Gul’s BTW experience sharing – Dubai, Jan 8th, 2010

Pranam to everyone.

Gul's famous smile! ūüôā

Last evening’s Bless The World meditation was such an intense, pure, intimate experience with my inner self, that it is difficult to express the same in words.

I would like to thank Jennifer for making her office available and ready with all arrangements in spite of her physical absence due to ill health. But I could sense her presence at the beginning as well as at the end of the meditation. She was seated right in front (not her usual place) wearing a white kurta and a black shawl, and turned back to acknowledge us all with her bright smiling face.

Pradeep’s pre-meditation warm up of our senses took me to the innermost recesses of my being, where I lost myself completely. Even after the actual¬†meditation began, I was still traveling somewhere in space until the time when his hands touched my Sahasrara. The Shaktipat¬†seemed to go on forever, and when he energized my third eye, a gigantic figure of Mohanji stood before me, pressing deeply upon my third eye
and I felt myself melting completely inside his huge frame.

Thereafter I do not recollect much of the meditation as I thought I was dreaming until I felt hot and warm and heard Mohanji’s voice, bringing me back to the room.

I thank Mohanji and all the Masters for their presence and their blessings that see us through the week.


                      Mohanji and Jennifer radiating РDubai BTW, Oct 2009

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