Ganeshpuri – Abode of Avadhootas

Written by Dhritiman Biswas


Early last year (2014), I went to meet Sri Vasudev ji near Ganeshpuri (Maharashtra). I had already met Sri Vasudevji the previous year. We talked fondly about Mohanji. He remembered Mohanji’s visits to this Nath temple with a twinkle in his eye. Mohanji and the Avadhoota of the Nath templeHe showed me Mohanji’s eye cards and a printout of the blog on Mohanji’s universe about him! He asked me to translate the blog and smiled as I read it out loud. He also enquired about Bibaji and Mila. A dhoti was presented to him on behalf of Mohanji, at his lotus feet.

He narrated a couple of interesting incidents about Bade Baba and Gandhiji. Once Gandhiji came to pray at this same Nath temple before an agitation against the British. Bade Baba told him, “You are Paramguru. Why have you come here? You go and do your work.” When Gandhiji was in London negotiating with the British Government, Bade Baba instantly told his followers in India what had transpired (in those days, even a telegram took days to reach). Next day, the newspaper declared exactly what Bade Baba had told his followers!

Sri Vasudevji asked me to meditate inside the Nath mandir and then showed me the forms of Gods on the wall. I had the honour of drinking tea made by him for me. He also gifted me pictures of Nath Gurus, Sai Baba, Devi Mata and Bade Baba (now kept at my home altar)!!!

I went to the adjoining Brajeshwari temple with flowers and spent some time at the Datta mandir.

The Kailash Nivas – where Bade Baba used to live

I went to Bade Baba’s main temple at Ganeshpuri. After prayers and parikrama, I bought a small murti of Bade Baba. On the way back, I saw the Kailash house – where Bade Baba used to live.

Coincidentally, I had read about Mohanji’s visit to Ganeshpuri online just a few days back, although I was not even searching for it specifically. Due to the odd hour of the day (late afternoon), there was no one at Kailash house and Bade Baba’s room was locked. I prostrated in front of his chair. I had a wish to kneel and pray before his bedroom. I saw the security guard and requested him to show me Baba’s room. He replied that he could be sacked if he opened it. But after much pleading, he opened the room for a quick prayer. I kept the recently purchased idol on the bed and quickly prayed.
Bhagawan Nithyananda - Bade BabaAfter I walked out of the room, the guard called me to a side room and offered me the juice which Baba consumes every day as prasad! I suddenly realised that Mohanji was with me – as these special privileges are accorded only when Mohanji is present! I consumed the juice knowing it was Mohanji who was drinking Bade Baba’s prasad! I was just the medium. As I walked out, all the lights came on at the Kailash house!
So I returned home with Bade Baba’s idol, blessed by the presence of Mohanji and Bade Baba himself.
Jai Gurudev! Jai Gurudev! Jai Gurudev!

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