New Years Eve and Jan 1st BTW in Muscat

Dear friends,

Before sharing with you the experience of BTW on Jan 1st, I would like to briefly narrate the way in which New Years Eve was celebrated at the BTW Centre Muscat.
I must admit that this was the most unusual and DIFFERENT New Years Eve in my whole life!
As you probably know, this was the only ‘Blue Moon” (second full moon in one month) New Years Eve that any of us experienced and the energies were just superb. Mohanji and I went shopping earlier in the evening – while we were waiting for our turn at the cash counter, he suddenly whispered to me: “Let us hurry up, please! The expansion is already happening, so much heat – I won’t be able to drive if we don’t start right now.” To show me what’s happening, he placed my palm an inch from his face and I could clearly feel the heat coming out of him. I felt excited! Luckily, we managed to come out fast and headed straight to the Qurm villa.
The initial plan was to do 360 Degrees meditation around 11pm, at the same time as various group meditations were happening in other parts of the globe. However, in the end Mohanji had the pull to do chanting – I just sat on the floor next to him and bathed in the heat in the spine and powerful vibrations that were created as he chanted “Shiva Tandava” and other (mainly Shiva) chants. That went on for quite some time and then, at one point in time, Mohanji gave me the best possible New Year gift – a looooong Shaktipat which was almost a bit too much for me. I floated off somewhere and became completely expanded. I have no idea where I was and how long, but clearly remember one scene – indescribably beautiful flowers everywhere, small green hilltops, most loving/serene atmosphere. It’s even more beautiful than my childhood fantasies of the Garden of Eden. I remember seeing Mohanji and myself at this flower & hilltop paradise in the most unique way. I was able to shuffle the vision of both of us from different angles at a very high speed (something like 3-D version of Google Maps experience) and was then able to see us from 360 Degrees. I felt powerful, joyous. The experience was blissful and liberating. In the morning I told Mohanji that I have no idea where I was and what happened – he just said: “It was a Shamballa-like experience, wasn’t it?” and gave me his child-like smile. I was overwhelmed – “Well yes, wow, how come I didn’t figure that out?! Only Shamballa can be this extraordinarily beautiful!” I was overjoyed!

In the evening we started the BTW with a lovely group of young people coming from London and New Zealand, as well as the familiar smiles of Dr. Deepa, Dr. Deepali and others. Intense energy and deep silence marked one more beautiful BTW experience in Mohanji’s presence. It was followed by a very long Satsang during which Mohanji spoke with wonderful clarity for almost two hours continuously. Later on Dr. Deepali told us that she noticed several times that Mohanji used THE EXACT SAME WORDS like Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji. She just spent 21 days with Swamiji at Bidadi ashram and was therefore well aware of the language he uses. Mohanji smiled and explained that this is because the source is the same, i.e. when ‘the sourcing from the higher’ happens, words that flow are spontaneous and therefore original at that very moment. If they match with other downloads, then so be it. Indeed, ‘copyright’ exists only on the gross level of existence. 🙂
After 9pm, when all others left, Dr. Deepali and the sweet Moushmi remained with us to share all their blissful experiences during Inner Awakening Program at Swamiji’s ashram.
The turning point that exploded our already existent joy was the moment when Dr. Deepali presented Mohanji with a lovely gift from her husband (original Kolaphuri chapals), followed by another big surprize – a special gift from Swamiji which actually CAME ALIVE and warm in energy as he held it in his lap (I’ve never seen candies becoming warm before!). Mohanji sat there like joyous child swamped with his gifts 🙂 and we all felt soooo happy!

Mohanji, gifts and Swamiji doll

Out of deep gratitude, Mohanji posted a heartfelt message “Growing With a Master” on his blog the following day: 

in reply to which  (see the ‘Comments’ link on the same blog) I shared this and other memorable experiences from the past  which stand witness to the subtle and yet so obvious connection between the great Masters. Mohanji expressed this so beautifully: ”There is an unseen, intangible, grand collaboration happening between enlightened masters. Nobody can see that taking place. People get fooled with images. In the grand perspective of existence, all great masters are one.”

With love,


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