My Life with Sai Baba

Written by Hema Teotia
SaibabaI prostrate at the lotus feet of Shri Sai Baba, whose Grace has granted me the joy of witnessing His delightful and breath-taking miracles in my life. With His Guidance, today I state my story which belongs to the realms that lie beyond the frontiers of human comprehension.
I am a staunch devotee of Sai Baba and have been connected to him for the last 5 years. However, over the last year, this bond has grown stronger. In Oct 2013, when I went to Shirdi, I was handed an idol of Sai Baba and a packet of vibhuti (ash) by an old man in white robe front of Chavadi (where Sai Baba used to sleep on alternate nights in Shirdi). He blessed me and left me standing surprised. Soon after this incident, turmeric appeared on the floor of my home and padukas in the temple.
After this miracle, I started feeling Baba’s presence more. My life changed when I began to see His physical form and talk to him. My family and I were in a state of perpetual bliss. One night, Sai Baba took me astrally to a dilapidated hut and informed me about my past life in Shirdi. Thereafter, Sai Baba has manifested his Grace on my house and my family. Only a few are listed below:
• He blessed me by manifesting a coin,
• The word ‘ALLAH’ was manifested on aarti plate with sacred vibhuti,
• He blessed me with a beautiful sacred cloth ‘chadar’ with flowers of His Samadhi in it,
• On the occasion of mahaparayan (chanting of Sai Baba’s name continuously) Baba showered his blessings by manifesting honey and vibhuti on a plate,
• Blessings in the form of sweet candy ‘mishri’ was also manifested on the aarti plate.

Advent of Mohanji in my Life

Sai Baba brought Mohanji into my life through a beautiful incident. In mid-2015, I went to my friend’s place, who is also a Sai Baba devotee. There I saw a photograph of a person, on her altar wall, which was so beautiful, so full of love and grace that it cannot be defined. I inquired from her about the person and she introduced me the person in the photograph as Mohanji. She informed me that He is a living master who is deeply connected to Sai Baba.

11893920_953697694687968_1937283210842173577_o(1)The moment I saw Mohanji, He touched my soul and I was drawn to him like bees get drawn to honey. My friend guided me to His facebook page. Thereafter, I read all his teachings, his blogs and gradually developed a deep feeling of love and respect for Mohanji.
One night, Sai Baba informed me about the depth of His connection with Mohanji. Although Sai Baba was aware of my sporadic online conversations with Mohanji, in a divine leela, He asked me about my feelings on being in touch with Mohanji. I gushed about the blissful mood I get into after talking to Mohanji due to His loving and compassionate nature, Sai Baba informed me that Mohanji would soon Grace my house with a visit. He instructed me to personally invite Mohanji to my house. having heard this, my heart was filled with unlimited joy. Sai Baba also revealed that Mohanji is like His son and added that soon He would give me directions on the things to do when Mohanji visits my house.
I called up Mohanji to invite Him personally to Grace my home. He was in Nashik to take a sacred bath in Kumbh at that time and immediately agreed to Grace my home. I was very happy but also very anxious about the preparations due to my deep regards and love for Mohanji. I wanted the visit to go perfectly. The visit date was finalized for 7th of October. Before the visit of Mohanji, Sai Baba came thrice to give me all the instructions for how to make this visit more elegant.

1st visit
He asked me to prepare some special dishes for Mohanji like bhog of kadhi (a special North Indian cuisine made of curry and flour dumplings), khichdi (mixture of rice and pulses), poori (small round unleavened deep-fried Indian bread), kaddu ki sabzi (dish made of pumpkin) and halwa (dessert made of semolina, almonds, sugar, etc). He also informed me that He would himself give some gift for his son (Mohanji) as a blessing.
2nd visit
He told me to ask Mohanji to light the earthen lamp (diya) in my temple. Out of my curiosity, I asked Baba what gift He had brought for his son. Back came Baba’s reply that I should also gift something to Mohanji. He had not revealed his gift for Mohanji yet.
3rd visit
Night before Mohanji’s visit, Sai Baba gave a beautiful pink coloured cloth ‘chadar’ to me and instructed me to give this chadar to Mohanji as a gift of protection for His son since he travels around the world for the welfare of the people. That chadar had its corners tied and had flowers from Sai Baba’s tomb ‘Samadhi ke phool’ in it. To my question on the reason for tied corners, Baba enlightened me that the corners are tied to protect Mohanji from all the negative energies.

Mohanji’s visit

Finally, the blissful day we were all waiting for, came. Since early morning, my friends (who were also Mohanji’s devotees) and I, were busy making preparations and decorations. We were very happy and full of energy. When Mohanji entered my home, I welcomed him by doing his aarti. He looked at me with so much love that tears of joy started rolling down from my eyes and I was overwhelmed. Everyone prostrated at his lotus feet to take his blessings. After the aarti Mohanji went straight into my temple and lit the diya kept in it. I was speechless that Mohanji knew that He had to light the diya in my temple. In Mohanji’s presence, positive energy filled my home. We all had beautiful satsang with Him.


Everyone got blessed to be in the presence of Mohanji. We did padam puja (worship of Guru’s feet) and did aarti of Mohanji again. Sai Baba manifested in the flames of the lamp to bless His son, Mohanji.


Mohanji had Sai Baba’s bhog (prasad) during lunch and loved it. During the visit, He informed us many times that due to our ‘bhaav’ (respect), our home is blessed by the presence of Shirdi Sainath and gifted me a beautiful photograph of his and informed me that this photograph will talk to me and help my family. When He was about to leave, I gave him the cloth ‘chadar’ gift given by Sai Baba. He received that chadar and His expressions highlighted that He was deeply moved and touched by this immense blessing of Sai Baba. Finally He left my home after blessing everyone.
This Mohanji’s visit of my home became one of the most memorable moments of my life.
Afterwards, the following night, Sai Baba informed me about my connection with Mohanji. He told me that one day in the near future, Mohanji and I would work together for the welfare of the people and Mohanji would be known as ‘MOHAN SAI’ and people would know me as ‘SAI MAA’.
After 2-3 days of Mohanji’s visit, when Sai Baba appeared in the night, He blessed the photograph (which Mohanji gave me) with sandal paste and drew a ‘trishul’ on Mohanji’s left arm which signified that Mohanji will always serve as a protector of His devotees. All this showed Sai Baba’s love for Mohanji.
After these experiences occurred, I was guided to pen down and create an account for the future. As I started to write, after a few lines, a beautiful leela (divine play) occurred. All of a sudden, red vermilion powder ‘kumkum’ started coming from my hand. This was manifestation of Sai Baba’s and Mohanji’s blessings.

As I had mentioned earlier, when Mohanji came to my house, he gave me his havan photograph which had to be placed in the direction of sunrise. I also have one photograph of Sai Baba in Dwarkamai which Sai Baba had asked me to place in the direction facing sunrise so that it can receive energy during sunrise. Due to the limited space in my temple room, both my husband and I were unable to fit both these two photographs properly. We had just placed Sai Baba’s photograph on a wooden stool. One night when Sai Baba manifested himself in front of me, he  asked me the reason for my confusion on the placement of the photographs. He simply took His photograph and placed in on the shelf and also put Mohanji’s photograph over His. He smiled and told me not to get anxious over these small things.

Mohanji Sai Baba

More than a month passed after Mohanji’s visit to my home. One night Sai Baba revealed to me Mohanji’s connection to Lord Shiva. Sai Baba informed me that Mohanji is verily the incarnation of Lord Shiva and that Mohanji has been doing Shiv Upasana (worship) for last three lives. This is the reason due to which Mohanji is very powerful and very soon in the future, Mohanji will solve the problems of all devotees who come to Him. Sai Baba also said that from 2018 onwards, Mohanji’s life will be completely dedicated for the welfare of the people on earth. After these experiences, I realized that I have now got a reason to live this life and my life has got a beautiful meaning. Jai Sai Baba! Jai Mohanji!

P.S: This blog was published around 3:30 am in India (Brahmamurat) on a Thursday (3rd December) – Sai Baba’s day. I was not aware that this blog has been published. I had woken up to do Kakad (morning) aarti for Sai Baba. When I came to the temple room, I found Mohanji’s eye card kept on the marble feet (padukas) of Sai Baba. What a divine leela (play)! I could not understand the meaning of this leela, till I came to know that this blog has been published. Jai Sai Baba! Jai Mohanji!

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  1. Om Shri Sai Jai Jai shri Guruji Mohanji .
    The hand that held me has led me .
    Thank you for sharing this leela . Words cannot be sufficient as gratitude . Only love from my soul to yours Hema Ji.

  2. Easwaramurthy M

    Om Sai Ram !
    Om Shri Mohanji

    Thanks a lot for sharing this and nice to know the close connection between Sai Ram and Shri Mohanji. Please grace me to meet Shri Mohanji.

    Om Sai Ram!

  3. This is one of the most powerful writings I have ever read about experiences with Sai and Mohanji. With your permission, I would like to publish it in January issue of The Awakening Times magazine. Humble prostrations to Great Mohanji and Sai! Blessed is your writing!

    1. Shraddha Bharat Mandloi

      The presence og God and Shri Sai Baba can be lucidly understood by anyone who has a pure heart and crystal clear conscience where God resides..Shri Mohanji and Maa are blessed immensely and only a pure heart overwhelms…Shri Sainath satchitanand anantkotibrahmand nayak ki lilayein aparm paar hain..Shraddha Bharat Mandloi

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