Smelling the Unseen… Miracle of Sathya Sai Baba

Written by Naresh Sharma
Naresh Sharma
Four years ago, I was online searching for something about Mahavatar Babaji, when my search led me to a blog of a gentleman then named Mohan. I read with great interest his stories which were simple yet impactful. I even copied all blogs to a word file so I could read it while travelling.
Mohanji close-up
Four years later I was again searching for something regarding Sri Sathya Sai Baba, and I was led once again to the same gentleman, now known as Mohanji. His words, as ever were simple yet penetrated the confusions of the doubting mind and hit home.
A few months ago, something drastic happened in my life for which I desperately sought understanding. My mind would often go to Mohanji and I wondered if I could meet Him. Something led me to His website and therein to my surprise I found that He was no longer travelling abroad but was currently in Delhi, India.  I made plans to go there, yet I wasn’t sure about travelling all the way, as I was already travelling a lot and also had plans to visit Arunachala.
So imagine my surprise when a few days later when I checked His website I found that Mohanji planned to visit Arunachala for a few days. Perhaps it was meant to be. I was carrying within me a lot of pain and confusion and was desperately seeking answers. I met Mohanji twice in the Ramana Ashram. The first time we met, at one point Mohanji who was walking ahead stopped, looked back and said, “ Naresh – Remember : In this place – Ask nothing, expect nothing , Keep stillness!”
I did not get the answers I sought. Perhaps I got what I needed.
A few days later I got another opportunity to meet Mohanji in Bangalore. We had wonderful satsangs here, with Mohanji answering patiently many questions posed by sincere seekers.
I am writing this note to share an interesting experience that happened while I was with Him. I had the good fortune of joining Mohanji when he went to visit Devi Amma in Whitefield.
Mohanji and Devi Amma in Whitefield
After the visit we all started for the Brindavan ashram of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, much to my delight. I have had the good fortune of serving in Swami’s residence in Brindavan and consider it my spiritual home.
Swami's padukas in our mandir...May Sai bless you always...
Swami’s padukas in our mandir…May Sai bless you always…
When we reached there, I went to meet a certain member of the administration to seek permission to take Mohanji inside Swami’s residential campus. My contact there told me that he was at a meeting and would be out in a few minutes. It took longer then a few minutes. While I was waiting anxiously, I decided to practise what Mohanji had spoken about the previous evening – To be objective – To be a witness. So I thought to myself,  “ Swami, Mohanji is Your guest. I am only trying to do good. Why must I be anxious!”. And so I let go and went towards Mohanji. After we had looked through the darshan hall, I suggested we go towards the gate of Swami’s residence from where we could see His dwelling place.
We moved towards the gate. All of us paid our respects. Mohanji seemed content to be where He was and as we were walking back, Mohanji was telling me something when it happened! A sweet divine fragrance invaded my senses. This was no ordinary fragrance; I was very familiar with it. It was the fragrance unique to Swami. I was stunned and turned 360 degrees to find the source. I saw nothing. I looked at Mohanji and said, “ Mohanji, I just felt the presence of Swami through His fragrance.”
Mohanji was not surprised, but smiled at me and said, “ Keep your awareness, you will smell it again!” I doubted that; not because I did not believe in Mohanji, but because I was so excited, that I felt in my excitement I would not be able to register the subtle grace in form of the fragrance even if it were to come again. We continued talking and moving out of the ashram. As we stood by the gate speaking with Mohanji, I mentioned how I had tried to connect with a Sai brother to help us go inside the gate to Swami’s house. Mohanji said it was unnecessary as He felt the presence of Swami all along. It was then that again the same divine fragrance of Swami filled my senses. As I registered shock on my face, Mohanji smiled.
“ I smelled it again” I said.
“I know.” Said Mohanji. “ Swami has been with us all the while, that is why I told you that you would smell it again.”
Loving Sairam!

7 thoughts on “Smelling the Unseen… Miracle of Sathya Sai Baba”

    1. This brought tears. Mohanji is essence of humility. I love baba and the dignity With which mohanji conducted himself around baba made me love Mohanji more.

  1. Sairam, great to read this. I too have connected to Mohanji through his blogs and writings. Lucid explanation of some things makes me read everything that carries his name and photo.

  2. I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days with Mohanji when he made a visit to Malaysia. I too had a wonderful experience with him at a Sai centre in the presence of Baba’s energy field. Mohanji is the real deal and his purity will disarm anybody. My partner and i instantly fell in love with him upon meeting him. I believe such things only happen when in the presence of a living master.

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