The First Power of Purity Meditation in Ladysmith, S. Africa


Experience during the first Power of Purity Meditation

in Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Written by Sholane & Salona Pillay


Mohanji altar

Baba Mohanji made our wishes come true yet again

A few months ago while I was meditating I envisioned my family doing the Power of Purity meditation in the family temple at my grandparents’ home. I felt Mohanji was guiding me through this. I just didn’t know how it would come together as my family didn’t know Mohanji then. I wanted Ladysmith, my hometown to know Mohanji, too. Soon my parents came to the Durban retreat and were very happy meeting the Mohanji family and Mohanji Himself. My sister Salona went to spend some time at home after the retreat and Mohanji blessed her to start the meditations. Yesterday, Salona, my grandparents & parents started the Power of Purity meditation at the temple in Ladysmith.

Salona’s experience

It was such a beautiful experience which we all thoroughly enjoyed. We began by reciting the Shree Ganesha mantra as we always pray to Ganesha first, followed by Mohanji’s Gayathri mantra. Thereafter we humbly invited Him to come and guide us during the meditation. We connected with His eye card for 3 minutes, followed by the Aum & Mmmm meditation and five-speed breathing. I am grateful to Mitesh Bhai for his guidance on this. Thereafter we did the Power of Purity meditation.

During the meditation, I saw Mohanji dressed in white, coming from the lamp. He walked  and helped all of us to sit correctly and comfortably. He then took a seat near a meditating Shiva murthi. Again during the meditation He walked between everyone spreading light and came to sit in the front, between His photo and the big Shiva Lingam. Mohanji then put His hands out and blessed us. White light appeared pouring from them. I also saw the Devas and Devis in the frames and murthis come to life, blessing everyone. At one point I saw Shree Hanuman’s (Kul Deva) massive and strong feet as He walked into the temple. I also saw Mohanji as Shiva.

After the meditation, I opened a page in the Power of Purity book and my mum read the question and answer which was very apt for the day and created waves of change in us. We then played “Govinda Damodar Madhaveti” with our eyes closed. We concluded by doing Mohanji’s Aarti.

My grandfather Nana who is 75 years old and has health issues managed to sit without pain the entire duration, he had so much energy and enjoyed the experience. Nana’s hands were shaking as he felt Mohanji’s light and heat energy healing him. My grandmother Nani saw a light in the shape of Mohanji and Mum saw white light during the meditation. My dad also enjoyed the meditation and breathing although he has the flu.

I am very grateful for this experience and Mohanji’s love, blessings and guidance. Today we have done the meditation within the family but next week we are looking forward to open the meditation to others and officially start the Power of Purity Meditations and Conscious walking in Ladysmith. I had a feeling that Mohanji wanted me to do this, hence He sent me to Ladysmith for a while. I also felt a little scared as to how would I, being a bit of an introvert, do this. But after seeing Mohanji present at the meditation guiding all of us, I have no fears. I am really looking forward to next week.

Reading this from Salona made me feel emotional to know that Mohanji, my Babaji walked through the temple which I grew up in and blessed everyone and will continue to bless more people. He is always with us all.

Jai Mohanji

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