Facing the Dark Side, Part 1

Did you ever wonder how dark forces work? How entities manipulate? Do you suddenly feel heaviness, alienation, anger or sadness? 


This is a testimonial written by a Mai-Tri healer who witnessed the work of dark forces – mind-manipulation and entity-attacks – during and after a Mai-Tri healing session conducted for her friend.

On July 10th, I was suddenly guided by the Masters from the Tradition of Liberation to meet my friend, Maria, in person. Soon after we met, I found out that she too was similarly guided to meet me in person. We understood that the Masters had planned this meeting for something very important that was as yet unbeknownst to us.

Listening to Maria, I found out that she had suffered a huge attack by negative forces. As we were talking, both of us suddenly received the same telepathic message from the Masters that Maria should immediately receive Mai-Tri healing from me. While we were amazed at the synchronicity of the events orchestrated by the Masters, we were also deeply reminded of how important this meeting was. Avoiding obvious distractions by the negative forces (whose goal was to prevent the healing), we immediately proceeded with the Mai-Tri healing session.

The healing started with a great struggle – like the energy was going down the drain. All the energy was getting dissipated with no positive effect. Unusually, it took about ten minutes to revive the energy field that had been penetrated deeply by the negative beings, leaving Maria extremely vulnerable. I could see many different beings trying to distract me and destroy the energy field that was being rebuilt. It took some time for Maria to receive the healing energy though her system was still vulnerable.

I could see bright light in her that kept expanding, with the power and energy of Mohanji. Within a few minutes, the golden energy field that Mohanji had created was fully and tangibly visible to me. I found the whole process highly intense until the energy field was stabilized. Dark beings were suddenly so far away from her, as if the huge light had just warded them off. They could no longer come close, let alone penetrate the golden protection. The entire room was completely bright and protected from all sides as if covered by the strongest bulletproof shield.


Their aim is separation from a Master

I could see that Maria’s third eye was the point which attracted many negativities from the world outside and from other people. Momentarily, while placing my palms on each of her chakras, I received a telepathic information from Mohanji on how negativities can influence Maria in the future and what she needs to pay attention to. 

Negativities will first make all her good experiences seem bad. They will create an illusion in her mind that all the good people in her life, as well as Masters, have bad intentions and that they are working against her, behind her back. Maria, under this influence, will feel that she will be abandoned by everybody – the Master and the healer too (in this case myself). She will feel that the Master is not actually a Master, but just an ordinary physical being with needs and desires. The negative forces may also appear as the Master through dreams or other realms, say things that the Master wouldn’t usually say, or do something that the Master would never really do.  “Trust nobody” is what the negativities will tell her.

Their aim is to separate her from everything and everybody, by making her isolated and withdrawn. She will feel that everything is a lie and an illusion, and she is better off being by herself. They will make her think that leaving everything is a good idea and the only solution. Then doubts begin. And what comes after the tiniest doubt? The fulfillment of the main goal of negativity – separation. This refers to separation from the Master, the Tradition, the people connected to the Master, the Truth and the Self. The main tool of negativity is converting one’s way of thinking into what benefits them. I say “way of thinking” because mind is the only gate through which negativities can enter.

Soon after I received the understanding of how negativities operate, I heard the Masters explaining the importance of conveying this information to Maria, in order to better prepare and immunize her from the negative force’s cunning attempts of separation.


The healing continues…

Slowly but surely, healing energy was flowing through the third eye region, clearing the black patches and blockages accumulated from the outside. The skies were getting brighter. The heat in the room was almost unbearable. I was sweating while standing in a usually dark and cool room! The work of the subtle fire was revealed to me. The fire that our Master Mohanji lit was burning whatever did not belong to Maria. He was working intensely, but silently – as always.

Once I shifted to the throat, it felt like it was totally entangled. Putting more and more effort, I could see Mohanji coming and plucking something out of her throat. I thought, “Okay, this has nothing to do with the negative attack. This might be a blockage/fear of expressing herself.” Soon enough, I realized that her blocked throat had everything to do with the negative attack! I saw huge and heavy chains around her neck. A strong feeling that this might also be the work of the negative beings made me telepathically ask Mohanji to explain the truth.

Before I could express the question to Mohanji in my mind, His answer had already started appearing in my awareness – The negative beings knew perfectly that if Maria speaks to anybody about the negative influence that she has been feeling, there was a chance that she may get a healing. They did not like the idea of Maria being in touch with anybody from the bright side, hence they blocked her whole throat area. They made sure that she will suppress everything within herself, thus guaranteeing her fall.

I felt so blessed to experience the power of our Master Mohanji that removed this inability to speak up, and lovingly guided her to brightness. At the same time, I was shocked at the  cunning plans and ideas that are conjured up by negative beings. There is no limit to what they can do in their attempt to destroy, capture, lie and abuse people. I telepathically expressed to Mohanji, “They operate at different levels of our thoughts. Everything obviously comes from the mind. Mohanji, please explain how can we recognize them?” I heard His voice merging with the voice of all the great Masters of our Grand Tradition, speaking as one voice, loudly and clearly, “Whatever is separating you from what YOU YOURSELF experienced as good, is not good. Whatever is telling you to withdraw, hide, lie, cheat, think negatively, is not good. And most importantly, whatever is separating you from your Tradition, your Master, co-disciples and from yourself, is not good. Being natural and being free is the nature of our Tradition. Be that. Bless you.”

I mentally went down on my knees in gratitude and humility for this blessed experience and the direct guidance from the Tradition. I couldn’t have been more thankful. I humbly thanked Mohanji and the Tradition (feeling profoundly in my heart that They are one), and continued with the Mai-Tri healing session.

2014-07 - Mohanji - Kailash - Yatra (1840)

The decision to defeat the darkness: Liberation, the purpose of life

When I put my palms onto Maria’s heart center, I felt her heart’s energy expanding into a living part of her that spoke to me and said: “Before she took this incarnation, she took a firm decision to beat the darkness that hit her down so many times. In so many lifetimes, the innocence was succumbed to the dark forces, but this lifetime is the time to stand strong and finally defeat the vicious circle of darkness. This lifetime is the time to achieve the highest, not giving space to the minor aspects of a physical existence.”

The heart center happily received and bathed in the blessings coming from the Grand Tradition. I was amazed of how graceful this moment was. This was the time when I experienced so clearly the highest truthfulness of my Master’s words, “I am always with you.” It was the truth, indeed – an eternal one.

To be continued…

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