Loving the Highest

Loving the Highest

Written by Biljana Vozarevic


Mohanji’s so broad and vast, having „customized“ approach for each person. With His perception, insight,  like with x-rays He can see through you and work on you in the way that you can understand and grow. He will not impose his way, rituals or terminology. He will use your map of the world, not His and guide you there. He doesn’t need His own map as He is ONE WITH ALL maps, one with all. He knows how you breathe, how you think and how you can progress or benefit the world. Yet, He will not interfere in the life lessons you have to learn. He will not spoil His children. If you are close to Him physically, you may be disappointed as He may shatter all your concepts about yourself, or the situation you are in or want to be in. He will crack the toughest shells of your shield you use for the world. He won’t let you be meek. He won’t let you be weak. He says He is holding you but you have to go through the cleansing process yourself. And it is far from being in the comfort zone. He just takes out of you the fear about that. If you are thirsty for the higher, if you aspire and have the intention for eternal peace and bliss, He echoes you amplifying hundred times what you radiate. He mirrors you, but giving you the reflection of yourself with much better resolution than your own eyes can perceive. If you blossom in love, He will respond with three fields of blossoming love.

I feel even „experiences“ are sensations. Some fantastic experience is not what I long for. I’m not interested in miracles attractive for my biography. If I’m subtle enough, they will happen, and I’ll feel them, recognize them and be grateful for them. Eligibility is what attracts things, people or even a master to you. Even a master through signs, situations and life lessons.


Describing a miracle is like defining a wavelike experience using bricks of words. Deterioration of the authentic subtle truth happens. Misunderstanding may happen. I’ll avoid it now. Yet, these tiny sparkles of my inner world I tend to express through verses. As delicate as they are, only a poem may catch them.

To my Dearest

From a God Lover


I’m talking to You, my amplifying mirror,

my improver, sharpener, honer,

mind cultivator and ego chopper

my wound healer and love booster.

Dear Everything and Everywhere,

I’m Yours

I cannot escape anywhere

where You are not

I cannot feel anything

that You do not know


Dear All-knowing Source,

I’m Yours

guide me

protect me

dissolve me

into You



I love to know

that You know

how this heart beats

how this breath breathes


You’re alive in me

You breathe through me

I feel You inside me

and outside me


I feel your silence within

I feel your vastness

You’re a listener

such a good listener

Do you hear my sound

sound of the presence

soul is watching

being’s pulsating

see me melting

body is trembling

throat is jumping

no, I’m not choking

love is soaking

Whatever seed you put into me,

I’ll give birth to it.

Let me be so pure

that you can express through me

let my love endure

the challenges of how to be


Please make me worthy of your grace

let my love sustains turbulence

let me closely follow your pace

You decide about my life’s trace


Whatever You put into me

I’ll give birth to it

Whether thought word or action

I’ll do it with passion


Though I may not be proficient

I can be fast and efficient


Your wish is my command

Love itself is where I stand


Loving you more each next day

regardless of what others say


Merged with you I am no doubt

high and loud I can shout


When I penetrate to depth

I feel for us there’s no death


You and I are ever one

do what is yet to be done


Perpetual omnipresence

I merge with your essence


Living through me I’m alive

silence within’s what I strive


Wherever I go you’re there

protecting when life’s unfair


Thank You, darling, while I serve

You give me what I deserve


Let oneness with You remain

in the sun, storm, or in rain


What Your love expands in me

just watch and You will see



What is worth posting here

love expressions without fear 🙂


7 thoughts on “Loving the Highest”

  1. Thanks for sharing. This is the simplistic way I understand. Mohanji certainly knows that about me, and as you say, know us all inside and out. There’s nowhere to hide, and there’s no space for comfort zones. The lessons continue and will continue until we become One with all and know our Self absolutely. We’re very blessed, and very silly to think this path is easy!! Thanks Bilja, our sister!

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