Who Wants Mohanji???

Come to Mohanji with an open mind. Nothing further can be filled into a cup which is already filled to the brim..

Dear All Family Members,

Mind is crazy. Its inherent ability to create doubts, to keep one away from the Reality is amazing indeed! Mohanji’s meditations are organized free of cost, all over the world. Mohanji works for his living. Mohanji travels for meditations at his own expense. Shaktipat, the direct transfer of Higher Consciousness, is also given to anyone free of cost! One just needs to come with an open mind, like an empty cup and receive it gracefully with complete faith and surrender. But our doubting mind often will not let us do even that!!!.

Here are straightforward clarifications about Mohanji to such doubted minds. We wanted to clarify certain doubts with Mohanji, for the sake of some people. Mohanji said, “In the onset of the forthcoming programs of this year and further years, I shall clarify a few things which could be bothering some minds”.

Mohanji never force anything on anyone. Everything is our choice. Spirituality should be spontaneous and enjoyable. Nothing forced will have any effect in the long-run. He accepts everyone unconditionally in any circumstances. Mohanji represents the Grand Golden Tradition of the Great Saints, who expressed total unconditionality at all times.It is our choice to flow in that Eternal River of the Tradition that he represents. For every soul, that is the ultimate destination.


BTW Family


Who wants Mohanji?

If Mohanji has happened, there is a reason. Nothing happens in the world without a reason. Everything has its own relevance and purpose. Unless we have the capability to see the third dimension of people and events, we will not understand the total symmetry or the real reason. As always, judging based on partial understanding is never correct.

Mohanji calls himself a road sign, just like any other road signs of our life. The reason for his existence is to show certain direction to seekers who will walk that particular path, in case if they choose to use the road sign. If the path is familiar, road sign is not necessary. If the road and the destination are clear, road sign is insignificant. The road sign is never bound to any traveler; nor is any traveler bound to the road sign. Both exist a liberated existence. Some travelers depend on the road sign for safe navigation. It is their choice. The road sign needs nothing from the traveler. It will not be affected if the traveler chooses to ignore the road sign or move further from it. It is neither happy nor sad to assist, if the traveler chooses to look for road signs.


Mohanji is like a banyan tree, giving shade and fresh air to those who choose to rest under its shade. The tree is not depended on the one who rest under its shade. The tree will not object even if they choose to break a branch or even cut it from its root. The tree will not be affected anyway, but that shade will be lost for further travelers of the path. Tree has no expectations. Tree remains neutral. The tree always remains selfless and objective. It just does its dharma of protection to any weary traveler, who chooses to rest under its shade. The tree does not check who he is, how wealthy he is, where is he coming from or where is he going to. It provides the same quality of shade to a prince and a pauper. It does not check his past or future. It just gives fresh air and shade. The tree stays through time. It falls when it has done its duty. Mother Nature spontaneously arranges its replacement with another tree. There is no tragedy here. There is only the dharma of existence.


Mohanji calls himself a Mirror. A true mirror, which reflects your true face, self and character to yourself. A true mirror never lies. It projects true images. It never follows any images. It stays neutral and constant. You will only see yourself as you are, and not what you desire to be, in a true mirror. A true mirror never distorts your image. A true reflection is often alarming to some people; especially those who live in a self-induced world of pretensions and desires. They stay detached from mundane realities, by choice or because of their inherent nature. A true mirror can reflect only a true image. If you smile, you get the reflection of your smile. If you cry, or express anger, you see such reflections in the mirror. It cannot image something else. Those who live a pretentious existence will hate their own true images, because their own mask or pretension may reflect exactly as it is, in a true mirror. The mirror has nothing to do with it.

A true reflection is often alarming to some people; especially those who live in a self-induced world of pretensions and desires.

Is Mohanji relevant?

Mohanji is contemporary. He is available and communicating in the physical dimension, right now. This is his immediate relevance. Relevance depends on time, situations and people. It also depends on individuals. The relevance is individualistic. Certain food is relevant to certain people. Certain soil and environment are relevant for certain seeds to sprout and to grow. Certain people are relevant to certain people. So, it is purely individualistic. This is your decision. Relevance is often a matter of time. Sometimes, relevance is felt years after the entity leaves his body. While in his body, relevance is not felt. This is the nature of life.When a person is alive and talking, our senses capture the visible and audible and often do not digest his message of life. When he is no more with us, the physical dimension is totally removed and the message automatically gets accented. This is why it is easier to connected to a Guru who is no more in his physical body. If the Guru is physically absent, it is also easier for the coming generation to interpret his teachings the way they want. 🙂 We can see many such examples in our daily world.

Who will cry at his absence?

Nobody should cry. Someone else will replace his absence and space. Someone else will replace your absence too. Crying is ignorance. Sorrow, like any other emotion is temporary and individualistic. We should not expect anyone to cry. If they cry, it is either out of love or personal insecurity. Love means attachment, which is binding. Mohanji never binds anyone to himself, as he believes in his own liberated existence and helping people to stay liberated. Loss is felt due to attachment and insecurity at the absence of someone. Insecurity is ignorance. No one should be insecure and should be depended on anyone’s physical presence, because, all have to give way, sooner or later. All have come alone and will leave alone. Connectivity will remain, if the connectivity is through one’s own self or consciousness. It can never die.

Why should someone come to Mohanji?

Someone should come to Mohanji only if they feel that his presence and guidance are elevating and conducive to raise their consciousness further; only if his presence makes a positive change within them or only if Mohanji is capable of making a positive difference in them. Otherwise, nobody should waste their time on him.

What if nobody comes to see Mohanji?

Nothing will happen to Mohanji. He will remain liberated as always. The road sign or the tree never depends on the traveler. Liberation is a perpetual state. It does not need others support. Others can draw from it. It is like an ever-glowing fire. Many fires can be lit from it. Its shine never decreases. It transcends through time. If none lights a candle from the ever-glowing fire of the tradition, which is unlikely, it does not affect the fire at all. It continues to burn eternally.

How is Mohanji different from other teachers?

Only in appearance! All have their own distinct style and character. All are unique. Yet, all are expounding the same teaching in different tongues. Knowledge is always ancient. Expressions are modern. All are working in unison for the upliftment of individual consciousness into universal consciousness. All are the same. Some are appealing to some. Not all are appealing to all. Choose whatever that suits or appeals to your individual constitution. Never be forced to choose any teacher. It will not work. Mohanji has never imposed himself on anyone and will never impose himself. There has never been any canvassing. There has been no deliberate attempt to build an image too. Liberation is a state that needs no support or applause.

What does Mohanji want from us?

Nothing. He has never asked anything from anybody, such as money, gifts, etc. Whenever people ask this question, all Mohanji says is that “Feed, clothe and protect the poor and hungry people. Feed and protect birds and animals. Serve mother earth. I will be happy.” Mohanji has not asked anything else from anyone till date. Mohanji has no expectations and he has expressed this time and again. The path is defined and given for travelers to walk. Journey as well as timing of the journey depends on travelers. Not choosing to walk is also fine for the one who made the path. Sooner or later, everyone must move on, through this path or through any other path. If the traveler has arrived Mohanji’s path, it is their prarabdha (destiny). If they choose any other path, it is still their prarabdha. They can only walk through the path in front of them, until they arrive at another path. Swapping paths are not possible, until the distance is covered. Again, choosing guidance is up to the traveler. Traveler’s guide is always present at each corner, in the form of Mohanji or somebody else.

The path is defined and given for travelers to walk. Journey as well as timing of the journey depends on travelers. .. Mohanji

Why does Mohanji support all Gurus, even if they are tainted?

Because, everyone has relevance for someone! Mohanji supporting any Guru does not make any difference to the Guru or the disciple. It is up to the Guru to guide further or the disciples to take his guidance. Mohanji is in fact supporting the eternal message that the respective mouths expounds, and not the man whom we call Guru. Moreover, all creations are relevant, whether we like it or not. Some people hate their parents, but can they change them, at will, in one lifetime? This is prarabdha. ‘Acceptance of whichever way they are’ is essential; otherwise, there will be agonies and anxieties. This is created out of ignorance about existence. “Birds of the same feather, flock together” or “Likes attract Likes”. You will get a friend or a foe based on your own personal constitution and what you are attracting. You have created your own destiny. Likewise, you will get a Guru or an experience based only on what you are and what you choose to be. Blaming others for your predicament has no value. This is lack of understanding. You need not marry your enemy. But accepting each one in his appointed role is important. Otherwise, you do not understand life at all. Moreover, you will be constantly encountering conflicts and blockages within yourself, which will lead to further guilt, anxieties and fears.

Mohanji has no Siddhis. He is ordinary.

When did Mohanji say that he has siddhis? Mohanji has never said that he has siddhis. He has never claimed any miracle powers. It is those who are connected with him, who has been telling what they saw, what they experienced and what they felt with Mohanji. Mohanji has never asked anyone to glorify him at all.

If you feel Mohanji has powers, he has powers. If you feel Mohanji has no powers, he has no powers. This purely depends on how open minded or close minded you are. He never disputes anyone’s views about him ever. He never comes to clarify, which he considers as waste of time. He says “Frequencies are different. Not being able to connect to a certain frequency leads to wrong understanding. The frequency cannot be blamed for that. The inability to connect is the culprit here, that created the wrong understanding”. “Those who can connect well, will enjoy. Others will get disappointed and leave”.

He lives as an ordinary man, who chose to express his consciousness with utmost purity and conviction. He has prepared “food” based on his understanding and caliber. You are welcome to consume or discard. Both does not affect the one who prepared it, as he has no expectations.

Do not go to Mohanji with expectations of miraculous interventions.

He will not intervene in people’s earned karmas.

He will not tamper with the freedom to experience their chosen karmas. Nobody should prevent another from experiencing own karmas. This is against the law of karma. When pains and troubles happen, people run to Gurus or God. When they disappear or overcome that, they discard the Gurus and Gods. The Guru or God never created your karma or its corresponding experiences. You did it yourself. Then, why blame the Guru? Every moment, we are creating our destiny through thoughts, words or action.

What do you expect the Guru or God to do? Clean the debris? Guru or God is not your paid servant, are they?
They have shown you the path of liberation from pains and sorrows.
Who can be blamed if you choose not to walk that path?

Every message of Mohanji is clear and in understandable terms to a 10 year old child. Why do we choose not to understand these simple messages? Who is to be blamed? Many people who got many benefits from Mohanji has turned around and criticized him. When that topic is brought up, all what Mohanji says is that:

“Let them be. They are expressing their character. Ingratitude does not affect me. It affects them. I do not accept anything except love from anyone. I do not accept any other shifting emotions. So, they can keep it with themselves. Only if I accept do I have to endure. If I do not accept, it stays with them and they have to deal with it.”

Once, Jesus healed 10 lepers. Leprosy was a dreaded disease in those days. All those who healed went home without even thanking Jesus, as they were ashamed to admit that they were suffering from leprosy a few moments ago. One of them turned and glanced at him, which could be interpreted as an unspoken expression of thanks or a glance of gratitude. Jesus never expected any gratitude. So, he felt nothing. People of every generation have similarities to those healed lepers. Why should we worry? Their hearts will melt with love sooner or later. Then, they will also feel what I feel for them. I have nothing but love to offer to my most bitter critic. They are doing a favor to me by talking bad about me, and warding off some people who are not supposed to meet me. It is a big favor for an introvert like me, who prefers isolation than crowd”.

Mohanji continues to deliver his teachings and service to society totally free and has never been expecting anyone to position him in the “five star” class. He prefers to be accessible to the common man. He remains accessible, despite his tight schedules.

Mohanji will never bind anybody to himself, nor will he cry if someone leaves him. He will never curse or criticize anyone either. By nature, Mohanji blesses all.

Do you think Mohanji’s Shaktipat works?

Ask that question to yourself. Has Mohanji’s Shaktipats been useful to you? Have you had good and elevating experiences? Moreover, understand that you are carrying the burden, impressions, samskaaras, vasanas, or karmas of many life times. Do you think you can cleanse this bulk of tons of samskaras accumulated over lifetimes in one go?  

Who should have faith, consistency, patience, perseverance and conviction? Mohanji or you?

 There are many people associated with Mohanji’s path since the last four years who vouches on their continuous elevation. And, they are educated people of various nationalities, who can very well differentiate between a spade and a sparrow. Do you think they are fools to pretend all these years? Also, why do you sway with others words? Isn’t your own experience the best guide for you? Isn’t it sinful to discard your own experience and change your mind because of others words, in your own spiritual journey? If it does not work for you, ask yourself if you have been receptive enough. If you are a filled up cup, nobody can fill anything more in it.

Mohanji will never make any tall claims.
He always remains a humble servant of the grand tradition.
It is up to the recipient to decide whether it was worth it for him or a total waste of time. Nobody is forcing anybody. If it has not been useful, then, just discard it. Nobody will judge you or criticize you. Nobody has time for that. All are moving forward.

Moreover, Mohanji is not charging any fees for his time and efforts. He works for a living. He shoulders his own expenses including travel expenses, in order to deliver something pure and precious to you, totally free. He does it just out of love and compassion for us. What are you contributing? He only asks for two coins, which are PURITY and FAITH. Mohanji does not need anything else from you. All the voluntary contributions received during programs are used for charity work.

If you cannot catch the rope and climb up further in consciousness, can you blame Mohanji for that? Remember, we exist in a world where spirituality is sold as a commodity, and there is jealousy and politics in spiritual circle too. Mohanji will have nothing to do with it. He stays away from all that always and maintains his purity and straight-forwardness. Here is one man who truly believes in uplifting the consciousness of his society, totally free of cost. Do you think Mohanji has any personal agenda? He has always downplayed his own stature, which only a few could actually see and experience. He walks talks and performs like an ordinary man, and always slips away when someone tries to put him into categories or frames.

Is Mohanji’s path the best of paths?

This is up to you. You can only walk the path that suits you. Mohanji’s path has no relevance for you, in that context, if you are not open and receptive. That way, no path will benefit you, if you are not open and receptive. You should decide which path and the Guru is the best for you, for your own personal development. Spirituality is essentially individualistic. Mohanji will never bind anybody to himself, nor will he cry if someone leaves him. He will never curse or criticize anyone either. By nature, Mohanji blesses all. As Mohanji has stated in his blog, Encounter With An Ageless Saint of Himalayas, when the student has eligibility, the right master/guide/teacher appears to him. That is the right teacher for that student, at that time. Perhaps, when the student evolves further, a new teacher may appear. When you go in search of Gurus of your imagination, instead of the one right in front of you, you will miss the bus. So, our Guru is the one who has appeared in front of us, just like our class-teacher of our school days. Guru arrives when the student is ready and eligible.

Some people are criticizing Mohanji?

Definitely. We all are used to criticizing others. When you point one finger at another, three fingers are pointing back at yourself. Are you eligible to criticize? People have their own right to express opinions.

What is the core reason for criticism? Expectation!

We expect someone else to behave in a certain way, based on our conditioning. Is that possible? Each one has his own constitution and method of operation. They will behave only according to that. A fridge, a microwave oven and a washing machine have distinctly different character and purpose. Likewise, a monkey, a tiger, a snake and a sparrow are distinctly different in character. Likewise, people are different too. This is also applicable to our own close relatives or even our children. We may not understand the third and the most relevant dimension of the individual. So, we resort to criticizing him. This way, we are also unburdening them from an amount of their karmas too. Through words, we are taking away their hard earned karmas. Good for them, thanks to you. 🙂 Mohanji will never walk as per your strides. He has his own strides. Each of you have a different pace. How can he match up with each? It is up to you to catch it or leave it. He is never suggesting anything. You need not walk as per others strides in spirituality too. You have the full and complete right to move at your comfortable pace, which is comfortable and effective for your development. Having said that, Mohanji is still doing his very best in communicating to endless mails that he receives each day from various parts of the world, on a one to one basis, and guiding people, despite his busy schedule connected to his official work, spirituality and charity. Mohanji is actually delivering complex spiritual matters in the form of baby food, which can easily be digested by anyone of any spiritual path and stature, across the world.

Non-understanding leads to speculation and criticism. 

Understanding leads to acceptance.

Whom can we compare Mohanji with?

No one. Just like you cannot be compared with another! Each creation of the God Almighty is unique. And why do you need to compare? Is it to create a frame for Mohanji?

Mohanji cannot be fit into any frames unless you trim him to your acceptable size or the size of the frame.

Then, it will not be Mohanji anymore. It will only be a part of him. Trimming always reduces the quality of the subject. Why can’t you accept him the way he is, along with all his plus and minus, the same way he is accepting you along with all your pluses and minuses?

Mohanji will never make any tall claims. He always remains a humble servant of the grand tradition.

Who is Mohanji’s Guru?

Many Gurus. He represents the tradition. You can experience many Gurus in him. He is many Gurus or he is no Guru.

Who was the Guru of Sai Baba? Who was the Guru of Shripad Shree Vallabha, Narasimha Saraswathi or Akkalkot Swami?

Who taught Bhagawad Gita to Lord Shree Krishna? Who taught Shiva Sutras to Lord Shiva? Who taught Bhaja Govindam to Adi Shankara? Who were their Gurus? We shall not compare Mohanji with any of them.

As Mohanji always humbly states, “I am just a tiny drop and they are the ocean”.

Many Gurus have nurtured Mohanji to what he is today. But, how does that matter? If you like his message, accept it. If you do not like his message, discard it. He forces nothing on anyone. Some people like Gita. Some like Quran. Some like Bible. Let people choose what they like. All are good and have relevance in somebody’s life. And all these criterion will not matter, if the food is not palatable to you. Likewise, even if the food is great and excellent, if your stomach is upset, what is the use? Look within. Ask yourself – what exactly matters to you and what exactly matters at all?

Why is Mohanji married?

That is purely his personal matter. Marriage has not “diminished” him or his stature in anyway. Mohanji will have his own reasons for getting married. How does that matter to others? He is still the selfless same. He accepts anyone and everyone, irrespective of their money or position. He scolds people, without looking at their wallet, if he needs to. He never pretends. He just is. If his married state bothers you, it is purely because of your own conditioning.

Do you expect Gurus or spiritual people to be unmarried? What about Lahiri Mahasaya, Papaji, and many other great saints? The Great Sage Atri had a wife otherwise, Lord Dattatreya would not have happened. You would not have happened if your father did not find a wife. Shri Rama was married and Sri Krishna was also married. Sri Krishna had many wives and a few lovers too. Shiva married twice! Lakshmi is the wife of Lord Maha Vishnu. Lord Muruga has two wives and still He is idolized by the great Sage Bhoganathar, the Guru of the Great Babaji. If an unmarried great Siddha – Sage Bhoganathar can accept a Lord with two wives, why cannot you accept Mohanji in the role of a husband? Has marital status ever affected their spirituality or power? Are they not giving a clear message to the society that Shiva and Shakti should unite for creation to continue? Adi Shankara had to experience a woman before he attained the “Sarvajna Peedom” (Perfect state of Completeness). Vyasa impregnated Ambika and Ambalika, even though he was not married to them, to help continuation of a withering family and a Dynasty. Why do you carry a notion that all spiritual people should be unmarried? How does that affect their stature? This is a wrong concept. In fact, most of the married saints are more balanced in life. Moreover, Mohanji never called himself a saint or a Guru. He never pretended to be one either. We call him so. Why should he carry any burden that we put on him? Let him be. He never asked anyone to stay or go. This is up to his visitors. He loves everyone unconditionally.

Spirituality should not be a handicap. If spirituality cages individuals and reduces their freedom and walking space, it is not worth it. Look at the irony! Spirituality is supposed to free and liberate individuals; instead, society imposes conditions on spiritual people, because of their limited understanding. A spiritual person should not marry; use any materials of luxury, including vehicles or even a sun glass! He should not wear perfumes, let alone smoke, consume alcohol or visit brothels!

Of course, a spiritual person should never exploit people using his spiritual powers. This is totally against spirituality.

Otherwise, Spirituality is fulfillment. It is being full and complete while existing. It is being content under all circumstances. There are no bindings of habits and demands. There are no binding of samskaaras. Having something and not having those things should not make a difference to a spiritual person. Instead, we make it sound like a spiritual person is like a handicapped person. 🙂 Shirdi Sai Baba and Ram Surat Kumar used to smoke a lot. Did that affect their spiritual stature? Upasani Maharaj married thrice. He still rose up to the highest liberated stature, connected to Sai Baba. It is time we removed our tinted glasses and see the reality. Our visibility is impaired. It is time we corrected it.

Why do I feel disconnected at times?

Your own mind’s play! It makes you feel disconnected. The same mind makes you feel connected at times too! When you are sick; the most beautiful scenery will not create any good feeling in your mind. When you are happy and healthy, everything around will look beautiful, even if they are mediocre. In order to feel, there should be constancy in mind. Do we have that? Mind fluctuates. Our feelings change too. So, connection and disconnection are all within us. Mohanji is always available. He has always been. We fail to feel him because we are not “switched on”. Electricity is always available up to the switch. Unless we switch it on, the light does not happen in our room. Likewise, the light always exists outside the room. Unless we open the windows and draw the curtains, it cannot come inside and illuminate the room. Awareness is perpetual and permanent. Our individual openness makes the difference in our individual experience.

I want to promote Mohanji and his teachings.

He does not like being promoted. He likes spontaneity. If people feel inclined to meet him, they will come. He does not like us canvassing for him. He himself never does that too. He does not attend or cater to people who come with mundane requests such as job, marriage, divorce, lover, money, promotion etc. He does not predict future either. He just guides from the present. And only a person who could see the 3rddimension of Mohanji will see his real inner beauty and caliber. The rest will see only his physical frame and just hear his words, but gain nothing from him. They will not understand him. They will only try to categorize him based on their own conditionings.

So, Mohanji always tells us not to canvass people for his programs or sessions. If you like, you could spread his messages, such as his blogs, web site, or meditations. That would be your seva to the society. Some are also inspired to translate his blogs into other languages and are making new blog sites. Some are regularly conducting meditations at their locations, at various parts of the world. This is healthy and fine. 

Mohanji insists that, “Nobody should feel inclined to do anything because I said so. They should do it because they want to do it. Do not come for my programs for me. Come to my programs for yourself, because you want to come. If you do not come, I will not be offended. Do not do anything for me. Do everything for you, for your own benefit and spiritual elevation.”

Otherwise, Mohanji works in a commercial organization to sustain himself so that he does not need to charge people for his time. He is not after fame or recognition. If he was, he would certainly have behaved differently. He is not even concerned about maintaining a certain “image” for himself. When a man once exclaimed “Mohanji, I saw you smoking a Cuban cigar!!!” He replied humorously “Did you? I am glad; otherwise, my efforts would have been wasted. 🙂 I was wondering if none saw me doing that at all!!! Now, I am not worried. It is well documented!” We need to develop “eyes” to see him. There is no need to promote him. People are getting attracted to his teachings and coming to him spontaneously, without anyone canvassing for him. We need not do anything for him. He does all this himself. He delivers unconditionally.

The Importance of Silence

Whatever is to be achieved or experienced with our conscious state must be done through conscious state only. It cannot be shifted to dream state. When conscious mind is active, when thought, word and actions are active, inherent seeds cannot get sprouted. Expressions become dormant.

Silence is a beauty that can be experienced only by conscious mind.

There is no possibility to “observe silence” during sleep or dream state!

Silence, when mind is silent and NOT mere physical silence, all dormant seeds/ samskaaras will surface or come out. Silence can happen through meditation, constant satsangs, presence and proximity of Sadgurus, consistent practice of witness-hood, or just clinging on to perpetual awareness. While in silent mode, all our trapped fears will start surfacing.

In deep silence, hidden samskaaras will start to emerge. They must go through ones conscious mind. We have to face them with extreme level of objectivity. Tackle them, through understanding and higher awareness, and release them. They will get released automatically, if you will not interfere. Once you are empty, prarabdha is nullified. Existence then shifts to dharmic mode. This is important of silence. If you understand this clearly, your progress could be enhanced.

When the fears, phobias, desires and all such dormant seeds of our samskaaras emerge into our conscious plane, it can at least temporarily topple seekers. Hold the hand of your Guru with firm faith and conviction. You will not fall.

Mind is occupied with sounds. Thoughts, words and action are sounds. Meditation is a specified time in space where we are consciously trying to embrace silence. When silence becomes our inherent nature, conscious mind takes a back seat. In order to thus embrace silence on a permanent basis, we need to practice witness-hood at all times, during our waking hours. Emotions are the opposite of silence too. So, we should also stay away from our emotions, through operating from intellect plane, as much as possible.

Our tradition suggests a cycle of 41 days practice. This is because, 41 days is a cycle. With that consistency, many samskaaras will get released. So, only through silence, does our hidden vasanas, samskaarasor desires can surface and get released. When they come up, some fall into indulgence, while some observe it, without participating, and allow them to go away through the mind. Thus, when we cleanse all burdens of the past, our consciousness will rise higher and higher and finally; become one with the infinite consciousness that runs the whole universe. Then there are no dualities anymore. There is only perfect harmony and completeness.


BTW Family

Spirituality should not be a handicap. If spirituality cages individuals, it is not worth it. .. Mohanji

19 thoughts on “Who Wants Mohanji???”

  1. peter langille

    Your words are beautiful and very correct. You let the people who feel the need to connect with you actually connect. The rest doesn’t matter. I am longingly grateful for the connectionn through you with the lineage and that connection is always with me, including during my time in Canada where I am presently sitting and enjoying your precious powerful and poignant writing.
    Peter Mohammed Abdullah Langille(AKA treeman)

  2. Really Strong and straight forward answers. Need of the hour. Those who have got faith and surrender are getting such powerful and elevating experiences and still people doubt.
    We like pretentions. We like saffron cladded gurus who deliver dry, complicated lectures because that will satisfy our ego. We don’t want simplicity.We want gimmicks and material benefits, not liberation!
    We always prefer to worship framed pictures. Here is an example for it.This really happened in Kerala in last century. A spiritual guru went to his close disciple’s house during lunch time.Guru was really hungry and asked the disciple for some food. The disciple said politely” Wait, let us finish Naivedya pooja”(offering the food to deities and guru before serving).So the poor guru had to sit there for a long time and watch with hungry stomach while the disciple was offering food to his own picture in the althar.
    Over years we have developed certain concepts about gurus as per our requirements. Guru is not supposed to lead a normal life which his/her disciples are enjoying! Lord Krishna who is the guru of all gurus had lead an exemplary life style to show us how to live in this world. Spirituality is not self imposed poverty or begging. It is not running away from worldly pleasures. Enjoy everything but stay unattached like the lotus flower which grows in water but do not allow water to stick to its leaves or flower.
    Pranaams Guruji.

  3. Goolcher Navdar

    Thank you for your Grace and your everloving presence in our hearts dear Mohanji. We are the fortunate ones who can listen, remember, integrate and live your teachings. And we like to share this good fortune with others as much as we can, while we can.
    Humble pranaams

  4. Dearest Guruji,

    What a beautifully written article. We are all so blessed to be connected with a GURU like you. We love you a lot.
    Om Sai Ram.

  5. Dearest Mohanji:

    Thank you for the beautiful and powerful words! It has the effect of laundering the mind to remove dirt and impurities that hide the true and pure color! I immediately connect with Your words and it raises me and gives hope to my spriritual growth! All I can say is I am grateful!

    With deepest gratituide and unconsitional love,


  6. Mohanji we are indeed blessed to meet you and you have guided us and lead us from untruth to truth; from darkness to light

    Meeting Mohanji and accepting him as my Guruji and embracing him as my mentor and spiritual guide has changed my life completely-and I thank him from the core of my heart for the tremendously positive influence he had on our lives. In that glow of mutual love and support we all feel incredibly blessed

    A guru is a person whose very presence imparts truth and awakening in the disciple. Mohan ji has awakened our soul

    I bow to thee with these words

    Guru Brahma Gurur Vishnu
    Guru Devo Maheshvaraha
    Guru Saakshat Para Brahma
    Tasmai Sree Gurave Namaha

    Meaning:Guru is verily the representative of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He creates, sustains knowledge and destroys the weeds of ignorance. I salute such a Guru.

    Jai Baba ki


  7. Thanks a lot Guruji. Tears started flowing while reading this article. Only a heart to heart connection knows what your love is. If we think with the limited and ignorant mind, we sometimes feel disconnected from you. Please help us to come out of this ignorance and help us to stay connected and be available to the existence..


  8. Jai Guru Jai___
    Miraculously, a Guru theme was my actuality for last two weeks 🙂 I found a main needed answers about Guru’s features and role in seekers life.
    Also, I continue to wonder how brillant is connection with our Mohan Ji 🙂 …only, I can – to be grateful – how divine is existence___ Hari Om___

  9. i love mohanji exactly for who he is however he is
    look at him
    just look at him!
    he is sooo pure, so puree.. so much love.. love gets a new definition
    love you mohanji

  10. Pranam Mohanji,
    I want to meet you and be in your holy presence. At present I live in Muscat and frequently travel to India and Dubai. Anybody, please let me know Mohanji’s where abouts and travelling plans. I will be extremely grateful to you.Thank you very much. Ranju.

  11. Hello Friends

    I want to meet you. So, I want to know your plans about your travelling. Do you visit Delhi Guruji? I have so many things to ask you, to know from you and I need your help. Do you have any personal mail address where I can mail you all my problems. If you have then please tell me, i really need your help.
    Thanking You
    From a devotee.

  12. Could you please tell me where and when one could meet Mohanji? Does he travel to the U.S? could I ask him some questions related to my spiritual quest? Namaste.

  13. Mrs.Akhila Shivan

    Dear Guruji,

    Human life is too short as it is…one has to amass a lot of merit to get this chance….chance to learn,chance to imbibe…….Iam very happy that I have come across such a soul …a pure soul……it is only my Yoga kaala that has arrived truly….I came to know about Mohan ji only a couple of days back after I happened to read an article ….

    I do look forward to meeting this Master .The advantage of being born in ” kali yug ”
    is here for all…. The powerful motor that churns every soul willing to be led,willing to be uplifted from the abyss of “agyaana” is on here….the choice is there ,right before each
    soul that is willing to benefit from this powerful magnet of spiritual strength …..

    Thanks a lot .You are a lovable Master. Pranams.

  14. Respected Mohanji,
    Till date I have never posted anything on the net, though I read a lot of spiritual articles and blogs. I had read about you on one of Deepali’s blog sometime last year. I have always been in love with God and this year I feel closer to shiridi sai baba and somehow I feel he directed me to you. Of late I happened to read a lot of your blogs and the article especially related to the himalayan sage shook me!! Believe me, I shared it with my close friend, my 17 year old son and my mother. They were captivated! After reading the above article, I feel so good and I’m really not able to express my feelings but my heart overflows with deep regard and reverence for you. If I am destined…I really want to meet you soon. In the meantime I have downloaded the audio for meditation from BTW and will practice it for 41 days. I can go on writing about myself….but something tells me I don’t need to. You already know…

    Please bless me to move higher towards my spiritual goal!!

    Thank you! Pranaam once again.

  15. Dear Guruji
    Bless me for connecting my soul with yours.
    Let I be able to see only those things which you feel its necessary for me to show and not that which I want to see.



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