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My dearest “blessers of the world”,
For the last 2-3 weeks we have been enjoying holidays, family bonding, gifts, Christmas and New Year’s excitement, as well as our weekly meditations. Each and every Saturday in Kolkata brings new experiences and I would like to share with you only few recent ones:
As I shared with almost 30 people who came for our last meditation on second day of this year, it was THE most powerful one for me (many have agreed with the same). The most beautiful gift I could receive was to see the beginning of the year starting with so many young participants. How blessed they are stepping on this wonderful, divine journey at such early age and how blessed this world is by having them amongst us. Once meditation was over I thanked all of those who were present in the room (physically or astrally) for giving me experience which I will never forget.
While performing Shaktipat,¬†I couldn’t spend as much¬†time as I wanted¬†with each one of them due to the number of people present, but each one was very special. I ended up in such expanded state that during the last Shaktipat I felt like giant from Aladin’s lamp bigger than the entire world, struggling to keep connection with¬†N.O. whom I was giving Shaktipat.. N.O. from Mumbai¬†came for the first time to attend the meditation and, being evolved soul herself (born with a gift to see auras, etc.),¬†she had great experience (she identified Mohanji’s presence¬†and described him completely even though she neither¬†saw¬†him in her life, nor ever¬†heard about him) and gifted me with great experience as well.
M.D. was in complete trans when I came in front of him to perform Shaktipat.. I was really in 2 minds whether I should even do anything. Later on he shared that Shaktipat actually brought him back from that trans state. He promised to share much more later.
Last week we had 15-year-old A.B. from New York who came to attend first meditation in his life. While performing Shaktipat I knew that he was not there and that experience was very deep.¬†Next day¬†his mother shared with me that he actually experienced astral traveling and kind of out of body experience, but having no knowledge about it couldn’t properly share it with us.
N.C., who is a Hindu and has never had any experience with Jesus, has shared with us that the moment I touched her Agnya Chakra she saw flame and suddenly Jesus appeared. She was so shocked since Jesus was probably the last Master she ever expected to see during her meditation. Someone from the group joked: “Christmas greetings!”. For a moment she thought it was because of me. The fact is that many Masters are present in the room and blessings are showered upon us. We just have to “open our palms” and receive divine gifts.
We also had one participant from Delhi who is Vaastu expert and evolved soul as well. He was only visiting Kolkata and staying in the hotel. After the meditation, he shared the moment when from the state of expansion suddenly all the atoms of the world became one. It was so deep and sacred that he decided to synchronize his future visits to Kolkata with our Saturday meditation. 
As I said, experiences are many, most not even shared with us since everyone doesn’t feel like talking after the meditation, but one is sure – those who practice regularly can see how strong the power of purity is.
Grateful to Mohanji and all of you for this wonderful path of togetherness/ oneness, I’m sending you love and light from Kolkata.
With love and blessings,
BTW in ITC Kolkata - people and orbs

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