In The Eye Of The Storm: Mohanji’s Visit To The Balkans (2016) – Part 1

Written by Devi Mohan and the Mohanji (Serbia) team

The intensity and power that Mohanji displayed during his recent visit to the Balkans this year was something we had not seen before. It was as if a storm hit us, a powerful wave that stirred so deep within all those who were open for transformation – it changed our lives forever in the most positive way.

1 Mohanji – the smile of inner stillness, the speed of a storm
Mohanji – the smile of inner stillness, the speed of a storm

Many people came and waited for Mohanji to arrive. The love, commitment and compassion to themselves, Mohanji and the golden path of liberation were very clear. Every moment of Mohanji’s time in the Balkans was utilized one way or the other. We hardly saw him take rest but he never appeared tired. Mohanji attended to all of us with deep warmth and unconditional love without any expectations. He gave himself to us completely.
Mohanji began his Balkans tour as he landed in Belgrade on May 9th, 2016 close to midnight after a very intense travel schedule in South Africa and UK with hardly any sleep. On May 10th 2016, he conducted two superb Satsangs in Pozarevac and Belgrade, which pretty much set the tone for this trip. Two days later he conducted another Satsang in the city of Vrsac, which was received amazingly well even though the city had never seen any Spiritual Master conducting such a program. In the midst of the super tight schedule, the organizers (Andrija and Marija) managed to arrange a TV interview as well:


2 Vrsac - interview in the studio TV Banat

Loving moments after the Satsang with Mohanji in Vrsac at 'Tacka  Susretanja'
Loving moments after the satsang in Vrsac at “Tacka susretanja”

Devi Mohan added: “It all flowed so beautifully. The feeling was ‘just walk and the ground before your feet will form.’ I am deeply humbled by this experience and am still ‘digesting’ all that I witnessed and experienced during Mohanji’s programs in Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia…”

In the following paragraphs Mohanji Serbia team is happy to share with you certain highlights from this visit of Mohanji, i.e. moments that stood out in their beauty and divine intensity.

A Skeptic Finds Her True Calling

One lady (who wishes to remain anonymous) sent us the following testimonial after the mega Satsang in Belgrade: “I had heard and read the name Mohanji many times with curiosity. However, my mind was not yet ready for any master in my life and it kept saying, “What can any teacher do for me?” It was a heavy day in the office and Mohanji’s program was at 7pm. We were told that he may come late because he was coming after a long program from the town of Pozarevac, which is two hours away. So, I was reluctant to go. Mind kept saying ‘go home.’ But, I wanted to see this man. I wanted to know what he had got to offer.
Somehow, my feet took me to the hall. By the time I arrived, the hall was almost full. I was ushered in and soon I heard that there was no more space and people were being sent away. It intrigued me. Why were so many people coming to see Mohanji? He is a married man with a child and how is he different from us? I asked this question to an elder lady sitting next to me. She said, “His very presence is powerful and transformative. He heals. He is honest and unconventional. He is real.” Again my mind told me I am chasing rainbows and wasting my time. I was becoming impatient. Then, suddenly, he arrived!

3 His entry had the power of 1000 people entering the room together a
His entry had the power of 1000 people entering the room together.


He walked in quickly and I felt he was gliding as if he had no feet. I was meeting him for the first time, yet I felt as if I had known him forever. His arrival made such an impact in the hall as if 1000 people had entered the room together. I had never felt something equal or even comparable to such force or energy ever in my life! He is indeed very powerful. A strange and curious fragrance filled the room. A kind of sandalwood smell! Was this his body fragrance or the perfume that he was wearing? He stood there on stage, looked at all of us, did Namaste and sat down. He started talking. His wife was with him – a beautiful Serbian woman called Devi who translated effortlessly whatever he spoke. He was energetic and humorous. My body started changing in his presence. First, I felt I had no legs. My whole body felt like melting. The lady next to me said, “His presence will melt us from inside. Do you feel it?”

4 His presence will melt us from inside - do you feel it
“His presence will melt us from inside. Do you feel it?”

I could not speak and just nodded. I was feeling as if Mohanji was talking inside me. He was not outside.
Mohanji answered many questions that evening. He displayed only energy and presence with no fatigue or jet lag. I felt as if I could spend my whole life with such a powerhouse. He hardly felt to me as a human being. He made the whole room burst with laughter. Even I laughed. But, I never felt myself. I was gone.



A deep urge rose in me to hug him. “I must hug him and hold him in my arms at least for a moment.” It seemed impossible. Just then, one woman in the front row who was crying out of joy asked Mohanji, “May I hug you?” Mohanji replied with a smile “No problem. After the talk…” WOW, I thought. “This must be magic if not a miracle.” How all our deepest desires get fulfilled in the presence of Mohanji! He cannot be human. I understood the reason for my soul bringing me here against my mind’s objections.
The talk ended and I saw a queue getting formed in front of Mohanji in no time. He got up and came down the stage. He started hugging people. I thought it was already very late. When will he complete hugging all of us? And I felt that those who were hugging him did not want to leave him and were clinging on to him. The queue was slowly moving. Mohanji was also moving towards the door.

6 Mohanji gifting people precious moments of personal interaction
Mohanji gifting people precious moments of personal interaction after the Satsang

Finally, he came to me. The moment I saw him up close and personal, tears flowed from my eyes. He hugged me as gently as a flower. So soft and motherly! A strange thing happened to me. My whole body melted except where his arms touched me. It felt as if there were no other parts of the body, everything else had vanished. Only that small part of the body remained where his hands held me, just to remind me that I was alive on earth! A million dollars cannot buy that experience. I felt overwhelming joy and freedom sprouting from inside i.e. A fountain of happiness. This man is extraordinary. I am willing to give my life to him. I told him, “I am willing to die for you and your mission on earth, oh GOD.” He said, “Why die? Live. Live for the world. Live to spread love. The universe is me. Serve the universe unconditionally.” He left me and I still felt him the whole night and the following day. I realized that I had found my “Home.” The effect was that I gave up on animal products and embraced unconditional love. Now I only see, feel and live Mohanji. I am Mohanji. Only He exists. He hugged everyone who waited for him that evening, and then sat down to sign the books, photos and bless the pendants. He had no fatigue. He is something else… What more can I say?”

7 Mohanji taking time to sign each Power of Purity book with love
Mohanji taking time to sign each Power of Purity book with love


Surreal Moments From Andrevlje, Fruska Gora, Serbia


The merry group at the Retreat in Andrevlje, Fruška Gora, Serbia in May 2016
Fruška Gora is a beautiful mountain in north Srem, Serbia with a small part of its western side overlapping the territory of Croatia.

The merry group at the Retreat in Andrevlje, Fruška Gora, Serbia in May 2016

The Retreat in Andrevlje, a famous hiking area, on the slopes of Fruška Gora, had a special flavor this year. The beginning looked like a slow and calm opening as Mohanji kind of slow-pedaled perhaps due to many new participants. He displayed silence and calm. By the second day, he started to intensify. Many people could be seen struggling, but shedding their emotional weight rapidly. We could not find a pattern and there was absolute unpredictability. However, the highlight was spontaneity. Everything flowed smoothly and even the hardest and most difficult rocks of blockages melted. The processes that Mohanji used had the effect of opening the chakras and releasing a big load of stored emotions which made people experience causeless joy and relief, as well as grief leaving their system. By the third day, it was sheer fire and felt like a huge internal software change had been done.

9 People kept coming and coming
People kept coming and coming… Even though squeezed in to the maximum, nobody seemed to mind

The Satsang on Sunday, the third day of the Retreat, was open to all and attracted so many people from across Serbia that they were barely able to fit into the hall. People sat wherever possible and also outside the hall in the corridor. Mohanji spoke with a lot of clarity and love which transformed people before our very eyes.
In the midst of the Retreat, a TV crew from Serbia’s main TV channel (Prva TV) interviewed Mohanji and Devi and conveyed a beautiful atmosphere of Andrevlje during Conscious Walking, Yoga and meditation. The video can be viewed here:

TV Prva – Duhovni učitelj

10 becoming child again in the energy of a master
Becoming child again in the energy field of the Master

The processes within people who attended the Retreat were intensifying. On the 4th day something amazing happened…

The Three Eyes of Shiva – Cleansing Through the Agni (Fire)

Since ancient times in India, Shiva’s eyes and third eye have been described as “Surya Soma Agni Lochana” – Surya is Sun, Soma is Moon, Agni is the fire from Shiva’s third eye. We have been blessed to experience this effect from Mohanji during the Retreat in Andrevlje…

11 Shiva burning the demon
Shiva burning the demon through his third eye (image sourced from the net)

While Mohanji was busy with his standard ‘one-on-one’ sessions (brief private consultations with the Master during the Retreat), he asked Devi to conduct a spontaneous experience sharing session in another room. All the program participants gathered and the atmosphere of spiritual intimacy and love was palpable. Many opened up for the first time and spoke about their innermost experiences held deep within as a heavy weight for many years. We saw clear signs of melting and cleansing from age-old hidden impressions, emotions, trauma and fears. Mohanji had done his job of triggering a release of the baggage of hidden blockages. Tears of cleansing, release and gratitude kept coming. One lady confessed before her son that she intended to commit suicide at one point in her life but didn’t do it. That was something she never told anyone before and felt this was the time to share it. Similarly, other people agreed to come forward, stand before the group and share… This took more time than planned. After completing the quota of ‘one-on-one’ for the day, Mohanji walked in with quick steps and the usual intensity and determination on his face. He requested that we continue even though the sharing was in Serbian. He sat in his chair and observed everybody in silence while we immersed ourselves in the experience sharing. He was happy to sit among us and do his ‘invisible’ work.

12 Mohanji on Andrevlje - eyes that convey all there is to be said
Mohanji in Andrevlje – eyes that convey all there is to be said

We therefore continued and at one point heard him saying in a very stern and loud manner: “Move, move!” We didn’t quite understand who was supposed to move and where, but could only notice that he was looking in the direction of Natasa Haska. She used to sit in the back row and stay away from Mohanji. This time, she chose to sit in the second row. Mohanji saw something hidden in her (which was something that happened to her during challenging times of her life when she had to deal with the loss of her daughter, cancer, and many other severe tests of life) and as Mohanji revealed to us later, these negativities were challenging and provoking him while she was looking at him with anger in her eyes. This was Natasa’s second Retreat with Mohanji and this was the moment when she was finally ready to release them. At one point he looked at her with such intensity that fire came through his third eye straight into the negativities, forcing them to leave Natasa’s energy field and go into the White Light.

13 photo taken after Mohanjis Shiva experience in 2008
Mohanji did not move from his chair. He just kept staring at her. He asked the people in the front row to move aside and also Dusan who sat behind her to move off the line of his eyes. The people in the front moved. Dusan said he could not.

14 Paining of Mohanji and Shiva by Palak Mehta
Painting of Mohanji and Shiva by Palak Mehta


This is how Natasa described her experience:
“After my daughter’s death in 2009 and cancer in 2013 I knew it was time to change everything in my life.

15 Natasa in the top right corner
Natasa (in the top right corner) during cleansing processes in Andrevlje – always stern and serious…

I started attending Yoga classes and observing everything in life from a different perspective. As I continued practicing Yoga I noticed that different, more positive people came into my life. Through them I came to know about Mohanji’s Retreat. I attended the first Retreat in May 2015 with an expectation that I will be practicing Yoga, possibly change my sleeping pattern and with it my lifestyle, change my diet and hopefully stop smoking.

16 Morning yoga on Andrevlje
Morning Yoga during Retreat in Andrevlje – breathe through the pain with a smile…

After first two days of the Retreat I felt unseen anger and frustration coming out from within. I thought that I entered some sort of a sect or a group of lunatics. When I saw Devi Mohan with her flower in the hair, I felt like ripping it from her hair – the anger within me just exploded. I did not express anything verbally but my eyes would have expressed it. Still, I somehow pulled on and stayed till the end of the Retreat. I felt some sort of relief and went for the weekend trip to Bosnian pyramids as well.
Don’t ask me how and why I applied for the Retreat this year. I came with a hope of gaining some clarity about what was going on within me, but overall I was in a bad mental condition. With each day of the Retreat my condition was getting worse. A part of me wanted to run away from there but my intuition was saying that I should stay. After the one-on-one with Mohanji I sank completely. Among other things, he told me that I kept playing a victim, that I closed myself into a shell and that I was being repulsive towards people. That hit me hard. However, he ended with: “You take one step and I will take 10 steps for you.” That stayed with me. On the 4th day of the Retreat something indescribable happened, something that destroyed all my doubts in Mohanji, his powers and this entire story.

17 We did it - Natasa smiling
“We did it!” smile of Natasa – with Mohanji and her friend Ivana after all is over

During experience sharing that day I shared the pain of my life with other people and thought that I would be able to speak about it in a cool, emotion-free way that is typical of me. However, when I started talking the tears started gushing from my eyes, I was suffocating in my snot and for the first time in four days I started feeling hot. I kept sweating. When I finished talking I could not understand why this was happening and what I even said. After my speech Mohanji appeared in the room, sat on his little stage and as we continued with experience sharing he started looking in my direction. He fixated his eyes on me and I fixated mine on him. Something like fire was coming from his eyes towards me. It was then that I suddenly started to cough and felt as if I was about to vomit. I felt that something was coming out through my mouth. Some energy invisible to me moved out from my body, the time stopped completely and I could see nothing and no one, only my eyes and His eyes. When all of that ended, all I felt was a pleasant emptiness and relief. The pain that I always had in my chest was gone. At that moment I did not know what He had done (I came to know about the removal of the entities within me later on), but in that moment I knew that he had destroyed all my doubts and indeed made those 10 steps for me… The next day I woke up totally relaxed and happy, something that I haven’t felt in many years. I was weight-free and no longer had any doubts in Mohanji’s powers. What can I say…? All that remains is deep gratitude.“

While Mohanji was staring at Natasa, we continued sharing experiences since Mohanji had asked us to continue. But those people who were seated near Mohanji and near Natasa could feel sudden rise in temperature as if there is fire in the room. Since Mohanji operates silently and subtly, we never knew what exactly he was doing. He did such heavy cleansing to all the participants, rapidly and quietly. He was working hard when with us and also when alone. Many people felt his presence in the room, either delivering energy to ward off their headaches due to cleansing or other sensations of the body when stored negativities leave the body. Every individual was attended to.
All Retreat participants were so happy for Natasa. Devi took the flower from her hair and put it on Natasa, as a symbolical crown of her transformation. Natasa indeed looked so different and her inner beauty was shining forth.

18 A different smiling - Natasa with flower in hair
A different smiling Natasa, with the white flower gifted by Devi

During this intense experience, the person who sat behind Natasa and was supposed to move (but didn’t) was Dusan S., who happened to be sitting right behind Natasa and the “flame” of Shiva’s third eye hit him head on. He could witness it completely and he did not know that Mohanji was focusing on Natasa and not him. He could not bear the heat. While Natasa was rather quiet and hardly released any sound except the cough, it was Dusan who started releasing the strangest of sounds very loudly. He could not withstand the energy and was about to collapse. Mohanji signaled that we continue with experience sharing but at one point we couldn’t ignore Dusan – he was breathing heavily, crying profusely, he fell down from his chair and to the ground, then stuttering somehow came to the stage where Mohanji sat, bowing down in a sort of delirium, holding his feet and crying profusely. It was as dramatic as it could be. Once he gathered himself we asked him to explain what happened. All that he could tell us at that moment was that he suddenly saw nothing but Mohanji’s eyes and his third eye with utmost intensity, while everything else simply disappeared.

19 Surya soma agni
Surya Soma Agni Lochana Shiva’s third eye is fire!

He thought his heart would explode and that he would just disappear in this intense energy. He could not feel his feet and when he got up from the chair he fell on the floor. He also felt immensely cleansed from tons of backlog. Here’s how Dusan described the experience:
Mohanji’s Eyes Changed My Life

On a lighter side, we also sang, danced and celebrated a birthday as well during this hectic one week. It had everything we could possibly ask for.

Bhajans, kirtans, dancing and fun – all blended perfectly with the cleansing processes

All the people who came transformed for good. They went home lighter and grateful.

21 Devi blessed to translate words coming from higher realms
Devi – blessed to translate the words freshly arrived from the higher realms

Mohanji always tells us how the Higher purpose drives him and that the same has been the case with all the Masters in the past. We saw that clearly this time – this kind of tempo could not have been maintained by anyone who functions within typical human boundaries. It is so beautiful to have Mohanji around us as a living proof that this kind of purity, intensity, selflessness and dedication is indeed possible and achievable to all of us.

22 Mohanji - driven by purpose
Mohanji – driven by the purpose

The storm passed us and left expanded hearts and inner transformation. Mohanji Serbia team is forever indebted to Mohanji for all the blessings that he bestowed upon us. We eagerly await his return to Serbia, for which the new Mohanji Foundation Serbia team is already preparing.

Mohanji Serbia team during last meeting with Mohanji at Datta Tapovan prior to his departure

….To be continued

Jai Mohanji!

6 thoughts on “In The Eye Of The Storm: Mohanji’s Visit To The Balkans (2016) – Part 1”

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  2. The retreat feels the the intensity of an explosion that rockets into a Celestial Super Nova!
    I could not stop reading.
    Than you for the experience sharing.
    Congratulations to the new and improved Natasha.
    Jai Mohanji

  3. The retreat feels like the intensity of an explosion that rockets and flowers into a Celestial Super Nova!
    I could not stop reading.
    Than you for the experience sharing.
    Congratulations to the new and improved Natasha.
    Jai Mohanji

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