Great Miracles at Merudanda Temple

The Merudanda Ashram, situated in Durban, South Africa is a small but growing temple dedicated to the Divine. The principle deity is our Guru, Shree Rajayogi Mohanji.
The temple is a place where everyone is welcome, irrespective of caste, color, race, religion or gender etc. In the eyes of the Divine we are all one, we are all eternal beings of light.
The temple is blessed with the presence of many deities and we will be installing deities in rare forms. Soon we will be welcoming Shree Mahamritunjaya, Shree Bagalamuki and Lord Bhairav to the temple. The temple has been blessed by Shree Mohanji to be a shakti-Stanam, a seat of Divine energy or a power center. This can be felt as soon as you enter the temple.
The temple is based at 4 Luton Place, Westville North, Durban, South Africa.
We have a mediation session at 6:30pm every Tuesday, plus many other programs time to time and all are welcome to attend.

Great Miracles at Merudanda Temple

Written by Yashik Singh

Mohanji promised during the opening of Merudanda Ashram that he would always live at the ashram. He publicly promised that this was now one of his seats of energy, and that he would never leave Merudanda. Mohanji also promised that Merudanda would be a place of spiritual, emotional and physical healing and importantly, that his presence would always be felt there. A promise from such a highly evolved Siddha, equal to Shree Bhagawan Datta himself, cannot go unfulfilled.…right?

Mohanji in the Merudanda ashram

Undoubtedly, I feel his presence at the ashram. While doing the morning Arathi I get the feeling of someone walking around the temple. During Power of Purity meditations, I feel Mohanji standing just outside the shrine, looking at us. Whenever a puja is done, I literally feel his body heat in front of me. There are countless times I feel his hand on my head, even the sensation of my hair being pressed down. And of course when I shirk my responsibilities I feel him towering over me and pretending to scold me lol….pretend or not…. That always gets me out of my comfort zone and working again hahaha.

But there has always been a question that I have asked myself and I am sure many other people have asked about these experiences. Is it real? Are these genuine experiences? Or is Yashik just mad, or obsessed, or many of the other colorful words I have been called lol!! Is it an overactive imagination, or is it an overactive Guru? And Mohanji must be really really active and operating in a much higher dimension to be everywhere, and most times simultaneously.

Well… let’s see… I remember Swami Vivekananda writing about such a question that was posed to Paramahamsa Shri Ramakrishna, and since he is a part of our tradition, I think his response will be valuable. Someone asked Shri Ramakrishna what guarantee is there, that what he experiences with Mother Kali is real. Like Mohanji, she was being experienced everywhere in Dakshineshwar. Like a child he ran to her in the shrine and asked her. And she replied to him.

Simply she said, “If it is your imagination there will be no change in you. If it is real, there is a fast noticeable change in you.” No one can doubt the change that devotees who visit the ashram regularly have undergone. I have been told that even family members have said that they have changed so much, that their character is hardly recognisable. I also feel a change in me, one that is very difficult to describe, but I can feel it in my gut. So ….. Is there a permanent change to validate the “MohanJi experience”….that’s a BIG YES.

Mohanji. Merudanda ashram

But sometimes the mind needs something more physical. Well, as Mohanji says, “I always do my job”, he gave this proof too. Normally (if I’m feeling well and I wasn’t naughty and slept too late), I get out of bed early to bathe and to wake Mohanji in the Ashram up with the morning arthi and some chanting (His poor ears lol). One day, I was just too tired to wake up, and I decided to sleep in a bit. I was just about to fall off to sleep and the house alarm was set off. I went to look at the keypad to see which zone was activated and I noticed that it was the shrine. I waited a few minutes to see if the sensor light stopped flickering, just in case it was an insect that triggered the alarm. The light stopped flickering and then started flickering again for a while. Clearly someone is in the shrine, walking around, probably there to steal the donation box!! I pressed the panic and the security was summoned.

I peeped outside and then stood outside to make sure that no one leaved the temple. The armed response came and the security guard (is that the correct name for those brave men) was ready to apprehend the criminal. With one hand over his firearm, I opened the shrine door………….and no one was there!!!! No one could have left, I was watching and the light on the keypad definitely proved someone was walking in there. Anyway I gave a quick thank you and an apology to the armed response agent (sounds better ), and continued my day.

While fast asleep the next morning, the alarm rings again….. there is movement in the shrine. Suddenly I realized that both times the alarm ran at 4:15am….the time I normally try to get out of bed. I checked, and no one was in the shrine. The next day the alarm ran at exactly 4:15am again!! And this continued for an entire week….no beauty sleep for me!!

Eventually I messaged Mohanji and told him what was happening. He laughed and said that this was him walking in the shrine!! He jokingly said he knew he was waking me up early, but he would be subtler and would not trigger off the alarm in the morning. The next morning came……and the alarm was not triggered off!! Since then it has not been triggered off by the sensors in the shrine. So it was most definitely Mohanji walking in the shrine in the mornings!! This is absolutely amazing if you think about it. It means that the body he chose to walk in the shrine during that time, had physical properties that could trigger off the alarm sensor!! So NO! This all is not my imagination!! Here is physical proof!!

And just for the skeptics, he again showed a physical manifestation of his presence at Merudanda. I started to notice drops of water around the temple floor, and my whole asana (the seat I sit on when I pray) was becoming wet. There were no leaks anywhere, no signs of dampness, so where was the water coming from!?

Water though there is no leaking

I started to notice the water stain starting at the bottom of my asana moving up. So I said in my mind, that if this is something that Mohanji is doing, I would like to see the water stain moving from the top of the asana going down……..and the next day that happened!! After asking Mohanji, he confirmed that this was him. He was sprinkling amrith, the divine nectar, his holy thirtha water, in the shrine!! This has very highly powerful cleaning and purifying properties. He was keeping his space clean! Again, physical evidence that you can perceive!!

So in summary, IT IS NOT MY IMAGINATION, IT IS MOHANJI…..(and yes that means I am not mad lol). He is always present at Merudanda, always giving his blessings to everyone who comes to visit him.

Mohanji is unassuming and in his own words like to “play the fool” so that many gets disillusioned and will run away. As he says, “Those with faith will understand and stay. I shake the tree a lot. Many leaves are bound to fall, drop and disappear. Let them. Those who are deeply connected to the tree will stay. I take full responsibility of them.” Many people gets distracted by Mohanji’s unassuming, friendly and child-like existence. They fail to see the deep Siddha sitting inside this seeming facade. Mohanji said “More people will know me after I leave this body. Then, there will be many regrets. Just watch”.

Merudanda is Mohanji. Mohanji is Merudanda. We remain in service to both in one….

Mohanji with Yashik Singh who maintains Merudanda ashram in Durban
Mohanji and Yashik, picture taken while Mohanji was in South Africa in September 2013

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