Worldwide Celebration of Mohanji’s 50th Birthday

Mohanji – Fifty Years on Earth

We all saw it. We all witnessed it in awe. We all experienced it in our hearts. We all participated in the 50th birthday of a man (Mohanji) who wants nothing from us. He never asked us to celebrate and in fact he either downplayed or  prevented it whenever we asked, yet, It was a grand global celebration supported by the ever growing family of dedicated members! Those who felt Mohanji in their hearts came together beyond all kinds of barriers and celebrated like never before. It was the shower of overwhelming love reflected back to the source in the form of eternal gratitude. This was a grand show of affection, solidarity, connection, togetherness and above all Unconditional Love and genuine Care. Our meditation centers got together in the idea to make a united international birthday video brimming with gratitude and joy, to express love for our guide in spirit, protector in everyday life, pointer to the peace within, Mohanji. Operating in absolute consciousness and unconditionality, He touched thousands of hearts around the world with divinity, message of liberation and absolute truth. One whom we connect to only through love, as love is god itself, omnipresent, omnipotent, timeless, formless and non-local. He is one with our ultimate soul-mate – the Self, both outside of us and inside of us, above and below, through space and time, untouchable and immovable, silent yet most loving. Thank you for being Light on our Path! We love You! Watch the birthday video Happy Birthday Mohanji! [youtube] Along with connecting to His consciousness, our awareness grows by doing selfless service, and on this special day there was abundance of amazing initiatives. “Food can give hope and faith in life to the hungry. Share food unconditionally. God comes as food to the hungry. Those who bring food become angels of God. Food can make you rich inside. Share food spontaneously. Remain rich and valuable in this world always. We may not exist forever. Only a rich heart transcends life.” Mohanji In this spirit, to teach humanity to have eternal peace, Mohanji founded ACT, and this day, 23 Feb 2015, 50th birthday of Mohanji, was a true milestone. Global ACT to Stop Hunger was started, as food/meal distribution to the needy. These global initiatives were like flowers of Love that kept blooming:


ACT Foundation Serbia organized 81 food packs for all the families in Bangladesh (located in the outskirts of Novi Sad) , which included essential ingredients like flour, rice, oil, sugar and some biscuits as well as toys for the children. It was especially beautiful to have Mohanji with us on the very first ACT to stop hunger initiative in Serbia.


I     ACT Youth Ambassadors of The House Group did Soup Kitchen in Johannesburg on 21st (Soweto) and 23rd (Hillbrow) Feb to feed about 300 Hungry people. II     The volunteers fed 32 dogs at the Irwin Rescue Animal Shelter in Johannesburg. III     108 gifts of sight and 108+ school kits were distributed at the Phelophepa eye clinic IV     MERUDANDA ASHRAM The welcoming and Pranpratishtha of Mohanji’s Murthi. Grand installation of murti of Lord Datta and Mohanji at Merudanda temple at Durban. Event was broadcast across the world. You can follow the events of Mohanji’s temple, Merudanda pujas and activities here. V South Africa Team Celebration


I     Over 700 elderly and homeless destitute people were fed a sumptuous lunch at Little Drops Home in Chennai   II     125 people  were fed at the Embry Rucker shelter in Virginia. 50 hygiene packages of essential supplies were distributed. III      USA Team Celebration


I     About 650 kilos were distributed to Mother Teresa homes in order to serve food to the homeless and support very poor families in the UK. II      In addition to this, 10,000 kilos of food has been distributed to Romani families in Montenegro who are living in appalling conditions. III     food donated by people attending the Power of Purity meditation sessions i.e. about 250 kg of rice will be distributed to Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Modova and other countries in the Balkan areas.


I     Sandwiches were made and distributed to the needy. II     Pet food and equipment was distributed to the Animal Rescue Shelter.


I     The UAE Dubai  team distributed 250 packets for breakfast to laborers this morning.     II     Another beautiful Food Seva was in Abu Dhabi. Our Abu Dhabi family cooked and distributed food as their contribution for 400 laborers.



Mohanji’s birthday message to all:

My beloved embodiments of pure love How can I thank you enough. Such overwhelming expressions of pure love! Such caring! How can I thank you enough? I am overwhelmed by the love that all of you from across the world showered on me so unconditionally. I value your pure heart, uncontaminated by concepts and prejudices. When I was asked where will I celebrate my 50th Birthday, I always maintained “Across the world in the hearts of those who love me unconditionally”. This literally took place. Thank you.

Divinity is in unity. Divinity is in togetherness, oneness. Divisions and disharmony are creations of our mind. If this is deeply understood and experienced, there are no more sorrows in life. We are all one. One consciousness. One. The whole life is a celebration of being here and now. Celebration of just being. Just being for nothing. Just being for the sake of being. Just free. Just living freedom.

Disharmony and alienation are aberrations of our waking mind while unity is the perpetual reality. When we feel separate from the other, it is also a wake up call to get back home to unity. Harmony. Freedom. Love. Liberation. Compassion. This is what we are. This is all. Thank you for your sincere expressions of love and togetherness. Thank you for being yourself. Being love. Thank you for your unshakable faith. I live in your hearts.

My sincere thanks and gratitude to our family members of USA Family, Canada Family, UK Family, Serbian Family, Macedonian Family, Indian Family located at various places – Jammu, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Vishakhapatanam, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Karwar, Pune, Ooty, Bangalore ; UAE Family – Dubai – Abudhabi, Ammucare Team, ACT Foundation, ACT Global, Madhuban Group and all others who individually and collectively served/serve the world on this day and every day. Thank you wonderful family members. Infinite gratitude for being true wealth of the world that you live on. Consistent ACTs of Kindness always keeps us wealthy and contented inside.

Sincere Thanks and Gratitude to Mamu, Sumit, Phaneedhar, DB, Sakshi, Deepali, Anurag, Bharti Kapoor, Palak, Kirti, Preeti Yadav, Preeti Duggal, Harsanjam, Priyanka, Arpana, Aditya Nagpal, Rajesh Kamath, Namrata, Sushant, Sumanji, Jyoti, Chachu and Chachi, Prasoon, Jasvir, Shubahgi, Saurabh, Rishika, Harmeet, Sarala, Kavita, Satyam, Jatin Sejpal, Siddharth, Shruti, Suman, Prakash, Aditi, Swamiji (Anand Ashram), Preeti, Madhu, Aadharan Orphan Home team, Ruchi, Asha Niketan team, Sakshi, Joy, Chachi and Mohanji Ka Aangan team, Riddhima, Kapoor family, Dana, Sharda, Harmeet, Rajni, Shilpa & Vinay Rana, Ram, Ashwani, Umesh, Sunita (Jammu), MBS Chauhan and family and many others who have visibly and invisibly participated on the celebrations of this day and everyday.

Thank you, Lata, Ganeshji, Ashok, Viji, Amma, Ben, Nilesh, Neha, Djeri, Jennifer, Kalaka, Anu, Sanjay, Andra, Judy, Mrs&Mr.Manu Gupta and all our family members of USA and Canada.

Special thanks to the team South Africa – of course the unforgettable Yashik Singh who keeps surprising everyone and the Merudanda team, Sulosh Pillay and team, Riana and team, Keshnie, Hein, Milica, Annette… as well as Canada, Serbia, India, Jammu, Pune, Gurgaon and everywhere else. I have not seen the whole reports while I write this. We just returned home after a long day. I express my sincere gratitude to all those who participated in all these programs depicted here in this blog. Thanks to each and every one of you. Thank you for the beautiful videos and posters. Gratitude to all those who participated in all that. UAE group shook the ground. 🙂

Special thanks to Mila, Biba and her parents as well as Dana for joining in by Skype. 🙂 Thank YOU ALL. Thanks to ACT to STOP Hunger group. Thanks to all those who made lovely collages, posters, cards and poems for me.

Thanks to my parents, Gratitude to Sadasivan Sir, Ashok Thampan, The Sai Temple team including Sunil and Pratibha, Ranjith and Sujatha, Sunitha and family for arranging and receiving a lovely cow and calf on my birthday at Sai Temple at Palakkad.

The Original Indian cow and its wonderful calf will remain a symbol of purity of motherhood and our grand culture of care beyond species barriers. My humble gratitude to each and every one of you who took time to wish me and expressed love through various acts of kindness. Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. You made me rich. Heart is full. I feel truly rich inside. This wealth of love that you showered on me is invaluable. Thank You.

And Special Thanks to Biljana V. for putting this together. Her silent work is always appreciated.

Humblest Pranaams and Namaste

Cow and Calf gifted to Shirdi Sai Temple on Mohanji's 50th birthday.
Cow and Calf gifted to Shirdi Sai Temple on Mohanji’s 50th birthday.


Along with Act to stop hunger initiatives, there were also more than precious selfless activities at:

Phelophepa eye clinic

“We pledged 108 gift of sight and 108 school kits, our 108 school kits left some little ones looking sad to have been excluded so we decided to increase the amount of school kits so all junior students would receive one. Today 108 people benefited with the gift of sight in honor of Mohanji’s birthday celebration on board Phelophepa eye clinic…Thank You to operations manager Thabi Mzee Makhaye for facilitating the initiative also thanks to Anna Mokwena Train Manager and to the act. Eye Clinic Manager Bheki Mendlula and most important those souls that allowed us to serve them! Students got school kits in honor of Guruji’s birthday today! Thank You Guruji for allowing us to be instruments on Your behalf. Blessings always! Feeling so Blessed!” , says Sulosh Pillai


Happy birthday Mohanji

Happy birthday Mohanji


Water Bottles to add to my school kits, Thank You


Eye testing, and then a gift... The Train Manager Anna...the Angel who allowed us to serve...Blessings!

The Merudanda Ashram

The Merudanda Ashram, a temple dedicated to Mohanji, in Durban celebrated a very special Mohanji’s 50th birthday. Read a blog about this grand event. It was the first time ever, that Mohanji’s idol has been installed. Weeklong pujas at the Ashram, conducted by Yashik Singh preceeded the Praan Pratishtha of Mohanji’s Murti. Devotees were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to offer water to Mohanji and do their own personal abhishekam. After this no one will be allowed to touch Mohanji. The MahaAbishekam was performed with different types of perfumed water, water that contained this centuries Kumbamela water, water from 1008 thirthis, milk, yourgt, rice powder, honey, sugar, sandalwood, vibuthi (which was everyones favourite), the water from the 14 kalsas made during the prayers and ashes from the daily homas that were performed. 11002591_10152560316622161_6340199529085742833_n10857953_10152564118797161_1641980133016692955_n 11001889_10152564117807161_3951818574073243954_n  Ayush Dixit’s shared experience with Mohanji’s moorti (idol) inaugrated in Merudanda Ashram along with what Mohanji’s birthday really means to him.

Here are some more pictures of by our South African family:Nameshri Chetti Maharaj and Milica Bulatovic   Roses for Mohanjis birthday SA


The celebrations began with the Power of Purity Meditation followed by beautiful and soulful chants invoking Ganesha, Datta Gayatri, Maha Mritunjaya Mantra, Mohanji Gayatri, Guru Gita and Shanti Mantra!

We were fortunate to be blessed with a Skype Satsang with Mohanji! Mohanji asked the group to remain with eyes closed and meditative while he chanted the Shiva Kavacham! It was beautiful, powerful and immensely cleansing! Thank you Mohanji! Mohanji answered questions with beautiful examples and stories! The group then watched the amazing Global Birthday Video produced by dear Zoran! Here are some moments…. Mohanjis 50th birthday - by the USAMohanji USA teamMohanjis 50th birthday - by the USA  Skype satsang

Skype satsang with Mohanji
Skype satsang with Mohanji

Mohanjis 50th birthday - by the USA  team


A visit to the to the Animal Rescue Shelter

Mohanji Canada team celebrating Mohanjis birthday 1Mohanji Canada team celebrating Mohanjis birthday aMohanji Canada team celebrating Mohanjis birthday 3Mohanji Canada team celebrating Mohanjis birthday b


I      Food Seva in Dubai for Mohanji’s 50th Birthday. The UAE team distributed 250 packets for breakfast to laborers this morning. The laborers live in extreme conditions with salaries not coming in for the past two and half years! The Mohanji UAE Family all joined hands to contribute and distribute food packages to them this early morning. Thank you for making this happen. It was a truly humbling experience ♡♡♡. Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Dubai II     Another beautiful Food Seva in Abu Dhabi for Mohanji’s 50th Birthday. Our Abu Dhabi family cooked and distributed food as their contribution for 400 laborers. You are all an inspiration. A beautiful gift to Mohanji, to celebrate 50 years of unconditional love ♡♡♡ Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Abu Dhabi

India - title


Ammucare Team visited boarding school orphanage. School is home for 250 orphan children from age grup of 5 – 18years. Team Ammucare donated Rice, Pulses ,Sugar , Oil and other basic ration items .  Team also distributed tetra packs of fruit juices to all the children.

Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration - Bangalore 1Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration - Bangalore aMohanjis 50th birthday celebration - Bangalore 2


Ammucare team at Delhi visited Annie’s Angel Home, a shelter home for 17 orphaned children.  Mohanji’s Birthday was celebrated by cake cutting followed by Food Seva.  Ammucare also donated two Air-coolers for children.  Ammucare has been consistently doing activities at Annie’s Angel home on various occasions.

Team also visited cow shelter home which also a weekly regime by Ammucare.

Mohanjis 50th Birthday celebration  - Delhi 1Mohanjis 50th Birthday celebration  - Delhi aMohanjis 50th Birthday celebration  - Delhi 2

Mohanjis 50th Birthday celebration  - 4


I      Team Ammucare organised food sewa in Gurgaon. Over 200 daily wage labourers were fed with hot heavy breakfast of stuffed roti and peas curry. 200 souls in Gurgaon (India) will sleep tonight with some food in stomach.II

Team Ammucare organized Blood donation camp at renowned Airtel Center at Manesar.

Blood donation started at 1000hrs and lasted till 1600 hrs. Camp wrapped up with collection of 61units of Life Saving Blood for Thalassemic  patients .

The team was really happy as the blood which they collected was after all a quality blood and not a quantity blood. Team managed to speak to few donors ad they were too excited and empathetic to know about how we all are building Blood Relations.

Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration - Blood donation camp GurgaonMohanjis 50th birthday celebration - Blood donation camp Gurgaon 1 Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration - Blood donation camp Gurgaon 4Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration - Blood donation camp Gurgaon 1aMohanjis 50th birthday celebration - Blood donation camp Gurgaon 5Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration - Blood donation camp Gurgaon 6 Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration - Blood donation camp Gurgaon 7 III MADHUBAN RESTAURANT celebrated in high spirit. Kheer was distributed to the hungry homeless people in the streets. Mohanjis 50th Birthday celebration - Madhuban Gurgaon

Kheer distribution in Gurgaon on 50th Mohanji's birthday
Kheer distribution in Gurgaon on 50th Mohanji’s birthday

Mohanjis 50th Birthday celebration - Madhuban Gurgaon 1


Team visited a School for Blind orphan girls and donated Rice, Pulses, Oil, Vegetables & other basic ration items.


Mohanji’s Birthday was celebrated with  joy & fervour at Mohanji Ka Aangan, a learning place for underpriviledged children.  .  Children at Aangan enjoyed the birthday celebrations to the fullest. Celebrations started by cake cutting,  followed by Food Seva. More than 125 children were served lunch consisting of Aloo – Poori along with chips & chocolates.

Essential stationary items were distributed to children as gifts which would also serve the purpose in aiding their education. It was heart-touching to see the loving art-works created by the little hands to convey their birthday wishes to Mohanji.

Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration at Mohanji Ka Aangan, JammuMohanjis 50th birthday celebration at Mohanji Ka Aangan, Jammu 1Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration at Mohanji Ka Aangan, Jammu 2Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration at Mohanji Ka Aangan, Jammu 3Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration at Mohanji Ka Aangan, Jammu 4Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration at Mohanji Ka Aangan, Jammu (2)


Clarity of the mind, purity of the soul, and dignity of the heart – may these be the true pillars of all beings, year after year. Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Madhuban, JammuMohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Madhuban, Jammu 1Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Madhuban, Jammu 2 Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Madhuban, Jammu 3Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Madhuban, Jammu 4


Mohanji’s Birthday was celebrated at Asha Niketan, which is a home for 60 hearing & speech impaired children. Ammucare has been consistently supporting Asha Niketan in various ways.  Art work from these children has been all time attraction in various exhibition of Ammucare. As part of Mohanjis Birthday celebration seva activity was conducted by distributing ART kits to all the children.

Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Karwar, at Asha Niketan School Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Karwar, at Asha Niketan School 2 Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Karwar, at Asha Niketan School 1


Team went  to Aadaarna orphanage, a shelter home for 30 boys.  A nutritious lunch was served to all the children.

Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Malakpet, AADARANA orphanage school for boysMohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Malakpet, AADARANA orphanage school for boys 1Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Malakpet, AADARANA orphanage school for boys 2


Mohanji’s birthday celebrations in Mumbai at Preethi Gopalarathnam’s place. The Mumbai center is being reorganized at a different place so it is special that Father graced the first edition. We did a Power of Purity meditation followed by book reading, aarati and cake cutting (and of course cake eating)..These pictures were taken after the meditation.. silence and bliss soaked our spirits. We did food service- Annadan on this special day. A lovely evening! The consciousness shining so strongly

Aarti to Mohanji and all the masters
Aarti to Mohanji and all the masters
Our cake cutting selfie !
Our cake cutting selfie !


Ammucare team visited an Orphange, Chief Corner Stone run by Mr & Mrs Carlton. Orphange is home to 25 children of different age groups. As a part of Mohanji’s Birthday celebration, Team had a cake cutting followed by snacks distribution to all the children.

Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Ooty


I        Pune Food sewa

II      Blood Donation Camp Pune

 I     Pune Food Sewa

Mohanji’s family in Pune experienced 2 days of complete bliss. We feel totally blessed, overwhelmed and united in love. Ammucare Pune organized a Blood Donation Camp in aid of the Thalassemic patients on the 22nd of February.
The excitement for Mohanji’s birthday the next day couldn’t let us sleep on time that night! We were all on a high. The next morning started with chanting and aarti to Mohanji. We got together and cooked food for food seva. Thanks to Prasoon for cooking with his heart and soul, Suarabh for running around for every little thing and ensuring its done to perfection, Sarala ji, Kavitha, Rishika Shrivastava, for joining and supporting, Kirti, Shubhangi, Jasvir, Satyam, Saurabh, Prasoon, Palak for driving till 1.20 AM on the streets feeding around 150 people who were homeless, uncared for, unloved, ignored. We also made 50 sanitation kits
This is a challenging food seva as it includes complete surrender to the divine will to get us the right people. Preparations started at 1pm in the afternoon and at around 8 pm we were packed and ready to go out in the hope to find the most needy people. Minutes of riding on empty roads, touring around with so many food packets and sanitation kits. We just prayed that after everything was finally ready, we find enough people on time who need this and who are awake to eat dinner. As Mohanji promises, there were showers of endless love to follow and not even one packet was left in the end. 🙂
ACT to stop hunger 1
We started in the afternoon and returned home past midnight. We chopped onions,tomatoes, potatoes, we laughed, we had fun, we had thoughts of the people who have no one on earth and are lying homeless on the streets, we prayed for them, we packed so many packets of food and toilet kits, we had funny motorbike incidents.. and with happy hearts started out journey to the streets.. to all corners we could find.. to look for the most needy people who needed some love, some solace, some affection and food. How can we thank Mohanji enough? We were provided with so many who were touched with our love. Around 150 people were fed, not a single packet was wasted, we rode around the city from 8.30pm to 1.20 pm just endlessly serving wherever we were guided to go. Endless Gratitude to the Divine, to the needy who let us serve them, to the volunteers for their unmatched dedication.
There were some incidents that touched our hearts and souls. We had such meaningful connections..
going street after street for hours.. finding even one person who needs our help, who is sleeping on an empty stomach.. we met an old lady who is provided food by someone every night.. and today even after waiting for 2 hours he didn’t turn up. She thought she would had to sleep on an empty stomach tonight and right then our volunteers stepped in.. gave her food.. counselled her.. she vented her heart out. We even witnessed a dog who appeared from no where and ate the rice and dal meal like a gentleman.
There were a group of handicapped people with their families who couldn’t stop asking about Mohanji and kept asking for His eye cards. Our volunteers had to even give away their personal Mohanji eye cards when we ran short because some of them really really wanted them! What a blessed 2 days! We are changed people and feel our beloved Mohanji more in our hearts with each breath.
Act to stop hunger
Volunteers cheerfulness made this man happy! He was so amused when we gifted him a mirror, comb, towel, soap and washed his hands. He ate in peace. His eyes were stern but expressed sincerity and gratitude. We bow down to such people to let us serve them. We served over 150 homeless people with hot dinner and around 50 people with hygiene kits.
Special moments were celebrated with special people! These kids sleeping on dirty roads and pavements felt so happy after washing them hands, we played with them, gave them sweets, hygiene kits, hot food and shared the love.  Truly.. we don't know who was happier.. them or us smile emoticon  We served over 150 homeless people with hot dinner and around 50 people with hygiene kits.
Special moments were celebrated with special people! These kids sleeping on dirty roads and pavements felt so happy after washing them hands, we played with them, gave them sweets, hygiene kits, hot food and shared the love.
Truly.. we don’t know who was happier.. them or us 🙂

II      Blood Donation Camp Pune

22nd Feb was a Wow Camp ! We collected 158 units of blood- more than double of our first camp, and over 175 people turned up. It was FILLED and flowing with non stop grace. Mohanji’s energy was beating in our hearts each moment. Our volunteers were campaigning for this since a month.They did door to door campaigning in the societies, campaigned in their offices, did video coverage of the event, shot testimonials, spoke to the Thaassemic patients, cooked for volunteers, did everything to make the donors comfortable and the camp a success from 7 am till 11.30 pm! Great dedication by Kirti, Jasvir, Kuna, Shruti, Suman, Prasoon, Prakash Sahoo, Aditi, Saurabh, Shubhangi, Sidhharth, Palak. Amazing support by Jatin Sejpal – Thalassemic Society of Pune and the Gera Emerald City Society president and managers.

Blood donation camp Pune

LOVE and only LOVE from all of us in Pune
LOVE and only LOVE from all of us in Pune


Team Ammucare donated dry rations and fresh fruits to Anand Ashram Orphange at Vishakhapatnam. The Orphanage is a home to 30 Tribal children. Swamiji is the care taker of this Orphange . He collects ‘bhiksha’ from near by locality and feed these children. Swamiji has in-depth knowledge of Naturopathy and Ayurveda. He follows a very strict regime of physical exercise for the children and prepares only veg food. He does not accept any cooked /packed food items from outside. He is very particular about the diet of these children. All children here are extremely fit and happy.Team Ammucare also helped this ashram post cyclone hudhud devastated the town of Vishakhapatnam thereby supporting them with essential commodities and making good their lost utencils, supplying medicines etc. We shall be part of this orphanage and would look after their needs in future as well. 11025855_994488400579048_1153613936361681427_oVishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaVishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India 4
  A lot of personal wishes showered on this day, showing a few: we love you infinitely, always in humble prostrations at your lotus feetHappy birthday Mohanji
Mohanjis birthday cards 1Mohanjis birthday cards 2Mohanjis birthday cards 3

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