Happy Birthday, Dear Mohanji!

By Neelu (Mohana Bhakti Priya), India

My connection with Mohanji in this lifetime began in Oct 2015 and blossomed into a very deep one. I earnestly wish it will result in a complete dissolution into his consciousness.

Even being so deeply connected to him, how my mind and patterns separated me from him occasionally, and how Mohanji, with his utmost compassion, nullified it is all this blog is about, which I have been intending to write for a year.

Dissolution through connection

The period from 2019 to 2023 was very unsettling in my life, physically, mentally, and spiritually. My mind and all my patterns worked full time to pull me down from the grace I acquired in the form of Mohanji by inducing doubts, negativity, and depression in my whole existence. Life was becoming a burden day by day, mainly because of my karmic burden and my resistance to it. Self-pity, along with expectations, acted as stimulants to intensify the burden.

During this journey, Mohanji was present with me rock solid, almost carrying me on his shoulders, breathing life into my lifeless existence, giving me hope that I will overcome all these situations. All the MF work I have been doing also gave me some stability.

Also, the Mai-Tri Method of healing and all the lovely and compassionate Mai-Tri practitioners (Kirti Khandelwal, Subhashree, Devdas ji, Revathy, Monica, Milica Bulatovic, and Preeti Duggal) came to my rescue whenever I needed Mai-Tri. Mohanji helped me in their forms to cleanse, heal, and energize me at all levels of my existence, physical, mental, and spiritual.

There were days when I almost gave up because of my negativity. But Mohanji reminded me constantly that I have done a lot of penance to reach this juncture, to be in his presence every second so effortlessly, and I should not allow my mind and negativity to take it all away. He constantly rejuvenated my bhakti towards him by making me surrender to his lotus feet, whatever pain I was in.

The most painful situations were those when I felt separated from him, even in consciousness. It felt like I had a body alive but with no soul. Those pains made me realize that I am happy only when I am in complete surrender to him. Acceptance of all the situations and bhakti and love towards Mohanji are the only things I need to be alive and nothing else. This dawned on me very deeply.


One of the most important developments during this period was my family’s migration to Hyderabad in 2022. Despite some very negative situations, it helped me and my kids in many ways. By mid-2023, life started changing, thanks to the Mai-Tri sessions, homas, and Mohanji’s consistent efforts and unconditional love to lighten my karmic baggage.

I felt much lighter from May 26th, 2023; I actually experienced happiness again, which I thought was impossible. My mind was at peace; situations were very positive after almost two decades, and I started enjoying my life.

Connect in Consciousness

Purity in thoughts, words, and actions was almost always there, except for some moments in daily life. Just one thing bothered me: I wanted to meet Mohanji personally, and it has not happened for two years, mainly because of my helplessness. Only that thing was making me depressed sometimes.

But he made me surrender that desire, too, at his lotus feet. It gave me the awareness that as I can easily connect to him in consciousness, I should reduce the craving and dependence on his physical form. Rather, I should go inside and find him inside me. But some factors still had to be dissolved to merge into him completely.

And this urge to dissolve into his consciousness is my constant prayer now. It materialized into a lyrical video with his grace as my deepest desire was to learn Adobe Premiere Pro (a very sophisticated video editing software) and make a devotional video on Mohanji.

I have full faith in Mohanji that he will also answer this prayer and make me one with him completely. My whole existence is in eternal gratitude to Mohanji, especially, and all the masters who have helped me evolve to this juncture for innumerable lifetimes.

May Mohanji bless me. Whatever time I have in this lifetime should be spent serving mankind to the best of my capacity.



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    Thank you for sharing ‘Dissolution’ on the Mohanji Chronicles, offering profound insights into the nature of existence and the journey of the soul. Your words inspire reflection and contemplation. Grateful for the wisdom shared.

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