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The Sun– an epitome of Lack of Tamas

Sai Ram everyone!

I am pursuing my Tabla training in Pune, India. In the last week of April 2011, I was indeed lucky again to meet Mohanji in Muscat in physical body! Otherwise I try my level best to always remain connected with Mohanji’s consciousness. I have firm faith in Mohanji and with conviction I can say that I continuously experience Mohanji’s grace.

That one week, I got an opportunity to serve Him food. On one of those days, He said, “Watch the routine of The Sun and you will understand what is ‘Dharma’.” With this lingering in my mind, I returned to Pune. I had no idea where to start and on what points to analyze The Sun. It was such a simple sentence but quite difficult to decipher sequentially. Days passed.

I was in Pune on 23/06/2011. It was Thursday and as usual the meditation was being conducted at Mohanji’s residence in Muscat. I clearly felt the energy of that meditation in Pune. I also received the astral Shaktipat in Pune! It was really a blessing!

Around 11:30 at night, following is what flowed through me. Even though I never verbally, or telephonically communicated with Mohanji, I must tell you all, that this poem has been written by Mohanji for all of us. I was just a medium.


How would it feel for the Sun

to shine brightly in the open sky

then be covered by dark clouds?

How would it feel for the Sun

to rise up early morning

then be demarked by rising moon?

How would it feel for the Sun

to accept the long night

in spite of such a bright day?

How would it feel for the Sun

to shine brighter & stronger at noon

while we get sun burnt?

How would it feel for the Sun

to be worshipped early morning

and be ignored all day?

If The Sun had feelings

He would definitely be hurt


If He had ego

We would definitely be hurt!


Sun represents the Sanatana Dharma or the eternal ground rules of existence. The sun exhibits perfect witnesshood.

After reading the poem, Mohanji replied which I would like to convey to you all. Mohanji’s reply was short but gave intense understanding for one’s spiritual elevation. My spine tickled after reading the reply.

Mohanji wrote-

The Sun does Supreme Service. Sun nourishes the entire solar system, aids life, sustains life, recycles life and also reproduces life. The Sun does all these very objectively; purely on dharmic basis. Sun does it without any attachments, expectations or claims.

Sun’s main aspect is heat. Heat creates, sustains and dissolves.Of all elements, fire swallows everything, digests and delivers ash which does not signify any visible characteristic of any material that it swallowed. The same fire cooks our food and digests the food in our stomach. It is the same heat which gives energy to move and carry out functions, let it be plants or animals or humans. Heat aids every transformation, every change in every plane.

The Sun is an epitome of Lack of Tamas. Sun never takes a holiday and does its duty perfectly well. It is self-inspired and never deviates from its path or duty, even if lowly clouds block its purpose at times. Earth also never takes leave! She receives the sun’s energy gracefully. There is no procrastination. In spiritual path, the biggest road block is tamas or inertia. Sun signifies complete lack of tamas.

Sun is the same even if it is obscured by the clouds which are of lower stature. Sun is never affected by emotions or clouds. It stays as it is. Clouds come and go. Clouds change their form and intensity. But, clouds cannot stay for long, just like our emotions. When the clouds depart, the Sun is always in the background unchanged! Our soul also should not get disturbed by emotions like the Sun does not get affected by clouds. Sun witnesses clouds. When clouds depart, we see the bright Sun again. Beyond the clouds, there is sunshine. Beyond the emotions, there is the truth of existence. Sun’s brightness can never be diminished by clouds. Why do we think that the brightness of our soul will be faded by our fleeting emotions? When all emotions depart, only love remains, which is our basic nature. Sun is an embodiment of pure dharmic love.

Sun represents the Sanatana Dharma or the eternal ground rules of existence. The sun exhibits perfect witness-hood. It is The Supreme Knowledge. Brightness, Light, Fire, Heat, Seasons, Movement, LIFE; Sun signifies everything that life consists of. Sun does not ask for identity. Sun does not want recognition. Sun also does not wait for your thanks! Sun exhibits its dharma. It shines irrespective of anything. It depends on how we perceive that shine!

Sun is never affected by emotions or clouds.Beyond the emotions, there is the truth of existence.

Sun represents the cycle of existence. Sun nourishes, sustains, dissolves or recycles – even water, which can stop fire, is recycled into vapor, rain and then back to rivers by the Sun. It creates change in seasons cyclically. It moves the world and the lives on the world. It creates, sustains and dissolves.

Sun is the abode of many beings. These beings are of the same material of our soul, which cannot be drenched, or burnt by any element including fire. Their body itself is fire; or, fire transcends through them, or, they transcend through fire. No fire can harm them. They aid wisdom, not only to mankind, but to other beings in other planes too.

These are just a few aspects of the SUN. So, follow the SUN and you will know Dharma in its completeness. Meditate on SUN. Chant Aditya Hridaya. It will eradicate Tamas and make you shine forth. RISE AND SHINE!

Love YOU


Mohanji says, "Follow the SUN and you will know Dharma in its completeness. Meditate on SUN. It will eradicate Tamas and make you shine forth. RISE AND SHINE!"

So dear everyone, I pray that the message reaches all of you kind souls, embodiments of love, at your respective levels. Mohanji has a very nice quality. He gives a message in such a way that each one gets uplifted from their respective levels. eg:- a 1st std kid would go to 6th and 7th std kid would go to 10th. The intensity is large. Jump is high and it depends on the students’ consciousness on how they receive the message!!!

With gratitude and deep surrenders to Mohanji,


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  1. The immaculate timing of Your shared knowing, still amazes me beloved Mohanji. And the message, as always, resonates deeply. Blessed are we.

    At Your Feet.

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