Hanumanji’s Blessing

Written by Smriti Mathur

Smriti Mathur

The lofty Himalayas and their lore have since very long  enchanted my whole being. I may live in any part of the world but my heart dwells amidst the rugged topography of the mighty Himalayas which I believe are the holiest of places and thrived by the live presence of many immortal saints. Revered Guruji Mohanji was on his visit to Rishikesh located at the foothills of Himalayas on the day of Janmashtami to perform ‘shraddh’ of his beloved daughter Ammu. I had not known this before. As per my regular habit of keeping in touch wih Guruji on messenger, I conveyed him Janmashtami greetings. Within a few moments he replied that he was in Rishikesh. I felt great about it, firstly because Guruji shared with me, kind of a personal information regarding his whereabouts, and secondly because he was at Rishikesh, my most favourite of all places. (Since my in-laws house is in Dehradun, I visit Rishikesh almost every time I go there).

For the past few days I had been motivating one of my cousin sisters, who lives in Dehradun to follow the path of Mohanji. She was experiencing certain turbulence in her life. So as soon as I came to know that Mohanji was in Rishikesh, I immediately conveyed it to her. She was extremely fortunate and blessed to have a chance to connect with him. How my cousin felt being on cloud nine that day and how her life changed after that, is another story. Coming back to my own, a few days later I noticed a post on facebook in which Mr Rajesh Kamath who had accompanied Guruji to Rishiksh, had  written a recount of their visit. I was awestruck at the divine incidents which took place in Rishikesh including the physical presence of Hanumanji and Shirdi Sai Baba. I saved the image of Hanumanji which was uploaded in the article on my mobile phone so that I could have ‘darshans’ whenever I wanted to. The same night I got an idea of singing Hanuman Chalisa looking straight at the image that I had saved on my phone. I did that with quite a devotion. The next morning again I did the same. I was also telling Hanumanji that since we all have such different images of his physical form, it’s hard to believe what he was looking like, and prayed to him to help me with that.

Hanumanji on Ram Jhula


As I continued looking at him, I saw his face changing forms and ultimately taking the form of his ‘Vaanar roop’ – the monkey form.

Suddenly a very strong cool minty feeling covered me in my mouth, in my head, up to the back throat cervical region. It was as if I had consumed a large quantity of mint. The feeling stayed with me continuously for at least a couple of days and whenever I ate anything , there was no other taste other than that of mint. Hanumanji sure had blessed me. I wrote this experience to Guruji Mohanji and asked him of what that minty feeling was. In his reply he kind of scolded me for why I needed to ask that question at all, wasn’t it a confirmation anyway! Along with this he also sent his love. My joy knew no bounds after receiving validation from the one who was clearly behind this miracle experience. My heart overflowed with reverence and gratitude to the one with ‘ashta siddhi nav nidhi’ and to our respected omniscient, omnipresent, incomprehensible gurudev Mohanji .


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  2. Smiriti you teach me a great lesson about understanding that the immortal Superbeing are with us daily.such faith such darshan bhenji. Will not forget it. Yes our Beloved Babaji Mohanji is omniscient and omnipresent. Are we not incredibly blessed to meet the Supreme Consciousness in this lifetime. Thank you again

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