Pure Love Sent You To Me

Written by Biljana Vozarevic

The Power of Purity meditation in Budapest, Hungary

Meditation Power of Purity in Budapest, Hungary 7Nov2015

It was a beautiful sunny day after the morning autumn fog. During our travel to Budapest by van Eva O. and I spontaneously started conversation with our travel-mates and through the topic of Yoga, one of them, a young fellow asked me more about the energy movement though the body, then we came to the spine and cleansing the energy channels – especially one thin line that goes through the spine. We continued about the selfless service and Yoga sessions or Power of Purity meditation as ways of cleansing and increasing energy. He had already read about energy channels in our body and was enthusiastic to attend Power of Purity meditation in Belgrade where he could be given energy transfer by an initiate. It is Jelena Jovic now. It is safe and compatible with any spiritual practice or activity one does. One receives as much energy as is optimal at the moment of transfer. The fellow’s friend, another travel-mate was also into this subject. There was some beautiful synchronicity and energy match during our travel.
Having arrived in Budapest, we were welcomed by Ágnes H. in her Yoga studio ’’Beauty Angel“, Timur Utca 53. She said, ’’The Pure Love itself brought you to me!“ Adding that we brought into her studio some beautiful energy. While we were drinking pomegranade tea we were chatting about POP meditation, Mohanji, Conscious Walking, Hungarian language, etc… I can’t speak Hungarian, but Eva compassinately translated to me how they discussed a sweet difference in accents that the Hungarians in Budapest have compared to Eva’s accent which she had learnt from her parents.
Ágnes mentioned how she introspected some feelings that came to her at the moment. She revealed them to us to show how self-observing works. She wanted to communicate in English as well, but she wasn’t able to, which created some hatred or resistance to the fact. She was so aware of it that she said how that feeling blocked the energy flow of abundant everpresent love into her. The moment she was aware of it, it disappeared and the energy and love continued flowing increasingly through her. It all happened in a few seconds, but it’s a great lesson we are familiar with in practice – to be aware of our thoughts, feelings, moods and take responsibility for them without owning them, but to consciously channel them with alert attention. That is why I am writing this here. It shows the level of awareness of a person who understands what true love is, and the person whom masters chose to be the host for the second Power of Purity meditation in Hungary, a month after the first one that took place in Piliscsaba.

Ágnes is a healer and heals through her Yoga sessions. Eva and I attended one and Ágnes was talking soothingly and lovingly all the time. Though I didn’t understand a word of Hungarian except ’’szeretem” (=to love) and ’’energia” (=energy) which she repeated very often. At the end of the session, I had a vision how I was just surrounded with an army of angels shouting compassionately at me, ”We love you Bilja!!!” My throat choked and tickled from sudden emotion of being strongly loved and protected. Even if this vision was my imagination, the feelings were absolutely real.
Eva and Ágnes are friends and with the blessing of this friendship and a lot of effort in translations and other preparation, the Power of Purity happened in Budapest. Special thanks to Eva O. who speaks English, Hungarian and Serbian and has dedicated her free time to make POP blossom in Hungary yesterday. Step by step will enable more and more Hungarians thirsty of higher vibrations and divine energy will attend our meditations, experience benefit, healing and uplifting transformation. Eva explained about the meditation, and introductory breathing and chanting. Participants were receptive during Shaktipat.
After the meditation, the meditants were taking out tissues to wipe tears and noses as the meditation had a cathartic effect on them. Everybody remained silent for some time, nobody felt like leaving. We remained in pregnant silence soaking in the energy that passed through us during Shaktipat which I facilitated. Everybody bathed in the new vibration, adjusting all body elements and mind to it. Eva was all in tears of bliss, relief and gratitude. I felt my heart being wide open and cuddly for the divine hug and melted in tears, too. The elevated state continued for some time on our way back home and gradually settled.
Masters’ grace was flowing immensely and was felt intensely. Our gratitude to Mohanji who gifts us with such love without boundaries.



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