Grace at the Bosnian Pyramids

Predrag Dobrović.jpgWritten by Predrag Dobrović (Serbia)

How to describe the indescribable? How can God’s grace be conveyed on paper or in electrons? This is an attempt to catch a glimpse of the grace that I felt, if that is possible.

I was not willing to go to the Bosnian Pyramids. But, Alexandra, my life partner, had a different view. Thanks to her persistence, I found myself on the bus to Sarajevo. In the past few months before the retreat, I had been haunted by disturbing pictures, where people that I love and respect had suffered terribly. During the retreat, it was so difficult to handle it that I could not stand it anymore. I decided to leave the retreat and go back home.

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I went to Hana to apologise to her for the decision I had made. But, seeing what was happening, she asked me to stay. Her warm hand and a look full of love started my cleansing. Though my whole body was cramping in waves and the tears were flowing like a waterfall. Almost at the same moment, beings of light came into my room. All of our teachers were there. The ones who, all these years with the warmth in their hearts and smiles on their faces, had been giving Shaktipats and answering every question, and asking nothing in return. With their full attention, love and gentle humour, they helped me to calm down. They explained to me that I was going through the process of cleansing and that if I left now, I would prevent that and would be permanently “cemented”. Being in heaven, only surrounded by women, I accepted the obvious situation. No matter how hard it was, I had to stay.

Of course, our beloved Mohanji knew what was going on with me. The next morning, I went to talk with our dear Father “one to one”. Surrounded by divine peace, he listened to me and said that those pictures which haunted me were from my previous lives, and they were here so that I could understand it and not because I should suffer. From that moment, it seemed as if the light came into my life. I was able to see. I saw the things that I had never seen before. At any time, someone was there to help me – at Yoga class, at the row to the pyramid to push me ahead, to give me a napkin, to lighten up the space with humour, to illuminate the heart with its warm look, to share their experience…

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Bearing in mind that the hardest part had gone, I was walking in the row to the Pyramid of the Moon. At that moment, I did not realize that I was given a strawberry to boost my energy by my Master. Oh, it was exactly what I needed that day! I climbed up to the top like a chamois, without feeling tired. Since we comfortably settled down in a small orchard, we started with mantras. A few minutes later it started all over again – waving body cramps and tears. All around me, I heard sobbing, moaning… – the releasing of all unnecessary baggage. My beloved Guru approached me and while massaging my back he told me to let go. He went to all those who needed help. At the same moment, all our other teachers started to help everyone who was in need. Shaktipats had such a beneficial effect. They reached everyone not just once but several times. The love they transmitted at that moment is indescribable. It can only be experienced. Then, someone started to laugh. I was lightened up by the light in the shadow of a tree. Only after Conscious Walking, effects of mantra started to decrease.

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Afterwards, the grace of Shaktipat was followed by our beloved Guru Mohanji and Jan Esman – two Shaktipats from two Gurus. A little grain of sand received God’s grace. There was nothing I had done to be eligible to deserve that – the divine unconditional love. After each Shaktipat, I was additionally cleansed. I could hardly walk. Others were going through their own cleansings as well. Yet, someone was always there to help you to go through the process. Thank you. The most touching moment was when Guru was giving Shaktipat to the other Guru. There was so much tenderness and love at that moment. The aarati, that followed afterward, was too short for all those who wanted to connect with the consciousness of the Master. Then, during the blessings, we were all kneeling in front of God in two bodies, two Gurus. At that moment, I cannot explain better, I felt God. Again I started to cleanse myself immersed in tears and gratitude.


There is one more experience that I would like to share.

This lasted throughout each day of the retreat and culminated during my return home. Slowly, very slowly, I began to feel the presence of a person. Her presence was always there, at lunchtime, in the conference hall during the talks with our Teacher, during the walks on the pyramids. The conversations were always pleasant, easy and gentle, and sprinkled with flowers. The pleasant connection could be felt there. Once, while she was clearly upset, in tears, and asking our Guru questions, I felt a deep urge to help her and protect her. I had come to the pyramids to have a spiritual experience and I would experience the romantic one? The last day on the bus, at the border, she got sick. Besides all those healers around her, she called me. I can move my furniture, chop wood, go shopping, but I have no knowledge about healing. I thank all our dear healers who helped her with their energies and love to overcome difficult moments of cleansing. In the moments of laughter, cramps and tears, Hana told us that Rosna had been my sister in a previous life. We had been alone and had a difficult life. This is where my worries and connection with her stems from.

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As our beloved Mohanji said, I will never be the same. I am more open and I feel lighter. I am happy that I can accept people as they are. Now, my meditations are cleaner and deeper. When the dark clouds come, they disappear much faster. I am immensely grateful to our beloved Gurus and all participants of the retreat for their love and light they spread upon all of us. I would like to thank my Alexandra for having faith in me when I did not. I am grateful to her for the love and strength with which she had guided me for years to accept the divinity.


Translated into English by Staša Mišić


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