BTW Muscat on Jan 8th – by Biba

Dear friends,   

Last Friday‚Äôs BTW had a very special flavor ‚Äď our BTW Muscat Centre already feels like home and the loving vibes made everyone feel welcome. The group energy was already wonderful when we started the preparatory breathing/chanting.¬†Amazing flow, intense energy abundant with¬†cleansing heat, powerful presence of Masters, and a¬†beautiful Satsang afterwards, made this evening truly memorable.¬†¬†¬†

While performing Shaktipat¬†I clearly felt the intense presence of Baba and, at times, Mahavatar¬†Babaji¬†(through¬†the lovingly captivating heat in the spine), as well as Paramahamsa¬†Nithyananda¬†(through¬†the heat in Ananda Gandha). This time I was aware of their presence and felt so incredibly honored to be¬†in a position to¬†be the instrument of¬†Shaktipat, THEIR instrument. It indeed is a dream coming true‚Ķ During Shaktipat¬†I felt that several people were NOT THERE at all, a strange feeling as if they are resting on the bottom of the ocean and I am reaching only a small part of them floating on the surface. During Shaktipat to Asawari‚Äôs parents, in an instant I had the most beautiful vision of two of them ASCENDING into the light. They looked so peaceful and beautiful, and were kind of cool about it, as if they knew all along this would happen. 2012, here we come! ¬†¬†I rarely get to see an elderly couple so at home with meditation and radiating so much peace ‚Äď I just felt so happy for them.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

When the meditation was over,¬†the intensity of¬†energy continued. Mohanji¬†did not ask for experience sharing this time, as if he could not hold back the flow of knowledge outpouring through him at that time. It was beautiful, with his ‚Äėtrademark clarity‚Äô and the ‚Äėumph‚Äô of Shaivic expression.¬†¬†¬†

At the same time, little Moushami, our youngest meditator,¬†was so sweet in assisting me with cutting and distributing the fruits offered as prasad, biscuits and green tea, which we both joyously accepted to be our ‚ÄėDharma‚Äô at the given time¬†¬†¬†

Biba and sweet Moushami - the joy!


(as per Mohanji’s instructions, we are no longer serving any heavy food after BTW, only fruits and something very light) It was so sweet to observe all present still in the sweet trance of intense energy, absorbing the wisdom flow, and enjoying the fruits and tea. A fire place next to us and snow blizzard outside would have been a real icing on the cake.    

This time Mohanji’s words were recorded, so I’ll share with you a few poignant points/excerpts which left a deep impression:   

–¬†‚ÄúIncreasing the awareness is nowadays sold so much in the world that people don‚Äôt know how to do it. The BEST and SUREST way of increasing the awareness is to FEEL, to start with the basics, just like small children. Feeling the ground, feeling the air, feeling a flower, feeling your clothes ‚Äď feel, feel, feel! And then the awareness grows. But actually, what happens is – as children we all used to feel, but then we got conditioned. This dimension is then taken for granted – the automatic sensitiveness leaves and conditioning enters. So, if we have to increase our awareness, we have to increase our capacity to feel‚ÄĚ (In the recent blog post ‚ÄúGreat Masters ‚Äď Shirdi Sai Baba‚ÄĚ), Mohanji explained this point in more detail). ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

– ‚ÄúShaktipat is a software change. It channelizes¬†energy directly and changes your current set up into something else, something that helps you on your current journey. So, each person gets exactly what that person needs. There will not be¬†one inch more or one inch less. And then the effect will be seen¬†in the days to come. The experience of¬†your life will change ‚Äď situation may be¬†the same, but your response will be different. Your equanimity will increase and others will respect you more.‚Ä̬†¬†¬†

– ‚ÄúWhen you keep your hand in a blessing position, energy is partially¬†recycled within you and partially¬†it is going out. So, you are blessing others and also cleansing yourself, which is what this meditation is all about ‚Äď full purification, like taking a bath internally. You will feel the difference happening, that freshness, vibration, in the days to come. And the third eye Shaktipat, once I do it, the whole life time you are connected¬†to me, i.e. the moment you connect to my eyes, you will feel the vibration. Then you will know that I am working on you, i.e. that I‚Äôm connected. You will receive guidance, get thoughts/answers which are distinct, and you will know ‚ÄúThis is not my thought‚ÄĚ. For this to be¬†experienced, FAITH is essential. When faith is there, automatically your subconscious will connect with the closest reliable source that is available. That is automatic. Maybe conscious mind will want Mahavatar¬†Babaji as your Guru, but you will automatically connect to a Guru from whom you can receive, as per your eligibility. So just be grateful and continue increasing your eligibility.‚ÄĚ ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

– ‚ÄúWhen you perform¬†to your ultimate¬†in an organization, even if the Management cannot see you, others will see you ‚Äď because a performer is always valued in the world. So, the best way to beat the Tamas (lethargy, procrastination) is to be¬†fully focused and thus increase your capacity to perform. If the intellect is working, not emotion, your work will be valued. However, what we see happening normally is the complaint ‚ÄúOh, I am working so much and nobody is noticing‚ÄĚ. You can see people working till late at night and thinking ‚ÄúWhy is my boss not noticing me?‚ÄĚ ‚Äď but he would be doing only a routine, clerical job, there would be no brain in it, no innovation and no real confidence. Then, the self esteem¬†goes and that person feels that he does not have the capacity for another job. In that way, people spend many years in one company but never grow. Therefore, avoid this ‚Äėfrog syndrome‚Äô as much as you can, because the water sometimes becomes too hot, but you lose your ability to jump out. If you are experiencing stagnation for a longer time, do not ignore it.‚Ä̬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Mohanji radiating - BTW Muscat on Jan 8th


Experience sharing   

A dear friend from work, Gitanjali, who attended BTW for the first time with her Mom, was glowing while bidding goodbye to me ‚Äď she was supposed¬†to hurry to a wedding party after the meditation, but said that now the party lost its allure completely. She said that she was still in a trance-like state, blissed out.¬†¬†¬†

Gitanjali in the post BTW bliss


I spoke to her two days later, and she said she still felt that beautiful ‚Äėtrance‚Äô effect and that some drastic changes happened at work ‚Äď two long pending problems were resolved and everything became much more positive. I was so happy to see that she experienced the magic of BTW during the very first session.¬†¬†¬†

And finally, here‚Äôs a wonderful experience shared by Dr. Deepali, one of the few whom I felt were ‚Äėat the bottom of the ocean‚Äô during Shaktipat.¬†¬†¬†

Love to all,   


Dr. Deepali in deep gratitude


Dr. Deepali’s experience    

“Meditation on Friday 8th Jan 2010 was unique for me. As we started Om chanting and initial cleansing breathing exercises, I got lost. My body did not exist. It was dissolved. I remember the beginning of instructions on the CD. But frankly speaking, I lost the track of CD. I was in a different world.   

When Shaktipat was given on the Third eye, I felt that the frontal bone is soft and finger is smoothly going inside. It sort of lit up all meridians. I was into deep silence. I saw Paramhamsa Nityananda, Mohanji and Sai Baba standing in front of me in this order with Mohanji in the middle. Slowly the trio merged together, formed a flame and went through my third eye. Beautiful indeed!   

Whenever I saw Mohanji during this deep meditation, I saw him in his real form. I would NOT like to describe his real form for a reason…. someone may get biased about the form and may start creating mental construct of the image. And, mental construct is a trap in spirituality and prevents us from going into deep meditation.¬†¬†¬†

Later, I saw myself sitting next to Sai Baba on a wooden bench, under the famous neem tree in Shirdi. Baba was explaining and giving some guidance to me. I was listening to each word intensely. However, mystically, words were absent. After some time, Baba moved his hand on my back with the mixed gestures of reassurance, comfort and best wishes. This experience was very deep and touching and I just wanted to bow down to Mohanji. Then I realized… Biba is saying, slowly open your eyes. With great difficulty and odd gait, I fell on Mohanji‚Äôs feet. Surprisingly, he moved his hand on my back exactly in the same way as Baba moved! I went back to my place and was in deep silence again.¬†¬†¬†

The understanding Mohanji¬†gave on this experience is that, 3 masters forming a flame indicated that all masters are the same… the only Shaivic¬†energy. That flame going through the third eye probably cleansed some deep samskaras. Absence of words may also mean that, I am still not ready to receive the message! Mohanji, deep gratitude to you and all the Masters for this experience and understanding.¬†¬†¬†

What I would like to convey to readers……. when we expect something, we get only that during meditation. It keeps you away from getting what Masters want to give you. It sort of blocks their energy. It is better to receive and accept what comes. ¬†¬†¬†

Second thing, I always wondered why to write an experience even though Mohanji repeatedly insisted to own up the experience. I thought reading others’ experiences generates bias in you. But now, I feel, owning the experience gives you more clarity of what you experienced. One may hold on to experience if it is not shared. Holding on to anything is against spirituality. Sharing helps you to transcend that phase and progress.  Mohanji are my both understandings appropriate? It would be nice if you could write on this.     

With deep gratitude and complete surrender,   


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  1. Frog Syndrome – Frog is an amphibian. A cold blooded creature. It can respond to temperature much more than us. So, if you put a frog into already boiling water, it will jump out of it immediately. It will not be affected by the temperature. At the same time, if you put a frog in water of normal temperature, it will stay floating in it. If you start heating the vessel from below, as the temperature of the water changes, the frog will keep adjusting. Finally, by the time the water starts to boil, the frog would have lost its capacity to jump out. It will die in the boiling water. Many people in the Middle East display this kind of syndrome. They “hang on”in one company and sometime in the same position for a long time, when a catastrophe like the company closing down or merging with another happens, they will display total inability to change or move out. They had been adjusting so much for so long, that their whole initiative for a change would have evaporated completely. This is tamas – inertia. Beware of tamas.
    Deepali, your understanding is correct. The message that Baba was telling you was that of awareness. I have already explained this matter in my blog post of today.
    When we share our experience, we reconsider it once again in our mind and our conscious mind reconciles with it. Otherwise, others words or book knowledge will overlap our actual experience and dissolve it in the course of time. We have to begin and continue our journey primarily through our experiences. External knowledge has no further value than situational guidance. Accepting and sharing experiences reinforces our stature, understanding levels, and even tackles the ever doubting conscious mind. It also helps others to understand their experiences in the light of yours. They will sooner or later start to own experiences and grow with it. Hence, this is a great seva too.
    Masters merging into flame and entering through your third eye has deep significance. It would be difficult to fathom and accept it when we say that masters work through us. Our conscious mind will immediately block it with “ineligibility” clause. We always consider ourselves as “not up to the mark”. When the flame of masters merge together, it shows that they all are one and when it merges with your third eye, you are empowered by it. This also means that your constitution is receptive to this kind of energy too. We cannot connect to a master unless we have his nature in us. So, the masters coming together shows that they are masters of the same feather; plus you are eligible to receive them and their element has merged with your system through your third eye.When masters enter or work on someone, they have to make them eligible to receive them. This would automatically burn certain nagging samskaaras. Trust I made it clear. Please do revert with questions if any.
    Owning one’s own experience is important. Thats where you start your journey.
    God Bless All

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