Glimpses of Truth


Part 1

By Palak Mehta

I’m sure we all have countless experiences to share when it comes to being with Mohanji, either in physical form or consciousness.

Our adorable humble Master, who takes the burden of the whole universe on Him, and burns the unnecessary before the thought of it arises in us… before we even get to know what is unnecessary. This makes it ever so challenging to fathom what all He takes on Himself. Everything is done so subtly by Him that to catch an experience, a moment of truth itself is ONLY His grace. Some have been etched in my being forever…

One of my most treasured moments with Mohanji has to be during a casual satsang at Nanditaji’s house in Gurgaon last year. The mood was light and everyone was all around Him as usual. No matter how busy, He always includes everyone… Admiring Father’s beautiful divine lotus feet.. .our Home… I felt nudged to take a picture of them.

By the second click, His second toe/long toe had become elongated and huge!! And in just a few seconds it normalized to it’s original size! I had that unmistakable strong feeling that this was Shirdi Sai Baba appearing through Mohanji’s body!! It was amazing to see and compare both pictures with the stark difference in the toe! But, being shy about one of my first such experiences, I took me some minutes to digest it and then shared with everyone and Mohanji.


I felt super blessed to be given that experience by the Masters!!

On sharing, everyone confirmed and some radiated the warmth of continuously having witnessed several Masters through Mohanji’s body… J Since then I have seen many instances of physical evidence and pictures of Lord Shiva, Maa Durga, Bhagwaan Nityananda, Sai Baba, Babaji and other Masters appearing through Mohanji.

During the Kumbh Mela trip in 2012 we saw Kailaspati in Mohanji’s hair. Mohanji, the incarnation of grace and compassion kept giving each one of us profuse experiences in innumerable ways. My limited inner eyes were blessed by Him to catch a few.

One of them was during the Holy Dip at Sangam. We all encircled Mohanji and offered the holy water to Him and the Tradition. For some seconds the name Mohanji didn’t come to my mind . All I could see was Shiva standing in front of me… The whole experience was transcendental. It was as though all of us were with Mohanji in another dimension. At least that’s what I tangibly felt. We took minimum 9 dips in the water surrendering and offering gratitude to our Guru, The Eternal Tradition, all Masters and our families.

I had a silly little wish of touching my beloved Mohanji’s feet in that holy water. Seemed quite impossible for me to find His feet underwater around 3 am, when everything was dark and not falling into the riverbed at the same time ! Ha ha. This thought was never worded but the moment I went near Him, He just pushed me down and I could completely touch His feet to take His blessings. And just like that, I was pulled up!!!

He never physically pulled me up… To phrase this in feeble human language, we could remotely compare it to a strong ‘magnetic pull’. I KNOW for a fact that I didn’t or couldn’t get up myself. And also that He didn’t need to physically pull me out of the water.. All happened in what seemed like a millisecond. It’s certainly difficult for the human brain to comprehend and much easier to ignore and forget this. But if we surrender to Him completely without any expectations, our Master would give us experiences in higher dimensions just to fulfill our minutest desires. Bow to Mohanji!!

Kumbh Mela, after the dip, Feb 2013

Floating up into zones of love

During the same trip at Kumbha Mela, a few of us were around Mohanji, while He was retiring to bed. Master lovingly let us press His feet and hands, fulfilling our wish to serve Him. With outpours of love and grace bestowed on us, while pressing His arms, I started stroking His forehead… just watching him sleep (not that Master ever truly sleeps!). It was then that I instantly felt my body float up from the floor… then a little above. Realizing soon enough that the all-powerful third eye… the source was way too close! Oops! I had just forgotten about that for a moment! Phew.. I instantly removed my hands off Mohanji’s forehead, coming back to the Earth before I’d have flown off !! Ha ha, later we had a good laugh about it 😀

The Shaktipath that changed my life

The sudden shift occurring in my life for 4 years had led me to explore meditations, healing etc. and hundreds of questions had erupted in my mind. Anxiety and restlessness were at their peak… Undigested knowledge was swarming all around me and I was trying to find the answers through different paths. I was having insights intuitively yet practically things were so different around me. All I knew that Mohanji was my sole guide, my sole refuge, and the one person I could trust completely in this world.

Whichever path I’d explore, I would find Him there J That gave me immense peace… With Him I felt, and still feel 😀 like a little baby sitting in God’s lap knowing everything is safe.  I had begun to realise slowly that He is my source. The source which had been guiding me since birth, since much before I met Him in this life.

Before Mohanji was due to come to Delhi in 2010, I had a filled notebook ready with questions in it 🙂 ( Yes, an entire notebook of only questions that I needed to ask Mohanji. )

POP in Delhi, Aug 2011

He asked me not to worry and that all will be answered. I was running late for the meditation and couldn’t find the venue, but found Mohanji himself standing outside instead. A big hug was due 😀 The meditation didn’t go as expected. I just couldn’t concentrate and kept feeling like vomiting. My whole spine was burning and I couldn’t sit straight. It didn’t feel that great that I got to attend Power of Purity in My Master’s presence after so many months and could hardly even meditate!! Oh well, one had to move on from that.

(It was only months later that I understood the vomiting sensations were the divine Father cleansing out all unnecessary data & useless questions from my system. The burning spine was strengthening the center of my body.)

I was asked to be the last one to get Shaktipath and just couldn’t hide my joy of being with Mohanji. Even a smile, a glance of the Master is Shaktipath, the transfer of Divine energy. Just being in His presence, getting His physical Darshan, thinking of Him.. is completely transformative. During the meditation and Shaktipath, my perpetual ear to ear grin make me look like a lunatic but in front of Mohanji , the inner self just shines through! All I remember while receiving this particular Shaktipath was that I had no thoughts at all… I just felt one with Him completely. The moment Father put His thumb on my forehead, I felt like a small white ball of light entering my third eye down through my head and dissolving inside completely. Every pore of my skin felt like a sponge soaking it in. I still get the chills when I recollect how tangibly I felt the three-dimensional ball going inside me… as though my third eye had an opening or it ate the white ball. I instantly opened my eyes after Shaktipath and exclaimed, “Mohanji! What was THAT?? :O’’ He had the biggest smile and hugged me tightly!! I was shaking and was asked to drink some water. A great experience, the effects of which the forthcoming months would tell!

In just 1-2 days, unimaginable peace soaked every layer of my being. Peace that was only a word till now had become a state. I would look at myself in the mirror and all I could see, feel, eat, taste, sense was God. There was only God,  and it felt nothing like the definition of any form of God that I had ever read. It was truly an experience. This detached me greatly from  a lot of unnecessary emotions, superficial relationships, any anxiety, undigested knowledge. I was drenched with peace and silence. While practising Power of Purity meditation alone during this phase I could go into blissful states. During one experience, I found myself rising up.. sitting a little above my head, with my body beneath… even a brief, millisecond communion with the higher self was completely fulfilling. This was ALL Mohanji. Only His grace. He sent me into complete “Beingness” mode. True connection to your spirit was silence, love, nothingness. He ensured I had a glimpse of that as an experience rather than read the big words. That Shaktipath had silenced and left me almost thoughtless for a month.

I’d like to share another Shaktipath experience which was completely beyond words. After getting connected to Mohanji’s consciousness, there was a downpour of tremendous spiritual energy. My root wasn’t so strong to handle that and I was totally jumping around from one thing to another. It was only Father’s non physical guidance which made me truly pray to Mohanji/God and yearn for stability. Master, never interfering in one’s free will, allowed me to experience all of that. And to be honest, I was still using my mind more and only surrendering to Mohanji out of helplessness. Only when I surrendered my free will to Him completely, did He take over. During meditation, a single spontaneous Shaktipath blasted off my root chakra completely… A huge surge of energy rushed to the base.. and it made my root empty. It was followed by intense waves of white energy. Like all oxygen has been taken out from your lungs and you’re pulling in oxyen from the tank, my root was pulling in fresh energy from Mohanji’s hand through my third eye!!! I felt a big vacuum. I felt breathless!! But not from my lungs. Mohanji was holding my arm, making me stable and that was the only thing that kept me going during that intense Shaktipath. This Shaktipath was PURE GRACE of the Master. The insights, stability, peace, sound mindedness I’ve experienced since then has changed me for the rest of my life.

A state of awe!

This year I visited a blissful holy place in the hills. It was so calm and joy was enveloping my being completely. I was hopping around here and there clicking pictures. Lord Datta and Mohanji’s consciousness was felt everywhere! While walking ahead from the riverside, the driver who was with us yelled out, “Snake! A BIG yellowish-green snake was just here, next to the river! Thank God you moved away from there Madam.” On my way back I happened to talk to Mohanji. I was telling Him how completely I loved the divine place and felt Him everywhere! He giggled knowingly and said.. “Yeah.. 🙂 Did you see a big snake there?’”
Sometimes while pressing His feet (a common gesture in India to show love for your Father) His skin texture turns ‘scaly’ I’ve actually felt the textures of His feet changed in seconds, one foot being totally different from the other. It’s our Master operating in other dimensions appearing in various forms. One of which was given as Darshan to me in the hills.


The subtly of His physical form reminds me of the first time I got our Divine Father ‘s Darshan. The strongest waves of “Peace” around Him made me feel as if I’m entering into a zone or a bubble where the air is different. The air was wavy with a mesmerizing fragrance… sublime! But well, that has to be another blog altogether J In fact, every day is a miracle after meeting Mohanji. May His blessings help us See, Understand and Digest His grace even more and share it for the benefit of all.

Aum Mohanji Namah

With love and gratitude

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