Mohanji’s Birthday Echoes Worldwide

Mohanji quote - A master is only worth based on the teachings

Mohanji’s message

“Thank you all of you. Love you from the bottom of my heart for the showers of love. It gives me immense satisfaction when lots of beings of our planet feel loved and cared for. This is my true gift from all of you. Thank you for all these activities held at all these locations. Remember I love each and everyone of you. I cannot express it any better.

Thank you. Wish you good health and fulfillment in the days ahead. I am always with you. Happy to see Hanumanji installed as well. One promise is kept. Beautiful.

Lots of love


Dear Global Family,
Celebrations of Mohanji’s birthday took various forms in the countries worldwide. You can follow the links to the particular locations:














This year Mohanji happened to be in Serbia during his birthday celebrations. He conducted the satsang and leading by example he selflessly gifted himself to the world by answering all kinds of questions. Satsang was followed by vibrant kirtans and bhajans and made the audience sing and dance, while bathing in Mohanji’s energy.



In the morning ACT Serbia organized a great humanitarian action,  on the February 23th, on the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday. This time they have visited Backo Gradiste, and shared food packages for 100 families from vulnerable groups. Thanks to donations, they were able to buy and donate a ton and a half of food. They would like to thank to all members of the team, volunteers who have joined them in this selfless action and the companies that have contributed.

They heartily thank you for recognizing the importance of their actions, and they invite you to join them in  further spreading the mission of selfless support to those that need it most. See more on



“As usual, I fed the pigeons in the morning, they are hungry every day 😉 but today it is a special day and therefore I offer special photos.
Mohanji, you give so much to the world which is so priceless that we would be frustrated if we at least couldn’t have an illusion that we can repay it in some way. You say, give to the children of mother Earth the way you can. Give back to the Earth more than you have taken from it. Be kind to others, that will make me happy, that is what you can give me in return.
I’m grateful for giving me the feeling that I can do at least something in return, as I am always indebted to you for all that you have done for me.
Love you forever,
Biljana Vozarevic”



Mohanjis Birthday cake UK

“On the evening of Wednesday 22nd February, we celebrated the joyful occasion of our dearest Brahmarishi Mohanji’s birthday 🎉🎈🎁

Guruji was so generous enough to hold an informal satsang with us on Skype. We were delighted to be greeted by his warmth and loving energy which was definitely still present with Guruji in a different continent! We asked questions and listened attentively to His divine guidance, and laughed and smiled as he lightened our hearts.

One question which stood out was, “Guruji, you are bliss. You are everywhere, always. You are eternally that… So why is it that we are celebrating your birthday?”

“You know, there are a few reasons for celebrating any day, not only birthday. First it’s a reminder of something auspicious or something good. We even remember various occasions, happenings or the events of the past, and that has significance because sometimes a reminder is necessary to have certain confirmations of our existence. Otherwise we forget.

Second thing is out of love. Love, gratitude, are reasons for celebrating any of the Master’s birthdays. Because what they have contributed to the world, the generations are appreciating. Usually what a person who is liberated contributes to the world has a sustained effect for a few generations or at least it goes on. So this is a celebration for themselves. Most of the activities in each country are feeding the poor people, taking care of the animals, birds, fish, all these kind of things are happening. These are all confirmations of the understanding of the teachings, which means we understood, we appreciated it and we are adapting it to our lives. So when that happens, individual life gets more clarified. More clarity happens in everybody’s life. That is the reason for this kind of celebration. For example, look at any of the Masters of the past or Masters who are in the body today. Nobody celebrates the birthday by giving them gifts. Most of the people celebrate the birthday by taking care of the people who are in need, or the birds or animals. So that becomes an occasion for implementing the teaching.

These are the basic reasons for celebrating a master’s birthday. It’s not that you should do that for only one day. That one day becomes a strong reminder. Like, people celebrate Christmas i.e. the birth of Christ, then Janmashtami i.e. Lord Krishna’s birthday. All these are celebrations because these are all events which can really make you remember what we are here for and also remember the teachings. A Master is only worth based on the teachings. Otherwise, a person who has existed and meditated and left without even moving or interacting in the society. We wouldn’t know them. But somebody who has actually taken pains to come to the society and live with people and guide them, in whichever capacity possible, the best gift that person can get is live the teachings. You cannot give anything better than that to the Master. When you actually live the teachings, this celebration becomes a part of it. You actually remember, as well as you’re expressing and that gives more value to the society or the beings around you. So, overall, the world becomes a better place with such celebrations…” (From Online satsang with the UK from Serbia)

After the satsang, we sang Happy birthday in devotion, gratitude and love for everything that Guruji has done for us. We cut a delicious vegan cake for him and shared the blessed food around. Thank you to everyone who came, it was a lovely evening.
In love and light, always.”

Watch Live VIDEO from LONDON

Watch Live VIDEO from NS Serbia


On Thursday, 23rd February 2017 in Skopje, Macedonian team made a humble celebration for Brahmarishi’s birthday. The latest meditation Bliss of Silence was practised. After the meditation the team did Aarti, which was followed by mantra chanting and singing spiritual songs. In the end, the cake was served in Guru’s honour.




In honour of Mohanji’s birthday, the Macedonian ACT team visited a poor family who lives in very bad conditions. The members of this family are not capable of providing for themselves as all of them have mental health problems. We brought food for several months, clothes and cosmetic products.
Inspired by Mohanji’s teachings we are grateful for this opportunity to serve and help this poor family and a lot of other people who’ve helped in the past actions.
Jai Mohanji! See more on


Video greeting

India title

Prana Pratishta of Hanumanji Idol on Mahashivarathri (24th Feb)

Mohanji has recently donated Hanumanji idol in an ancient tmple Dharamshalla. On the holy day MahaShivrathri the pranpratishta was carried out.


Delhi/NCR had several activities related to birthday celebrations of our beloved Guruji, Mohanji. Food Seva was undertaken at Ashram Chowk, wherein about 100 plates were served. Food packets were also distributed at Jeevan Jyoti home- missionaries of charity for special children in Delhi. Food Seva was also undertaken at Gurgaon.

Additionally, Bliss of Silence meditation was conducted in New Delhi to meditate on Guruji’s teachings.

Food Seva at Ashram Chowk (DELHI)

Happy birthday Mohanji - Delhi -Ashram Chowk -Cake

Jeevan Jyoti Home (DELHI/NCR)

Food Seva in Gurgaon (DELHI/NCR)

Bliss of Silence Meditation (DELHI/NCR)


All surrendered at Baba’s Lotus Feet.


Charity was done at Vittal Babaji’s abode


Mohanji’s Birthday was celebrated with Annadaan in two places in Mumbai. The team of volunteers served Soya Veg Pulav for 75 people at the Mahim Dargah. Before serving food the volunteers prayed for Mohanji’s health and wellbeing in the Dargah.

At Andheri, under the JVLR flyover, around 100 homeless immigrant workers were served upma and sheera(sweet) by the volunteers. These are people who live under the flyovers of Mumbai who come from all over the country looking for temporary construction jobs.

We had a very fulfilling Satsang and Birthday Celebrations in Mumbai on our beloved Guru Mohanji’s Birthday. We started the program with the finale of the week-long chanting of Mohanji’s Gayatri, followed by the beautiful Bliss of Silence Meditation. We then did Mohanji’s Padam Pooja and Aarti. It was amazing to see the presence of so many divine beings during the Aarti. We finished the celebration with Pot Luck dinner prepared by the devotees. Deepest Gratitude from all of us in Mumbai those who could come and those who took part in the celebrations in spirit.

Annadaan at Andheri (MUMBAI)

Mumbai- Andheri

Annadaan near Mahim Dargah (MUMBAI)

At Mahim the team had a wonderful meditation and were joined by first timer for the birthday celebrations. We started program with the power  of purity meditation followed  by Shiv Kavacham,  experience sharing and Arti. We ended with celebration with cake cutting and prasad.

Mumbai-Mahim Dargah a

Bliss of Silence Meditation (MUMBAI)

Mumbai BOS meditation

Aarti (MUMBAI)

Mumbai - Aarti a


Bangalore started with the Mohanji Gayatri 1 Mala followed by Blossoms of love meditation, Mahamritunjaya chanting and Om Namah Shivaya chanting. Did the aarti and cake cutting. Felt Father’s presence every moment.

BOS Bangalore 1


Kolkatta celebrated with chanting of Mohanji Gayatri followed by Blossoms of love meditation and Aarti to Mohanji followed by cake cutting  and prasad distribution.


Activities in Kerala on  Mohanji’s Birthday at Palakkad was celebrated as per the following schedule.


Food Seva in Palakkad town

Poojas at various temples

Mohanji Arti

Annadanam at Shirdi Sai Temple

Mohanji’s Arti at Guruvayur


Power of Purity meditation, chanting of Srimad Bhagavatham, BhagavatGeetha & Narayaneeyam followed by lunch

Archana at Guruvayur Sreekrishna Temple


Food Seva & Pooja at various temples

12000 Archana for Mohanji at Chottanikkara Godess Temple

Mohanji’s Arti


Pooja at Godess temple

Mohanji’s Arti


This year during Mohanji’s birthday we decided to have a heart to heart sharing by each family member on how Mohanji has transformed their lives and their story behind meeting their guru. In Pune we were joined by some family members from London and Hyderabad as well. It was amazing to share experiences with them and feel the same consciousness and grace granting fulfilment everywhere. We chanted, recorded all these testimonials, discussed seva activities and then did blossoms of love meditation for the first time. After that we cut 2 vegan birthday cakes for Mohanjis birthday and had ended the evening with a dinner. People did food seva individually or in smaller groups.

Pune a


In Chennai on Mohanji’s birthday, we had two groups do food seva. One group did it in an old age home. Provided them with various food supplies and fruits as requested by the home administrators. The second group went on the roads to find out hungry people. It was a hot day and hence found very few people standing at signals and outside restaurants etc. We kept driving further and reached an open ground where many old people were taking rest in shade. When we approached them asking if we could offer them some food, they were very happy to receive it. By Mohanji’s grace, the food reached the needy.

All surrendered at Baba’s Lotus Feet.

Charity activities by AMMUCARE:

Happy birthday Greeting- Ammucare



On the auspicious day of Mohanji’s birthday Ammucare in association with Sai Shradha Saburi has organised an amazing carnival for underprivileged children and children with special needs. The little ones from Mohanji ka Aangan Delhi also participated in this blessed event.





Mohanji’s birthday at Visakhapatnam was celebrated by distributing hot food to hungry homeless people and street dwellers. Many blessed us with the chants of “Jai Shree Ram” and Sadguru Sai ki Jai” which brought tears in our eyes.We met various people who were sleeping empty stomach and didn’t’t wait a second to open the food packet.We look forward to start regular food seva for these areas and seek support for same.



Mohanji’s Birthday at Guruvayur was celebrated by organizing Annadan for 100 people. Clothes and blanket were also distributed to needy.



Happy birthday cake

Mohanji’s Birthday was celebrated at Mohanji ka Aangan, Jammu with great joy and fervor. Celebration comprised of Cake cutting by Aangan children along with Bhajan and songs.



Birthday Cake Kolkata

Our Kolkata team celebrated Mohanji’ s birthday at Morudyan , a shelter for homeless men with psychological disabilities.They were told that these people in shelter home are picked up from the streets and brought to the shelter for treatment and care.It was indeed touching as some of them do not understand what is happening.Team spent time singing bhajan and some of them also sang for us.. Team Celebrated Cake cutting and distributed snacks and fruits along with goody bags..


See more charity activities from India on


Happy birthday Brahmarishi Mohanji!

It is not a coincidence that it falls on the same date as the main men’s holiday when we honor all men and thank them for their care and protection. Thank you, our dear Mohanji, for your coming to this planet for protecting us, for your strength and loyalty to the principles and honor. Thank you for teaching and inspiring by your example, especially other people. Thank you, that you are always beyond all concepts and ideas of other people about you. Thank you for your unending love ❤, which we the lucky ones feel every single day. Thank you for your mission and in the sense that you bring to the lives of people. Dear Mohanji, we love you!


Happy birthday Mohanji-Malaysia

Mohanji Malaysia family celebrating Mohanji’s birthday on 23 February 2017 with Power of Purity meditation, Aarti and food seva.

Deep in Power of Purity Meditation and family members enjoying the bliss and soaking in the energies of the special day.


Packing food cooked by friends and contributed by Mohanji family members. Distributing food packets, drinks, bread and biscuits in the streets of Kuala Lumpur the same night.



Happy birthday Mohanji - cake

“In Dubai, we chanted Mohanji Gayatri, Mahamrityanjaya mantra and played Shiva Kavach. We concluded with Aarti and the kids cut the cake!”




The team did food seva for 250 people in Labour camps.



Act team serving food on a cold and rainy night to mark our Founders Birthday! Happy Birthday Mohanji!


A seva in celebration of Mohanji’s birthday – we joined to hand out hot stew and loaves of bread. Also gave out 5 litres of water and first survival kits consisting of wet wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair comb, nail clipper, sanitary essentials for women, underarm deodorant, tinned food with openers and a bindbag.  Food was given out in insulated bags to keep food hot. It’s raining heavily outside and these poor vagrant homeless souls sleep in open veld in the fringes of suburbia ignored and feared by the haves. Such joy to give. Thank you beloved Mohanji for teaching us to be compassionate and loving instead.

Serving food for children and their mothers from poor neighborhood of Johannesburg. Hot lunch served with bread and juice and cake.
Children received gift packs and mother hamper box of food.

Lunch was served in a poor part of Johannesburg and food packets were distributed.


“31 mothers received gift packs from our ACT angel doctor who delivered those babies yesterday!”




cake 1

Happy birthday Mohanji - ACT South Africa

“Shumbashaba kids enjoyed a special cake. We had 100 kids and volunteers. The best part was that girls from the Shelter for abused and abandoned that Baba visits when in Johannesburg wanted to give back and cooked lunch for children who come to Saturday program.
Another example of those who have so little finding a way to give back to the ones who are in more need in gratitude to Mohanji for all that he does for us!
Atmosphere was amazing and rain was pouring for a week, but during 2 hours of our serving food. We even had sunshine. As we got into the car the rain started again. What Grace!
All that one could feel in the last few days during numerous sevas, was love towards everyone and unconditional love from our Baba Mohanji as so many beautiful souls came together to serve!
All surrendered at your holy feet Baba!”


ACT team Pretoria celebrated Mohanji’s birthday on 23rd of February by sharing cake with students in University who joined later in visiting Filadelfia Special Needs school in Shoshangue where 520 learners received fruit.
Children sang a birthday song to our founder of ACT Foundation.
Celebration continued by visiting an NGO Crèche where vegan cake and balloons were given to 40, 3-5 year old children.
Day ended with distributing vegetable sandwiches to homeless in pouring rain.
Amazing day spent in joyful celebration in gratitude to Mohanji. See more on



Happy birthday- Vegan cakes in celebration of Baba's birthday

Love, peace and bliss was the predominant feelings at the various Mohanji centers around S.A as they had joined in celebration of Brahmarishi Mohanji’s birthday.

The Datta Tapovan Ashram warmly welcomed devotees to partake in the chanting of Brahmarishi Mohanji’s Gayathri mantra from 8am to 5pm! Swamiji also conducted Kalsa Pooja and a homa where each person present at the ashram got the opportunity to make offerings in the homa. And a birthday celebration then commenced as vegan treats where offered to Mohanji and given as prasad to devotees.

Mohanji’s birthday celebration at Dattatapovan Ashram 2017: Morning chanting

by Suraj Chaithram


Around 50 members from the Mohanji Newcastle center attended Babas birthday celebration in Newcastle. Bhajans and chants as well as discourses about Mohanji were rendered as well as question and answers from the Power of Purity book. Each member had the opportunity to partake in the Padam Pooja to Mohanji. Thereafter celebrating with vegan cakes and treats which were first offered to Mohanji.

The birthday celebrations and treats in Newcastle


The Ladysmith center has a cosy celebration as some of their members gathered and set up a shrine in honour of Babaji. They began with invocation prayers, a beautiful birthday song to Mohanji as well as chants and bhajans. Lots of love and bliss was felt and members then experienced Mohanji’s new meditation, the Bliss of Silence before reading from the Power of Purity book. Members expressed their experience with the Bliss of Silence as amazing, out of this world and absolutely powerful.


Annlin West, Pretoria centre celebrated Brahmarishi Mohanji’s birthday with 200 learners at Tshwane University enjoying dance, song and vegan chocolate cakes. Further celebrations were held at an NGO creche where forty 3-5 year olds enjoyed a vegan cake, with song & dance to Mohanji. Gratitude prayer to Mohanji was offered at a Shree Vishnu temple. The evening ended with a hawan dedicated to Guruji Mohanji’s physical wellbeing and gratitude for His divine presence in this world. 108 offerings of Mohanji Gayatri and Raja Yogi mantra. Oceans of Love, Compassion & Blessings flowed throughout the auspicious day.

The Hawan in Annlin Pretoria
Hawan in Pretoria


Happy birthday Mohanji cake - Centurion South Africa

The Centurion center celebrated Baba Mohanji’s birthday last Thursday with love and adoration to Babaji. 14 divine souls celebrated this joyous day in chanting Mohanji’s Gayathri mantra and Aum chanting. Rose petals were showered by each devotee to beloved Brahmarishi Mohanji’s Padukas. A beautiful cake was offered to Baba and each devotee was presented with a gift and a red stem rose to mark this special occasion.

Beautiful offerings made to Baba Mohanji at the Centurion center

Rose petals offered to Babas Padukas at the Centurion Center


Nine members from the Stanger center gathered to celebrate Mohanji’s birthday with love, joy and happiness. Devotees joyfully sung bhajans and chanted Mohanji’s Gayathri Mantra while appreciating the divine energies of dear Baba.

Babas Birthday celebrations at the Stanger center

Other centers around SA joined in celebration by conducting Seva (selfless service) to various communities. The Seva not only ended on Mohanji’s birthday but continued throughout the weekend in honour and love to Mohanji’s teachings of Unconditional Love.

by Sholane Surjoo


 1 (2)


The USA Family celebrated Mohanji’s birthday  with a 12-hour long prayer. Since this year,we had a great blessing of Mohanji’s birthday coming so close to Shivarathri Day, we decided to celebrate both these occasions together. We started the evening with chanting and Sri Rudram and abhisekam of Shiva linga and the first arati at 6.30 pm on Friday, February 24.
The second segment of the day was dedicated to prayers for Mohanji’s wellbeing and that of all Mohanji Family around the world. The Maha Mrityanjaya mantra chanting was done for one hour starting at 8 pm. Participants from several states in the USA joined the chanting by audio. At the main center in Virginia we had about 15 people. The chanting was followed by Mohanji Ashtotram and offering flowers to the Guru paduka. The 9.30 pm Aarti was conducted for Mohanji.
After this prayer session, the youngest member of the Mohanji family, the 10-month-old Divisha cut the cake amongst the chorus singing Happy Birthday to Mohanji…
We continued offering prayers to Shirdi Sai Baba. Chanting “Om Sai Nathaya Namaha” was followed by beautiful Bhajans rendered by several people including participants who were on audio conference. Everyone present was feeling the overwhelming Mohanji’s presence. Since Mohanji was at the silent Awareness/Advanced retreat at that time in Serbia and it was past midnight here, there was no way to be able to speak to him on the phone. But each and everyone present was sincerely praying to hear Mohanji’s voice and blessings. As we were nearing the time for Baba’s Aarti and the bhajans were going on, we got a call. Lo and behold Avadhoota Nadananda calls. It was a total surprise and unexpected. He led the chants from Om Namashivaya and gave his heartfelt blessings to everyone.
The Guru Mandala has accepted our prayers and personally conveyed the blessings. A miracle indeed!
We continued our prayers with Baba ashotranamavalli and Aarti at 12.30 am followed by further chanting of Om Namashivaya and Devi mantras and offered Aarti at 3.30 am.
After each part of the program, people were leaving and finally we were left with five of us who stayed vigil all night and concluded our worship with the Bliss of Silence meditation followed by Consciousness Kriya and the last Aarti at 6.30 am.

1 (1)


In celebration of Mohanji’s birthday ACT USA organized food seva in India and in cities across the USA. A total of 1300 souls were fed on the occasion of the Masters birthday.
With the grace of the Master, 1000 people were fed in Shirdi, Katra and Bangalore. In the USA, the children of ACT participated  in their own seva activity. 300 brown bag lunches were prepared and delivered to homeless shelters across the US.

In keeping with our drive for MEGA FOOD SEVA during the month of February, being the month of Mohanji’s birthday, ACT Foundation USA wished to indulge in ACTs of kindness. As listed below:

1. Donate food either to Soup kitchens or Food Pantries.
Usually canned goods and dry food is accepted in Food Pantries.
Soup kitchens / shelters welcome brown bags with sandwiches, as also fruits, snacks and water bottles. Some also welcome our time donated to cook at these shelters/ kitchens.

2. Donations to local animal shelters – includes food and / or other supplies such as paper towels, trash bags, fleece blankets, etc.
3. Fill up backyard bird feeders!! The seva included both our four legged and feathered  friends.


True to our intent it is heartening and gratifying to see that we have been able to donate to food and animal shelters and food pantries across the USA and in India.
The numbers are :
A mega food drive in Shirdi and  Bengaluru where about a 1000 people were fed a nutritious meal of bisibelebath(rice item mixed with lot of vegetables) and Sheera (popular semolina dessert)
In CT, it was 175 brown bags of sandwiches with a fruit and water along with Vegan Mango halwa. We also intend to donate food, cat litter and paper towels to a local animal shelter.
In NC it was 72 bags with sandwiches, Bananas, baby carrots, fruit juices, chips and water bottles.
In CA it was 10 brown bags.
In NY a donation of food and clothes / appliances was made to a food pantry
In FL- we aim to donate 40 brown bags on march 11 which will include vegan sandwiches, fruits, protein bars, bottle of water and bag of chips.
We have also been taking care of our feathered friends by filling up our bird feeders!

See more on



Celebrations started from the morning by offering Shawl to Shirdi Sai during Kakad Arti in Toronto Sai Mandir, it was then followed by offering Pet Food to Animal Services.



Devotees gathered in the evening to perform Mohanjis Paad Pooja followed by Mahamrutyunjai Homa for Mohanjis long and healthy life. With energy rising devotees then sang their heart out by singing kirtans followed by Mohanji’s Aarti and Bhog.

The following day Food seva in the form of Sandwiches were offered to the homeless in Downtown Toronto. This occassion marked the introduction of Bliss of Silence Meditation that left people blissfully empty.

We were also graced by a very brief online Darshan by Mohanji, where he again stressed the importance of chanting in times of turbulance due to the ongoing Eclipse.

It is with Mohanjis grace that more and more people are getting connected to him and getting blessed.



Australian team had Power of Purity meditation followed by prahsad distribution.
In the evening they had a talk about their meditation at Shirdi Sai Temple. They got humongous support from the trustees and they addressed a big crowd. Grace allowing it, they will conduct meditations regularly in the temple premises. The first meditation there is on 25th March.

Happy birthday Mohanji - Australia


“On the occasion of birthday of the ACT founder Mohanji, ACT Foundation Australia organized a charity event to create awareness among near and dear ones about kids with cancer and to raise funds for ‘Kids with Cancer foundation Australia’ through the generous contributions from the participants of the event. The children fighting with cancer in major hospitals across Australia e.g. Monash hospital , Royal Children Hospital etc will be supported at many different levels by this drive.”



New Zealand team did charity for Auckland animals.



We are listing a few individual devotional birthday greetings, through gratitude, videos, poems, posters:

Love you Father…..thank you for everything always… happy birthday .. thank you for existing forever.

Two songs of devotion offered to Father on the eve of His birthday – Jyoti Bahl (India) and Sanjay Acharya (Canada):
1. Wo Sans


2. Mere o Mere Mohanji

Dearest Baba,

wish you a very happy birthday on behalf of each devotee in India.

Thank you for being with us every moment. Without your Grace, our lives would become unlivable. Words cannot express our gratitude to you. All we can say is:

Thank you Baba. We love You.

Happy Birthday once again.

– Team India 🇮🇳

Bharti Kapoor
Wish you a good health and millions and trillions reaching and being in your consciousness


Ananth Sankaran
Father – we all know deep within that you took this Physical form only to speed up our Journey. Words will fail while deep within our heart and in that silence, we will be thanking you for things we understand and many that we may never ever will.

Thanks for everything Father. Our request has been only one thing — please keep us focused steadfast in the Path

Namrata B. Prabhkar
On this special occasion, here are also a few words of gratitude for Mohanji,  the Master whose ‘Path of Pathlessness’ shows the way to JUST BE (originally published here)

Unconditional Love

Nothing is such a power force

It created the whole world 

Nothing but only Consciousness 

Connected me to my master”MOHANJI”

 I went to HIM for knowledge 

And an assurance for HIM to be with me

Smiling HE said I have nothing to give

So don’t expect anything from me

I only have unconditional LOVE

It is for all the beings on this earth 

And it is limitless and boundless 

You take it  until you reflect ME

Once you see yourself as me

You are liberated and free

Then we can connect effortlessly 

Devotional video, Aishwariya Samantaray

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