In retrospect – BTW Dubai on Jan 1st, by Dr. Pradeep Ullal

My Experiences during the Jan 01, 2010:     

I entered Jenny’s office and was greeted¬†by a spirited group of dhyanis. I had prayed all the way and sensed that there was something special awaiting us today. The weather was fabulous after the rains. The breeze reminded me of Bangalore days. As soon as I sat down in my asana, I felt a strong surge within that connected me with the divine mother, maha vidyas, yoginis, ascended masters. Normally I do conduct breathing routines before power of purity meditation cd is run. But the space was so charged that everyone became so still just by hearing my chants. I have experimented that shakti moves us and stills us when required. Mother Bagalamukhi¬†puts us into a state of stambhana¬†(temporary paralysis). I prayed to divine mother and everyone should experience this state as the divine chants raised the intense tejas, and vayus powerfully along the spine.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

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I felt the gush of sparks and currents as kundalini¬†rose powerfully to merge with her consort Lord Shiva at sahasrara¬†padma¬†and then the energies rose further and began to dance above my crown. The lasya¬†of shakti and tandava¬†of shiva¬†is the most powerful dance of energies before the ‘ultimate union’ and beyond all words. The light and heat that emanates is so intense and surprisingly very calming within. I would have loved to remain¬†there forever. But the role of relaying shaktipath¬†from Mohanji yanked me out of my sitting position.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

I was in Rudra avasta, my hands were steely hard and the power surging out was very focussed and intense. I am always connected with Mohanji and the experience of relaying shakti is simply amazing. I have to admit there is a beautiful experience in receiving and relaying. In my previous posts I have shared how amazing it is to receive shaktipath. Sharing such experiences challenges our ability to articulate. The best feeling is always reserved at the end of meditation when I see the bliss and gratitude on the faces of people around. The whole space is teeming with energy, no one wants to utter a word as they are basking in that sacred space that is so expanded, calm and beyond any definition.     

I did ask one gentleman in the group, how he felt. He just stepped forward and gave me a tight hug to thank me profusely. I would like him to send his experiences soon.     

Prashanth shared that he never felt so still before. He was pleasantly surprised and happy with his immense progress in his state of mind during meditation.     

BTW meditations have shifted gears and a true testimony of it will be when we hear from all of us. So I request all of you who have attended the meditation to share their experiences.     

Lots of love,     

Pradeep Ullal

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