First BTW in Gurgaon, after Mohanji’s visit – sharing by Richa and Anju Sharma

Dear Friends 

 On Saturday, 20th Feb 2010, we experienced our first BTW meditation in Gurgaon, post Mohanji’s visit to Delhi. I must say it was such a wonderful experience to ‘feel’ for myself the wonders of this beautiful technique. 

The meditation was held at Mr.Dipak Haksar’s residence and I must thank him for having put all this together. It gave me an opportunity to get in touch with myself and get answers to some of the ongoing problems and the turmoil that each one of us go through in life. 

Delhi/Gurgaon Team - Gurpreet, Mohanji, Dipak Haksar, Biba and Richa Sharma - met to share joy after amazing BTW meditations in Delhi and Gurgaon on Feb 14th


I distinctly felt the presence of Mohanji as if he was surveying each one of us and guiding us all along. While we received the Shaktipat from Mr.Haksar, there too Mohanji’s presence was very evident. 

What was strange was, though we were supposed to do the Power of Purity Meditation, somehow both the CD copies did not work and we ended up doing the 360 Degrees Meditation! It went so smooth and gave me a feeling of freshness and clarity. 

Many Thanks. 

Richa Sharma 


Sharing by Anju Sharma: 

The Smile of Anju - Gurgaon, India

Dear Friends, 

The FIRST BTW in Gurgaon after Mohanji’s visit was successfully conducted by Deepakji at his residence, which, I must say, is a holy abode in itself – I was highly energized at the very instance of entering the place! The whole setting decor and overall energy of the apartment truly complement the spiritual stature of Mr. Haksar, whom I was fortunate to meet for the second time thanks to Mohanji’s BTW. I don’t know whether I have the permission of Deepakji or not to say this, but I feel that who ever visits Delhi or NCR must visit Deepakji’s residence, which in itself is a wonderful centre of energy and divine power. 

I am very lucky to have attended this meditation and so grateful for gaining so many blessings from all the gurus, saints and the ALMIGHTY who indeed can be called by many names – Allah, Wahe Guru, Ram, Christ, etc. 

I hurried for the first BTW on 20 Feb, worried I’d be late, but reached Central park just in time. Deepakji started the session with the reciting of the OM/AUM mantra -this simple and yet so powerful Mantra harmonizes the physical forces with the emotional and intellectual forces. When this happens, one begins to feel truly complete. (It is for a reason that every Mantra in the Vedas, Upanishads and various religious traditions (sampradayas) within Hindu religion begin with Om or Aum – the primordial sound, the sound that is said to have its origins at the time of the creation of the cosmos – also referred to as the ‘Big Bang’). 

The CD used for this session was the longer version, as told to us by Deepakji – the voice of Mohanji and the music started to enrich us and slowly we let our mind and body sublime to the holy bliss and the UNKNOWN JOURNEY of inner awakening. 

I could feel the surge of energy when Deepakji’s hands touched me for Shaktipat and felt it even more strongly the second time when he gave all of us the second Shaktipat. Novice as I am in this newly found spiritual journey, I felt the presence of many gurus – it was a divine experience and this time I was so engrossed that I felt as if I was in deep slumber, floating towards the sky, all the time aware of Mohanji’s presence. 

This was the longer meditation session than the usual one and, as Deepakji said, we were meant to take this session. As we all shared our experiences afterwards, like a nursery kid, I listened in awe to Deepakji when he explained about the ascendent and descendent gurus, about his own journey/path and blessings from the various gurus. We had the pleasure of talking with his daughter and wife too, who also shared their spiritual experiences. 

I returned home that day with the joy of being benefited emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Thanks to Mohanji and Deepakji, the whole experience brought me to realization that only through devotion, faith and constant guidance shall we be led ahead. 

With regards, 

 Anju Sharma 

anju14sep@gmail. com 


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  1. WOW!!!
    I think that this photo says more than words definitely!!! It’s enough just to take a look of all the glowing faces and get the glimpse of divine showering which everyone has gone through.
    Keep radiating guys and share your joy with the world (or should I say “Bless The World with your joy and let everyone experience it as well!!! ”



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