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Dear Friends,

We are now pleased to bring out a mobile friendly version of mohanji.org. Any mobile device with an internet browser should be able to bring up the new site. Since mobile phones nowadays are everywhere and becoming more sophisticated, we can now have access to Mohanji in our pockets 🙂

Mobile website - About Mohanji

The mobile website has lots of content including:
– Power of Purity and 360 degrees meditations (in several languages)
– Mohanji’s Blog and other blogs
– View BTW Youtube videos

A mobile You Tube

– Mohanji BTW facebook page
– Shirdi Sai Baba Aratis
– and much more…

The Power of Purity - on your mobile

As you know viewing a website on a phone is very different from viewing it on a PC, so the website has been tailored to display in a user friendly manner in a mobile browser. It has been tested on several devices including iphone, ipad, ipod touch, Nokia, Palm and Windows Phone. The site uses technologies that are recognized by most mobile browsers and should work for most phones. Do try it out and report any feedback on how we can improve it in the future.

So now we can do a “Power of Purity” meditation in a forest, listen to Sai Aratis while stuck in traffic or read Mohanji’s blog on the train 🙂

Baba's Arati - always with you

Give it a try by going to http://www.mohanji.org from your mobile phone and you should be redirected to the new site.

Note: If you are accessing mohanji.org from your computer, you should still see the existing site. Only mobile devices will be redirected to the mobile version of the site.

If you have any questions/require any clarification or guidance, please ask in the Comments section of this blog, and I will answer accordingly.

Sai Ram,


5 thoughts on “Iphone Version of www.mohanji.org”

  1. Dear Jayant,
    So sweet and kind of you for your voluntary efforts to spread Mohanji’s mission and message.You are one of the rare breed who is doing for Mohanji without His asking / telling….while most of us are still in the mode of asking more and more for self from Mohanji. You are to Mohanji like what Das Ganu was to Shri Shirdi Sai Baba, though your methods differ.May more and more of us express our gratitude and love for our Guru Shri Mohanji by being selfless (like you) in our devotion to our Master and his mission.
    love and regards,
    Dr Sanjay Jaju

  2. Dear Jayant,
    This is just wonderful. Miliions of thanks to you.
    Hope it reaches to all those needed.

  3. Sai Ram Mohanji,

    Thank you!!!
    I had a crucial tender to submit. I could not find my company letter head. After a drastic search all over the place, both my friend and me couldnt find the letter head .I needed it so badly that I turned the place up side down.Any place that I can remeber, I searched. Paper by paper.Because of that, my morning prayer was delayed.
    I gave up.I really thought it was some work of Sai, my sadguru. After my morning prayer and after reading Satcharitha as usual, I decided to call you, my Guru Mohanji. And I called you, You told me to just wait for half an hour and then decide what to do. I gave a last try of the same places where both me and my friend had already searched.The first bunch of paper I searched had this letter head. I FOUND IT!!! Now what can I say!!!. Thank you Mohanji!!! Sai Ram!!!!

    God bless All

  4. Thank you Jayant sir.

    Now we can view our Guruji, whenever and wherever we wish.

    God Bless you and your team for such an hard work.



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