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Written by a BTW member who requested to stay anonymous

I am Irrelevant

I have been connected to Mohanji for a couple of years now and have stayed close to him.  There is no decision I make without first consulting him energetically or in person.  I trust him completely and wholeheartedly.  However, I constantly struggle with the true meaning of Surrender.

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I have been through various stages of “surrendering” to Mohanji.  First  I used to say that I was surrendering, and meant to surrender, but I was always engaged in trying to control the outcome.  This was quite perplexing when things didn’t go my way.  I then graduated to surrendering the problem to him and trying to work out all the potential outcomes and preparing myself to accept any one of those outcomes.  Of course, in typical Mohanji style, the final outcome would most likely be the one that I had not thought of at all :). I also had another conflict. The saying, if you do your best God will do the rest is ingrained in my memory.  So what is my part? How far should I go? Is this the best I can do?… The mind was working overtime challenging me. I had a case of analysis paralysis. Until…..

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One day I had a casual conversation with Sumit.  In the conversation he said, ”Didi…the way I operate…with Mohanji…I am irrelevant”… He repeated this multiple times during the course of the conversation.  Although I didn’t make much of it at that time, I casually started to apply the principle of “I am irrelevant” to my everyday activities.  This completely changed my perspective on everything.  I stopped sweating the small stuff and everything seemed like small stuff.  Praises and Kudos didn’t get to my head neither did snide remarks…..because….


This, my dear friends, is the most liberating feeling. I encourage everyone to practice this and surrender will happen naturally.


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  1. Its a beautiful and encouraging message. The struggle with the mind is one we all know all too well. The silly doubts, depressions, feelings of unworthiness etc etc is all the lies that the mind keep whispering in our ears. I’ve also taking a firm hold on the thought-porcesses, and I’m deciding from now on, what I’ll allow into this chamber called ‘mind’. It is indeed a process, and a journey of stumbling and getting up, stumbling and getting up, but I find that the more I remain in the knowledge that ‘I am that’, there is improvement taking place. Patience is required and it reminds me of this words: “In His time He makes everything beautiful, in His time.”

  2. Sai Ram. This is my struggle too. Understanding the true surrender, though I am sure my Baba accepts me every way and every time. This is an overactive mind.

  3. How incredibly inspiring. Maya Ma wraps us in a veil of duality. Mind forgets the good & terrible karma’s of past lives. Ego wraps up in useless feeling of superiority making us forget who we are. Atma, eternal fearless 🙇🌺

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