English to Hindi – Baba’s Grace Witnessed, by Dr. Deepali

What is this English to Hindi? And…what is witnessed? We are all so conditioned by our languages and barriers of various kind, that most of the time we remain blind towards the grace that transcends all such barriers and is showered upon us when we expect it the least. For this reason, I would like to share with you something that I witnessed which helped me in going beyond the language barrier, going limitless and embracing a miracle unfolding before me. 

Deepali and Sanjay at Baba's feet after BTW, 26 March

The story goes like this…..

One day I told Mohanji that we really need to have Power of Purity meditation recorded in Hindi – because Hindi is our national language!  There are sooooo many Indians who do not understand English – how can they benefit from this meditation in English? Mohanji agreed instantly.

I asked for the script immediately. But somehow it never reached me until 3 weeks ago. I was busy with my work till March 2010 and understood later on that the timing was indeed a Divine plan.

Friday the 12th March… after meditation, I asked for the script again. Few days have passed. It was Wednesday 17th March. I have a habit of checking mails in between my work. While being busy with my patients and teaching, around noon time, I saw this mail from Biba…. … “here you go dear Deepali- for translation! ” Frankly, I could not resist opening this mail and printing the script.

I do not know what happened after that. I only know that it wasn’t the same Deepali. There was a complete shift in my consciousness. I immediately started doing the translation.

Let me tell you, I am not very friendly with languages. It is not my expertise. In fact I have suffered many times due to inefficiency in languages. But this shift of consciousness was so strong that, I just started playing with the language, and it went so smoothly. I completely submitted myself to the Existence and the translation got done within 24hrs, including the time for routine household, work and sleep as well!

The real punch of the story is not the way the translation happened, but the way it was revised and recorded in Mohanji’s voice!

On the following Friday, after meditation, I decided to read the script for him. That scene was beautiful. He gave me Sai Baba’s prasad to eat and said,

“Ok. Now read. Baba will speak.” Wow. While I was reading, he was continuously looking at Baba’s photo in his altar. Nodding his head, he would say, “Ok. Go ahead. Baba accepts this”.  Then, “No, Baba said that you have the freedom of adding a few more words to deliver the proper meaning in Hindi”! Beautiful! Reading was over within 15-20 minutes.

The real challenge was ahead. Mohanji has lost touch with speaking or writing in Hindi. He had learnt Hindi during school time. Apart from the experience of answering in Hindi during Kumbha Mela, which was also his testing time, he said he does not speak Hindi. We wrote the entire Hindi script in English transcription!…  aramse baithiye….. etc. 🙂

On the day of recording, though he was too busy with work, he still managed to further revise the script with my husband Sanjay and myself. Straight from the work, we reached the recording studio. Next one hour was completely different experience for Sanjay and me.

Mohanji in the flow of reading out BTW script in Hindi

As Mohanji put on the headphones and uttered the first word…… surprisingly, his voice was completely different…. deep and divine, full of power and compassion. He delivered emotions of each word with his voice. He had difficulty in pronouncing a few words.  

I am not very subtle in understanding, but what I saw was- Baba was present and He was very serious, sitting full time behind Mohanji.  Whenever Mohanji would get stuck with words and struggle 2-3 times, Baba would look at him and me. Pacifying us, but at the same time in powerful action. And then a miracle would happen before our eyes and words would just flow through Mohanji. I was confused and thought “Is he speaking the same words as I wrote?!”  It sounded totally different. Mohanji gave life to those words.

A smile that means "It is completed!"

I am not hallucinating. I am a person of reason and science and I can not accept miracles easily. Being a medical doctor, I like to talk evidence-based. I was introduced to spirituality just 1½ year ago. Slowly, I am able to understand the blend of spirituality and science. This happening confused me in the beginning. But, knowing Mohanji’s Hindi before and comparing that with what happened during recording, this event re-enforced the truth in me that anything is possible when divinity is at work. I own my experience. I also leave it open for all of you to experience. 

Recording was over within 20 minutes only. We had to edit/re-record only 3 short sentences! Astonishing!

After the recording was over, Mohanji looked fully exhausted, drenched with sweat. The AC was supposed to be off during recording, but that was not the reason for sweating. I had seen Biba recording in the same studio, but she did not sweat so much after her recording. Mohanji later explained that.

Furthermore, he completely lost his voice! He could barely speak as if he had voice only for the recording in Hindi! It took 2 days for his voice to recover.

Total time required for recording and editing was just 2 and a half hours. We did not have any problem with editing. Computer worked well, recording system also worked effortlessly. As if the whole thing was properly planned by Baba.

Mohanji’s response to the whole happening (in his words) was:

……. “Indeed, Baba was present. I was worried about my accent. How much ever I try, I will still have the Malayalam accent. Apart from that, there is no problem. There were very less re-takes, considering the fact that I do not know Hindi, its pronunciation and dictum. Baba arranged everything. This was His will”. …….

Mohanji also explained that he underwent a massive expansion during recording due to Baba’s presence. Then he had sudden contraction when Baba left after meditation. This sudden and massive shift in energy caused this exhaution and sweating! He said wittily, “Don’t you sometimes get exhausted after giving Shaktipaat?”  This satisfied my medical mind.

Mohanji smiling after recording of BTW in Serbian, March 2010

This was a very powerful experience for me, as I witnessed, ‘Impossible becoming possible’; there is nothing like… ‘I can’t do it’! or ‘I am not an expert’!… Limitlessness!… our true tradition.

It was also the first time for me to witness ‘Present becoming Past through me’ (I had this ‘history in making’ feeling – I truly witnessed the happening that, once recorded, the meditation lives forever)! It was also great learning of ‘accepting realities without reasoning’.

The “Power of Purity” meditation is all about cleansing ourselves and preparing for higher learning. The “Power of Purity” is also about love and compassion – it tells us that we have no enemies, no hatred.  We spread only love and remain always grateful to all and to the Existence. Children are future. They too should be exposed to this thinking. It is our responsibility. Let’s meditate with them. Let’s take them with us. The Shift is approaching. This is Baba’s message.

Let this Hindi meditation reach everywhere and spread the message of love. Let it clean the baggage of karmas from this planet Earth. This is the ‘seva’ we should do.

Let’s copy and distribute CDs of this meditation. For those who have access to schools, please make an attempt to conduct this meditation in the schools as well.

Biba has already translated and recorded this meditation in Serbian language as well.

Biba at the studio during recording of BTW in Serbian

Bengali and Marathi translation is on the way. Please come forward to translate into other languages too. 

Both Hindi and Serbian versions are uploaded on the site http://www.mohanji.org/downloads.htm

Please download, listen and conduct the Hindi meditation, and experience the grace.  

Mohanji, Sanjay and I sincerely thank you for this opportunity to do this wonderful seva. I also sincerely thank Denny who helped in recording and editing.

Dear BTW friends, I wanted to share this divine experience with all of you. I thank you all for reading it. Sai Satcharitra explains, “By narrating experiences one had directly with the Master, you are offering the same grace to readers and listeners”.

Mohanji, I am grateful to you for plunging me into a situation in which I could get this amazing experiential understanding of higher learning.

With love, gratitude and complete surrender,


4 thoughts on “English to Hindi – Baba’s Grace Witnessed, by Dr. Deepali”

  1. Shernaz Bajan

    Wow. What an experience. I will definitely hear Mohanji’s BTW meditation recorded in Hindi. I am sure it will have a profound effect on all of us. Another leela of our dear Sai Baba.


  2. I was a witness to this chain of events.I am aware of Deepali’s poor linguistic abilities since our courtship days (ha ha).It HAS to be BABA’S grace. I am still very low on the path of spirituality and hence not very sensitive to happenings, but I could sense the shift in Mohanji during and post recording. Mohanji was cool, comfortable and radiating during the actual recording and exhibited no signs whatsoever that the AC was kept off. But post recording he suddenly appeared sort of totally drenched out with sudden loss of ‘that’ Mohanji voice and remained quiet for quite some time. Denny, Deepali and me were comfortable in that atmosphere. It must be change in Mohanji’s expanded state ( we know how he can be when he is in an expanded state: we experienced it first time at Sudeep’s house some months ago and we all were shaken, panicky and weeping when trying to help him get up from the sitting position. Mohanji was repeatedly attempting to get up but was unable to do so and loosing balance ,was not speaking and had an intense and some different look on his face. It was really difficult for the 5 of us present at that time to take him till the basin for washing his face). BABA was indeed working through this translation and recording.



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