Mohanish’s (and his grandma’s) Mystical Experience During BTW in Pune

This is about yesterday’s BTW meditation in Pune (on 26 March 2010) attended by my grandma Dadi and me.  

Dadi and myself connected with Mohanji’s eyes, did the Omkar and breathing preparation, and proceeded with the ‘Power of Purity’ meditation. Another aunty who wanted to attend, for some reason, could not join us.  

The Smiles of Mohanish and His Dadi


It was quite surprising that my Dadi had the following wonderful experience during BTW: she saw herself in Baba’s darbar in Shirdi. She also saw the 24 hrs burning flame and the vibhuti and its smoke was flowing from Shirdi to Muscat, Pune and everywhere!  

By the very end of BTW meditation, when Mohanji guides us to open our eyes, Dadi, while opening her eyes, saw and felt a splash of water on her body and all the burning flames in her body were silenced with that splash. She felt a surge of positive energies and thoughts. Post meditation, her head was heavy but felt very pleasant and calm.  

Divine Splash


Before narrating my experience, I would like to share with you what happened a few days ago when I decided to do BTW meditation alone (I was missing Muscat…). I knew that there was no one to give me Shaktipat, but still felt like doing it.  

A strange, unimaginable thing happened. During the part of meditation when we are guided to take the hand into the Aashirwad (blessing) position, my hand automatically curled and took shape of a shell (Shankha). I realized that my hand is kind of dissociated from me. A strange force guided my hand and took it to my Third eye. It gave a strong energy surge.  

The Mystical Hand


 Wonderful! This was the first time I experienced strong expansion at my Third eye and Sahasrara chakra. With automatically guided hand on the Third eye, I felt tremendous physical pull at my head, as if it was pulled into a higher dimension! It was just beautiful. I knew that it was He, Mohanji, who guided my hand. I had neither fear nor anxiety of what is happening. I was fresh and relieved of all negativities after that meditation.  

With regards to my experience during the meditation with my Dadi, I must say that I was rather uncomfortable throughout. As I had experienced the mystical guidance of my right hand earlier….this time too I felt it is being guided somewhere. However, sadly, I was unable to follow it – my mind was too agitated to receive the message properly. There were too many conflicting thoughts about the guiding hand. I did not feel heavy nor had any other experiences normally followed after meditation.  

Nevertheless, after the meditation, I noticed there are hardly any thoughts. Initially, I was feeling a bit sad that my hand was being directed for something and I was unable to realize what it was for. Oh! But now the sadness has disappeared. I am just feeling ‘me’…connecting deeply with my inner reality!  

Mysteries of the Hand


With all due gratitude and respect to Mohanji,  

Mohanish and Grandma – Dadi!

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  1. Hi Mohan,
    Its nice to know that you experienced third-eye meditation with your dadi.
    Hey I would also like to learn this meditation. Can you suggest me where does this happen in pune. I am sure they teach very well. What are the timings for the same? Thanks a ton mohan!! Infact, I have been looking for this for quite some time now… Thank you once again

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