I Strongly Believed Him

Written by Jelena Jovic


It was a beautiful early spring day …I was tired and exhausted due to a burden on my shoulders which I carried those days due to heavy responsibilities at work, but happy to see the Sun shining and everything around awakening… It was a regular general check up at the hospital – I was feeling healthy, strong, but at the same time very tired. I needed a break… not knowing how and in which shape it will come. I just wanted something to happen to slow me down, to help me…

All my medical results were quite perfect and in a way I was proud that, despite all the mental torture I was inflicting upon myself, I was in a pretty good shape… And then – a shock… I was told I had a cancer and I should go for a surgery or I could not expect to live more than 2 weeks?!?!

I had already known Mohanji for a few years. He is the husband of my friend from high school. At the time I contacted Biba, his wife, I already made a decision that I am not going for a surgery. I connected to myself deeply and was ready to meet anything that life brings. I had faith, strong faith that everything was happening for a reason.

At that time a retreat was organized in Andrevlje, in the National Park Fruska gora  and Mohanji was coming to Serbia. What a coincidence! Knowing for a long time that there are no coincidences, assured by Mohanji that my decision to turn and connect to my inner wisdom was the right one, since my health was not life threatened, I packed my things and arrived alone to Andrevlje, in deep woods, away from everything I wanted to leave behind. I also knew I was going to spend that time with real friends…

Mohanji asked me, “Are you really ready to purify and release all of the ‘trash’ that you carry with you for a long time?” I used to be suspicious and cautious before, but not anymore… I had nothing to lose… I surrendered completely, with all the confidence that Mohanji would lead me where I belong, lead me to my source…

Unconditional love and wonderful energy led to miracles… The next few days were a real hell… I had terrible headache, vomiting all the time without putting any food into my mouth… I thought I was dying, as per the doctors’ predictions two weeks before. Some of my friends wanted to help me and stop the pain and suffering, but Mohanji did not let them. He believed in the process just as I strongly believed in him.

Three days later, I woke up on Easter morning without pain, with a new glow in my eyes. I realized. I was connected. I knew. I found. I felt so light, so grateful, so full of love for myself and all people, full of love for life. I know that Mohanji is always with me. We are always connected. Unshakable FAITH is all you need for miracles to take place. 

Thank you Mohanji

Love, Jelena



7 thoughts on “I Strongly Believed Him”

  1. Dearest Jelena, I read your blog with a humble heart and an added glow to it. You put it so beautifully when you say, “…I have surrendered completely, with all the confidence that Mohanji would lead me where I belong, lead me to my source…” That’s magic! Hug Ami

  2. Thank u our dearest Jelena for sharing this innermost experience with all of us. It was and is so beautiful knowing you and to now also share this beautiful spiritual path with you. You have always been so hard working and courageous, you deserve all the blessings Life can give, including the ultimate one… Love eternal, your Biba

  3. Great story. I’m so glad that you managed to find your innerself and to go with peace with it. Every spark of light in all of us can make this world very shiny place.

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