India – The Journey of My Soul

Written by Maja Racic (Serbia)

For a long time the only thing I felt as my soul desire was to go to India. Though, there  seemed to be no reason or connection with India, I just knew I wanted to go.

Apart from the financial strain of arranging the travel, the prospect of leaving behind my two-year-old toddler Tajna (2) and her two older siblings, Anja (15) and Andrija (14) was certainly daunting.

Maja Racic 1
At the Golden Temple – Amritsar


However, for the first time in my life I wanted to do something just for myself. I rationalized to myself saying, “Yes, I am a good mother, and will be even better if I am satisfied with myself.” My children encouraged me saying, “Go, do something for yourself. You have always taught us to follow our way. Thank you for everything you have done for us. Go and make your dreams come true.”

I am grateful to my family and friends for being happy to see me finally go on my journey.

Mohanji – Teacher, Guru, Higher Consciousness, Universe


When I was ready for exploring new dimensions He showed up out of nowhere. I remember his profound words to me on my first retreat at Vrdnik in 2012. He asked, “What was your reason for coming to this retreat? You have never met me before.” I said, “I just read an email and felt I should come.  I have never met these people before.” Looking from this perspective today, that was a calling, one of many coincidences. The answer, “I don’t know,” is a wonderful thing. Should there be a reason for our presence somewhere? THE SOUL KNOWS. It is the mind that is looking for answers, clarification, analysis, and a story.


I do not know how everything for my journey got arranged especially since I had not made any plans. I am thankful to my inner feeling and surrender. Even though I was trying to make a plan such as: where to go, what to do there, which town to stay in and which hotel to book, what the temperature would be like, which clothes to take, how much money I need,… what else I can control…, Mohanji’s answer was always the same, “Just come and don’t worry.”

Who is Mohanji?

I read his blogs, listened to his Satsangs, asked a thousand questions, and then beyond all these things, deep inside I felt the Truth that resonated within Him. HE liberates by removing any pre-conditions and beliefs. HE is love. I believe in everything that Mohanji is and right now HE is on my path. I see the light. Even though I do not ask questions out loud, I get answers. In all situations, I ask for help, I get an answer – either through meditation, mantra, Consciousness Kriya, connection with His eyes or by reading His book “The Power of Purity”. The answer comes through various channels but I recognize the source. The source is always the same i.e. MOHANJI. At that time I still did not know who and what Mohanji is, but I had faith, feeling of protection and trust, and I couldn’t wait to head for India…

3 With Mohanji and other devotees
With Mohanji and other devotees

From the first day everything was organized perfectly, but there was no plan. Even though at the moment it looked as if we knew the program in advance, where to go and what to do, everything kept constantly changing giving a feeling of incredible freedom and lightness. This is how “Going with the flow” really looks. It is simply impossible to control so many different characters of people, events, cities, temples, etc.

Mohanji – Moving With Lightness

Sometimes, during the journey, I thought of stopping and taking rest especially with all the terrestrial and physical “difficulties” but realized it was impossible. Mohanji kept moving though he would endure physical discomfort, too. Everything in nature is constantly moving and Mohanji also moves in perfect harmony. The thing that connects people around Him is incredible commitment, love, grace, warmth, FAITH, utter humility and surrender. It is FAITH IN MOHANJI – the light that guides them on the path of their own experiences.

4 With my friend Hein
With my Friend, Hein

The Miracle

My initial experiences on this journey were enjoyment, permanent happiness, excitement, freedom, openness, acceptance, blessing of being in Mohanji’s energy.

And then, the game of the mind started… Mohanji and people around him = my mirror. I started to listen to various experiences, stories of various miracles that people experienced with Mohanji. What about Me? I started to compare myself to others and ask questions, “Where is my miracle? Is it possible that my mind is so blocked that I am unable to feel anything? What should I do? How to open myself up to understand?” I meditated and chanted mantras every day. Whenever I remembered, I paid attention to my spine and breathing. During the day, I ate healthy food. I was willing to open myself completely. However everything seemed futile. I felt sad, angry, desperate and dissatisfied.

Suddenly, I understood. A sort of a miracle happened – one of inner insight and knowledge. I began to accept myself as well as the fact that each one of us has our own personal experience with Mohanji, personal taste and perception. In my story, thus far, the tastes had been different, however with Mohanji, one has to try everything and enjoy, even spicy and hot tastes, both sweet and bitter experiences. As I experience life, I live this magical moment in Mohanji’s energy in the depths of my silence. It does not matter if I am unable to see my past or future lives or know which planet I came from or whether Mohanji is a guru, avatar, alien, an ordinary man…

At that moment, these answers, coming from my expanded heart made me feel peaceful, happy, natural, satisfied without any reason. I felt a divine sparkle in me and knew that all of us had that seed inside us. We only needed to surrender and accept our nature.

I took a look around and could clearly see that nature was talking to me without any word. I could completely expand and become one with it. It was like a mirror and a guru, too. There was nothing “special” in it as it was the source of the universe out of which all our creations originated. Nature teaches us through silence – it shows us all our elements and our states without any word or story. It does not bind – it allows each of us to experience life in our own unique way with no frames and definitions.

5 Maja Racic

Primarily, we reach our answers while we are in our own silence. Mother Nature is my temple, I walk barefoot on her, I surrender to her, and she gives me freedom. MOHANJI = NATURE = JESUS = SAI BABA = BUDDHA = CONSCIOUSNESS = UNITY = SOUL.

I realized that when we experience complete emptiness within us, we become a mirror to others because all the stories that are happening around us are not important any more. I started to cry and laugh out loud. It was liberating. I thought of Mohanji being in this form in my body. Being empty, everything around Him on this journey was my thoughts, projections, delusions, programs and beliefs. It became clear that the only religion I recognized in Mohanji is love, compassion, non-violence. I recalled his words: “Be natural. Be happy.”


We need to have the Faith that what we really believe in, we live it. Miracles are happening all around us. We are the greatest divine miracle of creation and when that realization happens, we arrive at our destination – liberation.

Who is Mohanji?

Mohanji is everything that I am. 7
Mohanji is everything and nothing.
Mohanji has neither beginning nor ending.
Mohanji is peacefulness and constant moving.
Mohanji is inner peace and inner voice.

He is the voice of our soul that is constantly calling us, and that is why we are searching for and overcoming all frames, all boundaries, because we all certainly tend to reach that destination. On the path of our soul, we all tend to understand who and what Mohanji is.

Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself what it is that your soul desires. Pursue your own path, and you will find your answers in your own silence, in your peace of mind, beyond all expected frames… MOHANJI = THE WHITE PATH. Turn on the light within you and spread it.

Jai Mohanji!


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