Dr. Deepali’s Experiential Wisdom; Mohanish Burns the Fear Samskara

Finding the Way Out of the Dark Forest
There is Always A Way Out of A DarK Forest

Dear BTW friends,     

Experiences and miracles are happening from all directions for BTW meditators.  Pradeep’s profound experience through marma points, Dana’s tornado, Shernaz’s glaucoma, Gul’s healing and safety of her nephews, Sanjay’s astral experience, deep experience of Shampa….. to mention a few. Special note on Dr. Deepa’s experience where she could stop post operative, difficult to manage, bleeding – just by connecting with Mohanji’s eyes!      

The Shining Third Eye - Showing the Path Into the Light


India was once full of miracles which were happening easily and frequently everywhere! Many people were tapping into that dimension within them which indicated their true power. In modern times, we have started analyzing these miracles with scientific mind forgetting that where science ends, spirituality starts and super conscious takes over. There is something beyond science.         

Anything Is Possible - Realize That


  Shaktipaat is indeed taking us to higher consciousness. It is cleaning our deeper Samskaras which we are not aware of! What we feel we understand about ourselves is very limited and superficial. What also helps along with the Shaktipaat is Mohanji’s crisp, crystal-clear and succinct writing on the blogs which is developing and enhancing our understanding further.     

BTW Meditation on Feb 19 in Muscat was attended by Dr. Deepa’s close friend from UK. He is a neurosurgeon. Unfortunately, he is developing retinopathy as a complication of long-standing diabetes. He enjoyed the meditation and felt relaxed. The relaxing effect lasted for few days. He said that he is just happy for no reason. When I was giving him healing on his eyes and Sahasrara chakra, I was also guided to heal his Manipura chakra. I felt tremendous pull at his Manipur chakra and realized that it was too weak! Manipur chakra corresponds with pancreas, a gland that regulates blood sugar levels and hence diabetes. It was only later that I made the connection between the strong pull in Manipura during healing, and his diabetes – as mentioned above, where science ends, spirituality starts…   

While giving simultaneous Shaktipaat to a couple, I realized that some deep Samskara which is common to two souls has left! It was too bold of a realization. However, during next meditation, Mohanji confirmed that.  I was amazed at different dimensions of Shaktipat experience which continues to surprize and amaze me.   

The effect of Shaktipaat lasts for few days. It keeps working on us. We are not subtle enough to understand that.     

Mohanish Attending BTW in Muscat, Feb 2010


  Few days following the meditation on 19th, Mohanish, my son, one day did not get up until 10 am! We also did not wake him up, thinking, let him enjoy holidays. As he got up, he said: “I am very happy. I feel new me. I had a strange dream!”     

Haunted By The Deep-Seated Fear


  His dream was:     

            Two people were after Mohanish to kill him. He ran and ran in deep fear to save his life. He reached the ground floor of the building where we live in Pune. He came near lift. There was no place where he could run further. He stopped. Suddenly got some energy and told those two people, “You want to kill me. Ok. I have no problem. But just let me go to my house. I want to meditate for some time and I want to play my tabla for the last time. Then I offer myself to you”. Mohanish took them home and sat in meditation in front of Sai Baba. He knows that he was connected with Mohanji during that time.       

What happened next was the most beautiful experience…. He saw that his soul is coming out of body, went far away, and then returned. He thought he is born again. Needless to say, those two bowed down to Baba and left without harming Mohanish!      

Mohanish discussed this with Mohanji during the next meditation on 26th Feb. Clarity that Mohanji gave healed Mohanish forever.      



Sourcing From the Depth


  He said: “I know, I was there. This was not the dream. It was astral travel which was mixture of past life incidence fitted in the present situation. You had faced this situation in past life which developed fear in you. Those deep Samskaras have left you forever because of this astral travel that happened with awareness”. What a blessing!      

As parents, we know that, Mohanish had fear of dark and staying alone. More so, he was getting dreams of people following him for last few months and he would get up disturbed. Hopefully he will lead fearless life henceforth with Mohanji’s grace.       

The white swan - symbol of discrimination between right and wrong


 Mohanji, we are highly grateful to you.     

With deep gratitude and complete surrender,     



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