My journey on the sacred path

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By Subhasree Thottungal

Mohanji, during the first release process, instead of any emotions coming out, I saw an amazing picture– a lotus flower and your face in the middle, then Maa Durga appeared sitting on a tiger in exactly the same way in middle of the lotus, then Maa Saraswati came with a Veena and finally Maa Kali. When am I supposed to release the blocked emotions? Why did I see this picture and then again why all the Goddesses?” This was my question to Mohanji while he was having his lunch before leaving for the airport on Sunday, 24th July 2016. Probably not the most appropriate time to bother him with the question. But I couldn’t resist the urge to ask him as this was puzzling me since the experience from the day before, on the 2nd day of our retreat.

The spontaneous answer came from Mohanji, “Because they were there! I called all of them during this process.” He looked at me. His eyes had the tremendous assurance for me. That was indeed a true experience, not any mind game! Oh how enlightening, just being in the proximity of the Guru brings all the truth in front, just like crystal clear water!

This was the experience during the weekend retreat with Mohanji in London from 22nd to 24th July, exactly one year since I first met Mohanji, a new birth for me in the spiritual path. I don’t hesitate to share my experience. With your permission, I take you down memory lane on the few important events since July 2015…

18th July 2015:

Hemant bhai and Mita were hosting a satsang with Mohanji at their residence and they had kindly invited us too. Hemant Bhai had mentioned about Mohanji a few times earlier and so we thought it will be a privilege to be part of the satsang. My husband, my two sons and I went there with a completely open mind. Mohanji arrived and after the welcome aarati, he took his seat. The atmosphere in the room was amazing, very pure, peaceful and full of love and devotion. Mohanji started answering our questions which were indeed very enlightening. Finally, it was time to leave. With an ailment in his right foot, Mohanji was walking with pain and so few people helped him get down the doorstep and inside the car while holding him very carefully. I was standing right behind a door and watching, and suddenly an elegant picture flashed in front of my eyes – this was as if the “panda padhiari” (priests of Puri Jagannath temple) were embracing the huge idol of Lord Shree Jagannath getting down the “baisi pahach” (22 steps) of the temple to get to his “Ratha” (Chariot).

An electric current ran through my body – what have I just seen! It was the day of “Rath Yatra” and I just got the visual of Lord Jagannath in the process of Rath yatra! Rath Yatra is the famous Chariot festival of Lord Jagannath of Puri, Odisha – my motherland. By flashing this picture before my eyes through Mohanji, what has my lord Jagannath indicated to me? I had no sense to react to this, the experience stayed with me since then.

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25th July 2015, Satsang at Retreat:

Mita informed me that on the last day of the retreat week, there will be a satsang that will be open to all. I was drawn to it. With some fear on how to travel there all alone, I started to drive. Just after few minutes, Hemant bhai called and said that two other ladies from a nearby place are travelling and I can join them! The path and journey to the satsang became easier and clearer. Reached Gilwell Park. Amazing peace and happiness in that place. Maybe it was the presence of the Guru! Satsang began. Sitting there in front and looking at Mohanji, his words came as a shower of peace and love. Received first ever Shaktipat from Mohanji. Just being around for few hours in the proximity of the Guru. There was an amazing feeling of transformation inside. Picture of the Jagannath visuals in Mohanji was crystal clear. Finally, I couldn’t restrict myself to mention about this previous week’s experience to Hemant Bhai. As soon as he heard this, he rushed to Mohanji and I followed him. Hemant Bhai narrated my experience to Mohanji. I then came to know that I am not alone to have such an experience. Many other people have similar visions. Some see Shiva, some see Hanuman, some see Sai Baba, and some see Jesus… …so on and so forth. The message was clear – a true guru is totally transparent so that you see the reflection of God in him.

How can I express my gratitude to have come in the proximity of such a Guru? Is it real that a Guru has come in my life!!

Guru Purnima Celebration in London– 8th Aug 2015:

Another opportunity came to meet Mohanji again and be part of an auspicious celebration of Guru Purnima. We all got the opportunity to sit and watch Mohanji and Devi performing the Havan and then be in the Satsang. Power of Purity meditation followed by bhajans and finally aarati to the Guru. A very sacred atmosphere filled with devotion and purity. It was my turn to offer the aarati. After I finished, Mohanji called me and said, “Translate the PoP meditation in Odiya and record in your voice.” He also called Vijay bhai standing nearby and told him to facilitate. I am just speechless to hear this. An instruction from the Guru on the day of Guru Purnima. What more can I ask for!! Do I really deserve this? Is this a dream?

Jan 2016, Palakkad, Kerala:

Annual holidays for a month in Dec-Jan t0 visit both our families in Odisha and Kerala. Ever since I have left my motherland Odisha, I visit the Jagannath temple, Puri, every time I visit Odisha. It is a ritual not to be missed. However, something happened this time and I missed the chance. Coming to my second home (my matrimonial home) in Palakkad, my mind would sometimes bother me, “Oh! I missed seeing Lord Jagannath”. But something would calmly assure me, “Don’t worry. Lord Jagannath is with you.” Holidays were nearly finishing. The new year 2016 had arrived. Time for returning to London was getting closer. My husband called Mohanji’s father who stays in Palakkad too. We had thought of paying them a visit. When we spoke on phone, Mohanji’s father said, “Mohanji is coming to Palakkad tomorrow evening. You can come and meet him.” This was the most powerful and elevating news that was least expected and a dream come true. That night before going to sleep, I sent Mohanji a message to confirm if I can come and meet him and the time.

Early in the morning, I felt as if I received a phone call and on receiving that, found Mohanji on the other side, who confirmed me a time period that I can go to his home and meet. Suddenly I woke up from sleep to realise that it was only a dream! I told my husband, who was leaving for London with my elder son that morning, about this. Later that morning, a message came from Mohanji, specifying the time, exactly what I received in the dream that morning! Finally, the time came. I went to Mohanji’s home with my mother in law and younger son. I was meeting Mohanji once again! A clear message flashed inside. Even though I missed going to Jagannath temple in Puri, Jagannath came to me to give the darshan! Tears came in my eyes. Tears of love and gratitude. Oh my God! You have been so kind to me, it’s just unbelievable! I had no doubt whatsoever in my mind anymore. I had now realised what Mohanji meant to me and what his reality was!

5th – 6th May 2016, London:

I had been waiting eagerly to meet Mohanji again. He was coming to London for the inauguration of the Garuda Murti in Skandavale temple, Wales. We met on 5th May when the satsang happened. The convoy was travelling to Skandavale the next morning. I was still wondering whether I would be able to go. Not being a great planner, I had, of course,  missed booking myself in the convoy. I hoped that we could just book a place the day before and go there. But alas, all bed and breakfast nearby were booked. I accepted and calmed my mind that, maybe, I was not meant to go there. If it was meant to be, then I would go. An hour later, Hemant bhai called. Someone from the convoy had to cancel. So there was indeed one place available for me to join the next morning! The message was crystal clear. Every call from inside is getting heard and answered!

What an experience over the next couple of days. Being around Mohanji, travelling to Skandavale, sharing auspicious moments of being in the Shakti temple, the Havan and finally the Garuda Prana Pratistha. Those hours were no less than being in the heaven, being with God himself! Even though I had been standing & walking for a long time, trekking up the hills, there was no impact on my rheumatoid arthritis affected feet the next morning. The pain had vanished! After the morning puja at the Ranganath temple, we met Mohanji again and started our return journey to London.

We bid farewell to Mohanji at the airport with a message that we will be eagerly waiting for him to return to London in July! Only His physical body has gone far from London, the eternal Mohanji is in thoughts 24/7!

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6th July 2016:

In the morning, I browsed through Mohanji’s Facebook messages. As usual, I  landed up on Mohanji Gayatri mantra on YouTube and started playing it over and over again. Then, I moved on to one mantra after another sung by Mohanji. Finally, when the alarm rang for my son’s school time, I realised it had been more than an hour! Not usual. What’s so special today? Anyway, I brushed the thought aside and got busy in my normal routines and the day passed by. With my ailment, the fatigue was a bit more that day. In the evening, my husband reminded me about going for the PoP meditation. I woke up, took the phone in hand and saw a new mail. Could it be the mail that I had been eagerly waiting for the past few days? Yes, indeed it was! There was a mail from the Consciousness Kriya team approving my application for initiation to Kriya by Mohanji. Suddenly my fatigue vanished and a gush of energy rushed in. This was overwhelming because I had left the decision quietly to my Guruji. To decide if I was eligible and ready to receive the Kriya from him or not. So this approval was a clear signal for me. Could I be any more fortunate?

5 minutes later, I was at the hall for meditation. Rajshree offered me to light the lamp in front of Mohanji’s photo. Oh, how lucky I am. I got the opportunity to offer aarati to Mohanji before the meditation. Indeed, a lucky day. I offered my thanks silently for approving me for Kriya. I sat on the chair ready for meditation. As soon as I closed my eyes, Mohanji’s face flashed and suddenly remembered – TODAY is Jagannath Rath yatra. This day last year, I met Mohanji for the first time. And then the events from the morning became very clear – singing through Mohanji’s mantras on Jagannath’s Rath yatra day, receiving the Kriya approval mail and the opportunity to light the lamp – all became very clear. Oh, my God, you are indeed with me all the time, in the form of my Guru! Tears kept running through, no binding but those were tears of joy and love of the realisation of my closeness to him! How can I express my gratitude for showering so much love on me?

Finally, the much awaited time came – 19th July to 24th July – Guru Purnima with Guruji, Kriya initiation and Retreat.

I have been showered with the love and blessing of Mohanji. Life is in bliss and only a path of white light that leads to the HOME – the journey from the womb to the womb has begun!

Jai Mohanji!


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  2. Loved your blog Shubhashree. It is amazing how Mohanji’s presence has impacted your life for the best. I have experienced that Mohanji always answers my questions I ask My guru. I always feel directed to read an exact paragraph from Mohanji’s writings to get my answers. Even sometimes I don’t realise that I have a confusion about something, but Mohanji’s writing just appears in my awareness and I receive my answers.
    I never met Mohanji physically. But I feel an undeniable influence of him enhancing my own connection to my own guru!!!
    Such a blessing to have a beautiful, loving family like this where your husband and children are also traveling the same spiritual path.
    Love and blessings. 🙏🏽🙏🏽
    Pranam s to Mohanji 🌺
    Thank you for sharing.
    Sujata 😍

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