When the Time is Right

Written by Riana Gaspar


I would like to share a little story which started in Khumba Mela.
I was sitting across Mohanji in the TukTuk leaving the temple of Saturn.

I told him I struggle to feel and understand the relationship between Sai Baba and Sathaya Sai.  He smiled and with a small nod of his head he said not to worry I was not ready and would soon understand.   Just two days later, I received, out of the blue, a book from a friend called “The Divine Life” which brought much clarity.

On Saturday at the Datta Tapovan Ashram during a celebration for Mohanji, I showed a picture of Mohanji’s biggest devotee, my cat Garfield, who loves sitting in the temple at home, on my cellphone to other devotees.
I went into total shock when I suddenly observed a face form on the picture of Mohanji.

As Mohanji said – I will know when the time is right.

I wish to share this photo with all of you – with love Riana   IMG-20151123-WA0003

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  1. Dear Riana, Thank you for sharing and happy hearing from you after long. Time always play a big role in life. Keep flowing and hope to meet in some shores again. God Bless you always. Love from both of us.

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