achieves effects that ultimately lead to a rounded and complete end result. During one of those performances of Consciousness Kriya , I experienced fully the meaning behind each of these segments, which the Master didn’t reveal in the initiation nor when giving further instructions.

First segment of Consciousness Kriya (mantra) represents the condition of being in Divine state of consciousness from which we all came from. It is the source of us all.

The second segment of Consciousness Kriya (downward breathing) represents the decent of our soul from the Divine state into material body.

The third segment of practice (horizontal breathing) represents common life of man.

The fourth segment of practice (breathing upwards) represents reascension to Divine state of consciousness from which we came from.

Therefore, the whole process of Consciousness Kriya  practice represents one entire life cycle!

When performing one Kriya, we are actually going through one life in a small scale. By performing hundreds of Kriyas, we are going through hundreds of little lives, and thus our karma is speeded up, burned and dissolved.

That is why our Master used the word ‘rocket’ when describing this technique. Through Consciousness Kriya , we are capable of accelerating our spiritual evolution for thousands, or even millions of lives that lie ahead of us.

It took me two years of work to discover the meaning behind Master’s words: “You have received a spiritual rocket”

I wonder, with a smile, what could be revealed after five years of practice?

kundalini budjenje

Jai Mohanji!



14 thoughts on “Consciousness Kriya – An Accelerated Spiritual Evolution”

  1. Dear Milan, thank you so much for sharing your experience brother! It is a wonderful reminder of the power of the Kriya and the gift that we have been given which should not be taken lightly. Thank you Mohanji!

  2. That was a great insight into was Kriya means and the power of practice!
    Thank you. It was very well written.

  3. Thank u dear Milan for such an amazing explanation of a real treasure received from a master ❤️ U wrote it beautifully and it’s a great reminder of how powerful this gift is ❤️ Bless u

  4. Dearest Milan, your entire sharing is a spiritual offering and sublime blessing.
    Thank you from a humble and grateful heart for this precious gem of a sharing.
    Perseverance pays. You’ve proven it and have given me hope.
    Your sharing is a big deal to me.
    I thank you.
    The sacred pictures you have selected, are just perfect….the last awe-inspiring one … !!! Wow … Order of the Blue Lotus … !!!
    Bless you Milan
    Jai Mohanji

  5. Thank you for your sharing. Although I have been very diligent and disciplined, the time I practice could be better. Thanks to you, it now is. Your blog provided the impetus I needed.

    Have been finding that focus is crucial. My mind wanders and gently bringing it back, focus, focus, focus <3

  6. Thank you for sharing your experience. It is very powerful and encouraging. Thanks to Mohanji who shared this sacred practice and initiated us
    we can cut across karma and get faster to ultimate destination.

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