I can see your heart, there’s no need to speak

By Monika Balenović

Who is Mohanji?

That’s one of the most beautiful, yet most difficult questions for me. I wish to put so many things into words because I wish so strongly and honestly to convey that deep feeling I have every time someone mentions Him, or when I remember Him. Something awakens in me and wants to yell: “He’s the most wonderful thing that could happen to me, the greatest blessing and joy and once you connect to His consciousness, everything changes.” But I’m also aware that every person perceives Mohanji differently and it’s a completely individual thing. I’ll try to put into words at least a part of all the wonderful experiences I have encountered on my way since Mohanji has entered my life and the immense gratitude I feel. One thing is certain. Nothing is the same anymore. My life has changed fundamentally and everything has got a deeper meaning. That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, through years, lives…

I’ve always searched for a deeper meaning in everything. Superficiality and playing by the rules, moving around the generally accepted concepts has always suffocated me. It used to take a lot of my energy because I didn’t know how to handle it. It seemed to me as if all the lives of people around me, including mine, had been moving on a production line, while I was looking for something more, not even knowing what it was nor where to look for it. I was sinking deeper and deeper, because I felt lost. I had a bunch of questions and no one to ask them. What is the cause of our existence on Earth? Why are we where we are? Why do we cause so much evil to our planet, people, animals? Why isn’t this world a better place for living? What is the source of illnesses? Are we just the physical body or there’s something more? What happens to us after we leave the body? Why do certain people enter our lives? What is destiny? And so on… There were so many questions, and I used to find answers and directions in various books, the ones about bioenergy and healing, among others. I started meditating, discovered a new dimension and sensed I was finally on the right track. My intuition was clearly guiding me.

I have completely removed meat, which I never loved in the first place, from my diet. Everything happened spontaneously. My body told me what to do and I did as it said. Soon, I felt the same need to cut out all other animal products, such as eggs and cow milk, and recently, I don’t even feel like drinking coffee, which I used to love so much. Everything started changing. Later, I realized it wasn’t a coincidence, and the more we are rising in consciousness, such changes become expected and normal. I opened my eyes and saw how much violence, suffering, and pain lies behind every animal that is killed. Does it really have to be that way? It doesn’t. Vegetarian, or even better a vegan diet, is wonderful, so much healthier and it doesn’t take us so much energy as meat does. I have never pushed anyone to become a vegetarian because it’s a matter of personal choice. But I was really glad to see a couple of people around me start “waking up”. Vegetarianism is certainly one of the first steps when we decide we no longer want to support any form of violence.

One day, I noticed that my dear homeopath, Spomenka Iskra Dragojevic, who has been helping me with her homeopathic medicines for years, has a Facebook profile. It had a big photo where she was hugging a man, dark skinned, in a white sweater, wearing a white cap. Considering the fact I really trust her, I was wondering who that could be since she was hugging him so tightly and affectionately. I could feel that. I was lucky enough to hug that “someone” in the same way a couple of months later. Somehow, I found out that was Mohanji. A Guru, a spiritual master from India. I didn’t know what the word guru meant, but immediately after that, I came across the text: “Mohanji, the Guru who finds you”. (You can read the text here) I wasn’t even aware that was exactly the moment when he “found” me. I felt the words and energy. I didn’t have even the slightest doubt.

As Mohanji likes to say: “Those who have eyes will see.” Long story short, the souls met.

I was thanking the people who uploaded the videos with Mohanji on the YouTube channel. I was listening to him for hours. Listening, watching, feeling, absorbing. All the answers were coming to me – to the asked and unasked questions. I found everything I was looking for. I noticed that even when I didn’t feel good, I felt peace after a few hours listening to Mohanji – a virtual socialising with Mohanji. Just peace. It actually isn’t necessary for Mohanji to be physically present. He is always here whether we see Him or not. As he says, “I don’t need the body to be with you.” And as he says, “I always do my job”. Because Mohanji isn’t a physical body. He is not what we see from the outside and we shouldn’t attach to his physical manifestation. He is Consciousness.

Mohanji will never force you to anything, His path is the path of Liberation, not binding, Actually, he just takes us to ourselves. Our soul is our best Guru. He’s there to show us the way. I used to listen to the videos with Mohanji for hours and days, and asked myself a question, “Why am I not sitting there, in that room, with those people?” Later, I realised that everything happens at the right moment. Everything comes to us by itself the moment we’re ready for it. Not earlier, not later.

At one check-up with my homeopath, Spomenka, I mentioned how much I got connected to Mohanji. Almost through tears! I got the book “The Power of Purity” as a gift. Until then, I wasn’t even aware that the book existed. It was definitely the most beautiful gift I could’ve received. The first thing I read at the back of the book was, “Those who are not meant to read this book won’t get the opportunity to find it; those who are superficial readers won’t understand the book; those who have been waiting for this message will take the hint and the next step…”

I immediately applied for two retreats with Mohanji, feeling blessed for the opportunity to meet Him, listen to Him, hug Him and sit in His aura. I was absolutely ready and open. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been connected to Mohanji, the important thing is how deep is your connection with Him. I felt I needed to postpone all my other plans and that it won’t be an ordinary encounter. And so it was. I listened to the internal call which was clearly telling me that nothing was more important than that. The only thing I was waiting and dreaming about was tightly hugging Mohanji. That was the only thing in my head. I had communicated with him many times until then, but had never met Him physically. My life was changing big time. The answers were coming from everywhere, through dreams, other people, books, texts… I knew He knows everything so there was no need to talk much. Not even to speak at all. I just wanted to hug Him and thank Him from the bottom of my soul. I understood His message and His mission. Unconditional love. Selfless service. Changing the world by first changing ourselves. Giving the Earth more than we’re taking away from Her.


I started going to meditations. The group energy is much stronger and Shaktipat is given (transfer of energy from higher levels of consciousness which removes all our blockages so the energy can flow exactly where it’s needed, and the more open we are, the more energy we get). Mohanji telepathically received all the meditations and that is really the most precious gift, an invaluable gift. Today I’m trying to contribute by spreading awareness about them since they are really priceless. There was cleansing on all levels. After each meditation, I felt light, wonderful, unburdened. I felt the energy and I used to cry quite often. I knew that it was alright and that something bad was leaving me. I was just letting it go. I had faith that everything that was happening in me was good for me, even though it was unpleasant at times.

I was going through those experiences. I started feeling Mohanji’s presence and guidance at all times and all places. I knew that was it. Without a shred of doubt. I would recommend the meditations to everyone because it triggers great cleansing. Just as we take care of the body through physical hygiene, it is important to be “clean” on the inside as well. Clean from all negativities, accumulated negative emotions, anger, fury, sadness, etc. Very often we’re not even aware what we’re carrying inside. It is necessary just to be open and have faith. Besides meditation, I was blessed to discover all the beauty and boon of yoga with the help of wonderful Devi Mohan. Besides physical benefits, it also helps us with spiritual growth by cleansing the clogged meridians in our bodies and enabling the energy to flow freely.

I was wondering in what way to thank Mohanji for everything. Are words even enough? I knew He could feel it. Afterward, I saw a woman who was thanking Him, and He just said, “I can see your heart, there’s no need to speak.”

How can we thank Mohanji?

He always says, “I don’t need anything from you. Give the Earth more than you take from her”. It implies selfless service and giving. Charity work. Before, I used to think that charity work requires a lot of time and money. Actually, it doesn’t. It requires each of us to do as much as we can. From our hearts. Our little effort may mean everything to someone. It doesn’t matter whether we feed, warm up or adopt a stray animal, help a poor man in our neighbourhood or help the hungry and the sick. The world is crying for help, and it is up to us to do as much as we can. And by changing ourselves, we’re changing the people and the world around us.

When I first saw him, I had the feeling: “He is the walking representation of love”. I have never seen that much love and gleam in the eyes. I was overwhelmed by a wonderful sensation of warmth, peace, and love. I had a feeling I was in Heaven while the Sun was shining, surrounded by all those lovely people, greenery, flowers, singing birds. I would hug Him whenever I had the opportunity. It’s interesting that I really didn’t like hugging until then, but I could hug Him all the time. After that, I spontaneously started hugging all the people around me and felt deep connection and honesty among people who were in the retreat. We were like a family. Everything was warm and sincere, full of love. I will never forget it.


I had the opportunity to utter: “Thank you for everything.” For the first time, He answered, “You deserved it. I’m always with you. Always.” And he added, “Don’t worry. I protect you.” His protection and guidance exceed the boundaries of our mind. He really is always here. I felt I really don’t have to worry anymore. All experiences I encountered on my path and which I’m yet to encounter, whether good or bad, are there for me to learn something from them. To learn a lesson and move on. As Mohanji said: “Fog is a problem for the one who’s driving the car. The one who’s in the back seat doesn’t have to worry, he or she can sleep.” Because of that, whenever I find myself in the fog, I remember I’m not the one who’s driving. There are many examples which confirmed that to me, though I wasn’t asking for any proofs or confirmations. All you need is faith and surrender.

Every satsang, every retreat was a wonderful experience. Another confirmation that I’m on the right track. Thanking once again the Masters and the Intuition which is guiding me. During the retreat, I was only able to dive deeper into myself and to shake hands with myself for the first time, to hug myself for the first time, to silence my mind and cleanse all the “dirt” which polluted my inner space and forbid me from “blossoming” in love. Facing all the negativities wasn’t easy. In my case, a few weeks/months after the retreat, I was going through great and deep cleansing. The various negativities and concepts I was fighting against started coming to the surface. I was a bit confused because I didn’t know if what was happening to me was okay. Of course, I had the support of the people who have gone through what I was experiencing and I realized it was all normal.

Cleansing isn’t always easy and painless. I was sure that everything that was going on inside me actually represents only what’s good for me. That all that was bad and ugly was leaving. I didn’t have the slightest doubt for one moment. I felt like a volcano which has started erupting lava, full of ash and dust. I found the greatest help in meditations, mantras, (Consciousness) Kriya and support of my beloved people. It’s really wonderful being in Mohanji’s physical presence and absorbing His words. Those are not ordinary words. They are directions which lead us towards gratitude, forgiveness, love, towards ourselves, words that are destroying our ego and taking us to the real Truth.

How did my life change?

There are many things which are invisible and “intangible”. I wasn’t even aware of many things I was holding in my system because we drag so many concepts and blockages from past lives. Still, so much has changed and it’s reflected in my everyday life. In the first place, I learned to love myself. What does it even mean to love yourself? I didn’t know how to explain it. I thought it meant being egotistic, and being egotistic actually means being bad. A mistake. Before Mohanji told me, “You didn’t love yourself”, I kept wondering why there had been so little love in my life? Actually, it was always there, only I was too closed towards it. How can I ask for love if I’m not giving it myself, and how can I give it others if I can’t give it to myself? That’s why it’s so important to love and accept oneself. We are the ones who chose this body, place of birth, family, we chose it all ourselves.

Many new, dear, wonderful people entered my life. Nothing happens by accident. As we’re changing, the circle of our friends is changing. Some stay, some leave. I accept it as it is. My days are filled with love. I enjoy sharing it with others – whether through conversations, texts, meditations or charity actions, it doesn’t matter. The more love we give, the more love we get. It is really like that. I discovered a splendid joy in making someone’s life at least a bit better. In the same way, I’m learning to forgive and to be less judgemental towards people. We’re all different, we all chose our birth, we all have different karma and we need to accept others as they are. Life keeps putting me into situations which give me lessons. And if we start seeing the events in our life as lessons, and not as tragedies, and we start observing ourselves while we’re thinking, feeling, reacting in each situation, we’re on the right track.

I react differently to situations, whatever comes to me, I accept it with greater calmness and faith that everything happens for the right reason and at the right time. I know I’m protected and I have the guidance at every moment. As if all the things that happened to me hadn’t been enough, I got the most beautiful present for my 30th birthday. I had the blessing of my Guru personally wishing me a happy birthday, and of “stealing” one more hug from Him.


And while I’m writing this, Mohanji is with me.

And with you.

Even though I myself had the need to open my heart and play with words, don’t worry, He can see your heart. There’s no need to speak.

Always keep growing in love and consciousness.

Monika Balenović


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  1. Wonderful text, I cried reading it, it touched my soul… Dear Monika, thank you very much for shearing. Sending you love 💜

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful journey.

    It helped to understand better how much Love Mohanji has to give and you also helped me to except the lessons life gives.

    Wishing you lots more hugs!

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