He is Omnipresent, Always Listening to us

Written by Neeti Shori


About 10 days ago, I wrote to Gurudev that I was not feeling well. I am a depression patient and am on medications for that. But I was doing fine for quite some time now. A few days ago I stopped talking to people, stopped taking phone calls, I had almost no energy even to cook.  I did bare minimum of household chores and the worst part was that I used to lie down in my bed in perfect silence the whole day. Then, one day, I wrote this all to Gurudev. He read it, but He didn’t reply. I felt more depressed that He was not helping me. But since the next day, when I woke up I was fully charged. I started doing all household chores, taking phone calls, listening to bhajans, I was feeling an energy in me and felt myself so happy and pleasant all the time.This all happened due to the grace of my loving Gurudev. He didn’t say anything but he did it. There was no change in my medication and all of a sudden in one day my depression was gone. Everyone in my family is happy and thankful for Gurudev’s grace. Gurudev, I can never thank You enough for Your grace on me. Thank you thank you! Jai ho Gurudev, aapki sada hi jai ho! Shrastang pranams at your lotus feet!!!
Deloshni Govender Seema Rohmetra

I have firm and strong faith in Gurudev. He has NEVER let anybody down and feel His presence always with you. He is PARA BRAHMA, He is everywhere…

Rajani Rallapali


… Pranam Gurudev, This happened to me on 26th February. In the morning as I was going to open my Fb account a thought came across my mind. I had a strong desire to see Gurudev’s beautiful picture on fb.

As soon as I opened the account, the first thing I saw was a lovely smiling close up of Gurudev, wearing orange kurta! I could not believe my eyes and felt extremely happy as if I had met him face to face. I was thrilled and excited. It could not be a coincidence. Gurudev is ACTUALLY ALWAYS WITH US!!! As I was excited, I wrote this to Gurudev. As I wrote this, He went off the phone and didn’t return until 11 o’clock or so. So, He didn’t see my message. I kept looking at my account in the evening when He came back that He would read it, but He didn’t. I thought the message would have become very old and so many new messages would have piled over it, so He would not come to know about it now. Thinking this I went to my mandir to offer food to God…

As soon as I offered food to Gurudev, I felt His presence, I felt His blessings, He immediately connected to me and showered His grace. I felt extremely happy and thought in mind that He must have read my message and that’s how He is responding to me and telling me that He is always with me. When I came back, I saw that He had not read my message at all. I was surprised that WITHOUT READING MY MESSAGE HE KNEW WHAT I HAD WRITTEN TO HIM. Without even opening my message HE KNEW THAT I HAD WRITTEN THIS TO HIM THAT DAY AND HE BLESSED ME WITH HIS GRACE WITHOUT USING WORDS!!!!!! He is omnipresent, He does not need our written messages to communicate to Him. HE IS ALWAYS LISTENING, ALWAYS WITH US, BLESSING US WITH HIS GRACE!! All Gurudev’s devotees are indeed very fortunate. Like Baba used to give experiences of His omnipresence to His devotees and still gives them today, the same experiences we are getting from Gurudev!!! Thank You, Thank You Gurudev for blessing all of us beyond measure…!! Shrastang pranams at Your lotus feet.

Baba is so real,Gurudev is so real….you just close your eyes and pray to them and they are right with you the same moment.Their GRACE AND MERCY is beyond measure!!! I am extremely thankful to Baba and Gurudev for showering their abundant grace upon me each day countless times and in unlimited ways!! I am so so so fortunate and blessed to be in Baba’s and Gurudev’s sharan. Actually they are one although they appear in different bodies to us
There is no difference between them. Gurudev Himself told me once, you pray to Baba , it will reach Gurudev or you pray to Gurudev,it will reach Baba.Jai ho aapke sada hi jai ho…countless unlimited THANKS FOR YOUR GRACE!!!!
Mohanji in Sai Temple

5 thoughts on “He is Omnipresent, Always Listening to us”

  1. Sometimes the same question pondered my mind. There have been times when I mail him and he replies within the same day and there have been times when he did not reply my email.

    I thought that may be it is because he is busy or that mail has slipped is numerous emails but now i realize that some things he answers through actions. Email is still a slower communication than a thought and a verbal plea in the mind.

    I am touched. Thank you for sharing this.

    Jai Dutt Guru

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  5. V.subramanian

    According to the Great raja yogi ” Aurobindo” the greatest Miracle that anyone can think of is ” Inner Transformation ! This is precisely where Mohanji is at work !World had seen a Great cow- boy, A Carpenter’s son who was not carrying on with his Father’ tradition but carrying out ” The eternal father’ work” and now one ” Indescribeable empty- Shopper ” !

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