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By Nikita Naredi, India

He said I am there with you every moment….

It’s been a year, and the whole world is grappling with the Covid 19 pandemic. No one is immune to this disease afflicted by the Corona virus; be it any age, sex, caste, creed, profession or religion, everyone is equally vulnerable. Being a health care professional, we are more exposed and need to be very vigilant and cautious. 

When the widespread Covid infection began last year, it didn’t bother and scare me much, to be very honest and frank. I was careful but not to a great extent. We were doing our OPDs, procedures and surgeries. Being an Ammucare volunteer, I did my share of going for annadaan and ration kit distribution at multiple places in the slums and construction sites where people were reeling with hunger due to the lock-down and being jobless; even though my relatives and friends always warned me about the scare of contracting the infection but I knew Mohanji was there. He mentioned, My armour is there with you; you go ahead.” I was unscathed.

Being in a government job, I am posted to a place different from my husband. My daughter was to get admitted to a medical school, and I had to travel multiple places for her counselling and admission process, six cities in a span of 10 days last year. The mother-daughter duo was doing airport hopping every other day. It was challenging, too, with the cases on the rise during that period. With Mohanji’s blessings, this exercise, too, went off smoothly. My daughter got her admission, and we reached home without infection; everyone was amazed at the kind of travel we had to do those days, but I was doing only one thing – surrender to my Guru, my God, my saviour.

The first wave went off, and we all became more lackadaisical. The vaccination phase started and being doctors, we were the privileged ones to get the first dose. The second dose also followed. We felt we are further immune, and then Corona decided to test me. In spite of the two vaccine doses, I got infected. I had exposure through a positive patient in the ICU. 

The symptoms started, but I was not ready to accept them. It was a bad phase of ill health. I could not get up from bed, experiencing severe fever and an incessant cough. I was alone with my daughter as my husband was in a different station, so I requested home treatment and quarantine and no hospital admission. I was on multiple drugs: multivitamins, paracetamol, cough syrup, ivermectin and whatnot but from day one, I surrendered to Mohanji – if it has happened, I accept but give me strength.

There would be nights when I could not get sleep because of severe body ache and asthenia (weakness). Some nights, I would get up crying in pain, and then I would look at Mohanji’s picture, which was just in front of my bed and say to him, give me strength to bear it and overcome it. In the subsequent two days, my daughter also became positive. Both of us would just be in bed due to the lack of energy. I have a domestic help who stays with me. I was scared for her now. She was the one who was giving us food, our necessary fluid requirements and tending to the house. The house ran that time because of her. I was scared for her. 

No matter the isolation which we were practising, her exposure to me before I was detected with the infection was there, and occasionally there would be a breach to the social distancing too. If she also falls ill, our house would have collapsed. There was a big board outside our accommodation stating, ‘Covid positive – no entry for anyone: no food, no help and three sick people. I kept praying to Mohanji that she should be fine. No matter whether we pray or not, his grace and blessings are always flowing for his people. It is indeed a miracle our help didn’t fall sick or turn positive. Mohanji’s blessings and my prayers to him to protect her was answered.

I knew he was there taking care of my family and me, and I don’t need to tell him anything but the human mind sometimes wants tangibility. I messaged for his blessings. This was his reply, “Just have faith. Even this will pass on. I am with you every moment.” A jubilant moment, should I say – a reconfirmation for this monkey mind. There was another loving message, “Main Hoon Naa.” I was sure nothing would happen. Clinically, I did deteriorate as my lungs also got affected. I was started on steroids, and then I started recovering. My daughter recovered much earlier. The residual loss of appetite and weakness did persist, but I didn’t land up in the ICU or put on a ventilator. His armour is always there all around us.

I would like to add that I had been initiated into Kriya almost three years back but was irregular in my practice initially, but I have been very regular with no breaks for the last nine months. As I fell sick with such low energies, I initially got apprehensive that my Kriya practice will get affected, but I didn’t want to discontinue, and in spite of the ill health and the weakness, I continued with my Kriya daily and again, this is his love and blessings.

As I recovered and went back to the hospital to resume work and saw the pandemic taking a more wicked shape with deaths and loss of near and dear ones daily in each and every household, I thank the supreme Parabrahma for being by my side in the form of my Guru who is taking care of us every moment.

The day I joined work, my boss asked, “So you are back alive. I only smiled and thought to myself, “Jako rakhe saiyan maar sake naa koi.” How can I not be when I am under his wings…


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