Time stood still with Baba

By Moushumi Patankar, UK

Sai Baba in Scotland

Mohanji always emphasizes the importance of not delaying things. As I boarded the flight from Scotland, I decided to write this brief testimony.

The gift Mohanji has bestowed upon us, encompassing the entire world, is beyond comprehension. MCB (Mohanji Centre of Benevolence) stands as a precious offering to the world, a physical space for the refinement and spiritual upliftment of mankind. The essence of MCB transcends notions of possession, ego, greed, competition, and comparison. Only those prepared can grasp this profound truth.

Accompanied by Vigneswaran Swaminathan, whom I affectionately call Thatha (grandfather), I eagerly anticipated my visit to the MCB in Scotland and the opportunity to meet Jack Barrett (or Jack Maharaj as we affectionately call him), our main priest at the Shirdi Sai Baba temple), whom I’d heard much about but never met.

Arriving at MCB during the Madhyanh Arati, Jack warmly welcomed us at the temple. I was fortunate to spend significant time with Jack that day before he departed early the next morning for the Datta Trails pilgrimage in India.

My routine at the MCB typically involved rising early for Baba’s Kakad aarati, returning to the house for tea/breakfast, preparing naivedyam for Madhyanh aarati (lunch), preparing evening naivedyam for Baba and Datta, choosing Baba’s night and next day’s attire, and finally retiring after Shej aarati.

Sai Baba

Spending the entire day with Baba or doing something for him was incredibly fulfilling. During the inauguration of the Shirdi Sai Baba temple, I harbored a wish to cook for Baba, which was fulfilled not just once but almost daily for a week. Serving traditional Maharashtrian food to Baba and the residents filled me with joy and satisfaction. Baba doesn’t discriminate; his love knows no bounds – it’s pure love and nothing else.

The grace bestowed upon us by our Guru is truly remarkable. It’s overwhelming to witness how effortlessly Baba orchestrates everything. We also meticulously adorned the small Sai Baba Idol with beautiful day and night attire, taking turns to change his clothes daily. I express immense gratitude to Mohanji for facilitating these sacred rituals at the temple.

Prayers to Baba

Thatha performed Lingam abhishekam, providing a wonderful opportunity for participation in this sacred ritual amidst the serene ambiance of flowing streams, chirping birds, gentle breezes, and the radiant sun. My heart is grateful to Mohanji for the countless experiences at the MCB, with many more yet to unfold.

Linga Abhisehekam

However, the time inevitably came to return home to fulfill responsibilities as a mother, daughter, wife, and more, leaving behind the seven-day routine and the company of dear friends like Jack, Fiaz, Arathi, Thatha, Harish, and Ranjan Anna. Their collective energy was truly remarkable.

Baba’s love flowed continuously, overwhelming me as it was time to bid farewell to the MCB. Tears streamed down my face at Madhyanh aarati, reflecting the depth of emotion – happiness, gratitude, and fulfillment.

Thatha aptly remarked that I arrived with joy and had a wonderful time yet departed with a heavy heart. His observation resonated deeply with me. As I sat on the flight to London Heathrow, tears continued to flow, a testament to the profound experiences at the MCB.

The other day, when I did online check-in for my flight, I chose to change my seat from 7A to 13A, desiring solitude. Upon reaching the 13A seat on the flight, I was greeted by a small, beautiful white feather – a reassuring sign of Baba’s presence and his eternal message, ‘I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS.’

My heartfelt gratitude to Mohanji for facilitating the reunion with Baba in this lifetime. Seven days at the MCB felt like a lifetime of serving Baba, Ganesha, Mohanji, and Datta, living in their beautiful energy field.

Pranam at your feet, Mohanji!

Shri Sachidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!


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