Dana’s Sharing – 2 days of BTW bliss on Navaratri

Dear friends,  

What a weekend I/we had! Two meditations in two days in two different cities, but only one common thread – bliss! Since I was traveling to Delhi on Saturday, we decided to still conduct our meditation in Kolkata, but on Friday.  

I was so happy to find out that Mr. Haksar would visit us in Kolkata on that day for work purposes – and promised to join us in my residence. He was conducting BTW meditation the following day at his residence in Delhi, which I couldn’t miss either. 🙂  


Friday meditation in Kolkata was the lightest meditation ever! We had a group of 10 people (9 ladies and “the blessed one” among the ladies – Mr. Haksar), out of which 5 were newcomers. Somehow the entire group was so nicely tuned in and I had a feeling that all of us were on a kind of a cloud, floating around in a slow motion.  

Floating in light and lightness


Mr. Haksar enriched our Q&A session after the meditation, sharing his knowledge and experience with all of us. Meenakshi wanted clarification about not being able to follow Mohanji’s instructions from the CD sometimes, which, am sure is very good as it means that the chattering mind is definitely not involved. Mohanji once explained that, due to high energy and the presence of the Master, a sensitive person can go into a semi-trance state, a different plane of awereness altogether (it happened to me as well). Mr. Haksar then gave us an elaborate explanation why we sometimes feel as if we were sleeping instead of meditating. His presence was most appreciated and welcome and I’m always glad to have people out of Kolkata joining us.  

Saturday meditation in Delhi (on March 20th) was completely different, yet such a deep and powerful experience. As Anju said earlier, Mr. Haksar’s house is a true abode of peace, especially the room in which he conducts the meditation. I was so much looking forward to meeting the few ladies with whom I’ve been in touch for a while, yet never had the chance to meet them – however, the moment my husband and I reached the venue, I just set on the floor, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the pre-meditation energy which was already high (Mr. Haksar was playing Devi Stotram Chants while everyone was gathering).  

Devi Stotram - In Glory of the Indescribable Beauty of Divine Feminine


After that, he explained that our Navaratri meditation session will be as follows: reading on invoking Divine Mother Kundalini, followed by listening the amazingly beautiful Kundalini Stavah, after that I will conduct healing breaths and, at the end, since it is Navaratri time, he will play Kali Durge Chants, while connecting with Mohanji and performing Shaktipat.  

Shortly after he started, I was in such a deep meditation already, and, for the first time in my life, was constantly having Shiva’s image in front of my eyes. My body was so still and throat chakra in such a wonderful state that I thought that I wouldn’t be able to talk and conduct the intro breathings at all.  

However, when the moment came, somehow I managed to open my eyes and mouth and accomplish the task, after which Mr. Haksar started with those powerful Kali Chants.  

After a while I felt somebody’s presence clearly and thought it was Mr. Haksar giving Shaktipat – however, it was only after a few seconds that I received his (the most unusual) Shaktipat ever – first I experienced a kind of a electric shock on my third eye, which caused my entire body (while I was sitting cross-legged on the floor), to jump up and down (I don’t know how one can jump like this – I think I saw this happening during TM meditations, but never experienced it before) and soon after that, that same electricity started happening on top of my head and made my hair stand up! I don’t know who and what that was, but I was just enjoying the flow and cool vibrations.  

Soon after that, Mr. Haksar gave me two lovely Shaktipats and I was truly “in seventh heaven”. Then, suddenly, something kind of pulled my right hand, giving me a sign to get up and perform Shaktipat as well (I knew that was Mohanji). Since that was not planned (my intention was to just sit and meditate this time), I gave a signal to Mr. Haksar that I will be joining him. That was clearly a ‘divine plan’ – I know this may sound strange, but I really felt like Kali Durga as I started performing Shaktipat, finding my way around through the packed room.  

The Mighty Kali Durga


Soon after I finished and got back where I was sitting, Kali Durga chants were over (perfect timing!) and Mr. Haksar told all of us dazed off people to gently open our eyes. What bliss on everyone’s face! I really regret not having a photo camera with me…  

Interestingly enough, most of them didn’t even know that I performed Shaktipat. They shared that first Shaktipat (of Mr. Haksar’s) felt like warm energy and second one (mine) complete opposite and complimentary – ice cold. Mr. Haksar nicely explained the blessing of meditating during Navaratri and experiencing both male and female (Shiva-Shakti) energies by having both of us performing Shaktipat. What an eye opener… what a lovely, unforgettable session!  

The Perfection of Shiva and Shakti


And as a small Navaratri gift for all of you, I would like to share with you the above-mentioned  Invocation of Goddess Kundalini, which really resonated with us when Mr. Haksar read it out to us:  

Goddess Kundalini!  

You are red like the morning sun.  

When You bestow Your grace,  

The inner awakening takes place,  

And You continually shower   

The nectar of supreme bliss.  


O Goddess!  

Bestow Your compassionate  

Glance upon me.  

When Your glance of grace  

Falls upon a human being,  

He becomes God.  


You are my own radiant,  

Joyful, supremely divine,  

And all-pervading Self.  


O Mother Kundalini!  

Manifest within me.  

Oh Mother Kundalini, Manifest Within Me


With love and gratitude,  


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  1. Anju Sharma-Gurgaon

    Thanks Dipakji and Dana for the wonderful experience we were all blessed during the navratras,it was a rare opportunity to receive the shaktipat from both Dipakji and Dana the only difference being Dipakji’s was warm energy flowing within us and Dana’s was cold like the glaciers. I felt the presence of Mohanji in the room after the Devi Stotram Chants was being played in the very begining-during the Kundalini Stavah— the Kundalini Stavah was highly energetic and Danas’s breathing session evoked more positve response from the body and the maa Kali Durga chants were wholly and solely awakeining the whole body ,I was in a trance and saw the pindis of maa vaishno devi and everyone was radiant after the session—we thank mother goddess Durga for the wonderful evening

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