Fire on Water

Fire on Water

Written by Biba Mohan

Mohanji's Leela - fire on water

So much of unexpected is guaranteed when one spends time with Mohanji. It is surprises like this that fill our hearts with sweetness and joy, and we just can’t get enough of it :-). I would like to share with you a beautiful blessing & miracle that happened during out recent trip to Durban:

Tashmin and her family requested Mohanji to bless the land on which they intend to build their new home. A dozen of us went there, parked the cars next to the road and witnessed a sweet little ceremony which included lighting of the fire on camphor placed in a small little clay pot to purify the land using the element of fire. As the camphor was lit Mohanji gave specific guidance how to build the house to maximize the harmony and how not to disturb the flow of energy by maintaining the natural hill formation on the ground. As we stood and conversations ensued, the fire just kept burning. It was then that we noticed something totally mind-blowing about this fire – not only does it continue to burn but the little pot, strangely enough, became filled with water to the brim! Nobody knows where the water came from (not to mention the logic-defying fact that fire usually doesn’t burn ON water!) – all of us were puzzled and our heads turned towards Mohanji – he gave us his naughty smile and said the balancing of the elements is now complete. Tash and her family were filled with gratitude – it was their purity and devotion that made them earn this beautiful blessing from Mohanji.


Mohanji on the beach of the Indian Ocean in Durban
Mohanji on the beach of the Indian Ocean in Durban

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