The 10-10-10 Experience

The Miracles of 10-10-10

10-10-10 was indeed a special day – not only numerologically, but also energy-wise. It marked an important shift in our vibratory level, in preparation for 2012.

These energies had a beautiful effect at the subtler layers of our being, a beautiful effect on the crystals, and our Mother Earth as a whole.

The Shining Crystals during our 10-10-10 Meditation

Those of us in Muscat had a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a special meditation with Mohanji, and those who were physically away but at the same time connected with Mohanji energy-wise, through meditation, also had a stunning experience. In fact, whoever was connecting with Mohanji at that time felt tremendous energy/heat (we received several testimonials from different countries, shared below). It is amazing to witness this grand connectivity!

I’ll start with my own experience. 🙂

Biba & Moushami - a loving embrace at the feet of Shiva

Even during the day itself, while at work, Sudeep and I both felt a strange pressure on the third eye, bordering with headache.

Meditation in the evening was a big surprize – it was completely improvised for the occassion by Mohanji. Multiple Masters entered him and our individual energy fields underwent all kinds of different sensations and energy jolts.

As per Mohanji’s guidance, we simply chanted Om continuously and with varying intensity, focusing on different chakras – starting with Sahasrara. Meditation itself may sound simple, but it had a great power. When we reached the throat chakra and chanted OM, at one point Mohanji said we should chant HUM with force, while breathing out. We were following Mohanji’s HUM chanting which was like a higher command. That created a powerful effect, as if some gigantic force was activated in the inner space.

When we reached Anahata, I experienced my voice during that OM as much different, as if many other souls were chanting through me! It was not my voice at all, it kind of echoed with multitude and was stretching like a chewing gum (too strange to explain) – at that time I also experienced incredibly deep Love, it was just overwhelming. As we were reaching the lower chakras, we were guided to chant more and more softly – it was becoming so tender in there…., and yet felt very powerful, majestic.  As we continued with soft chanting with focus on Muladhara, I slowly felt that I am losing ground and everything is dissolving…

I could feel the top of my head tinkling very much, at times so much that I barely resisted not scratching my head – I knew that tinkle very well and recognized the presence of Masters… (As Mohanji explains, Sahasrara (crown chakra) represents the Supreme God or Parabrahma – if the tinkling happens there, it thus represents the highest). Love and gratitude kept me at the edge of tears continuously.

We were all kind of spaced out afterwards, with the ‘wow’ expression on our faces 🙂 – with a simple chanting of OM, Mohanji took all of us to a very high level of experience…

3 blessed recipients of Satcharita on 10-10-10

Experience of MF: Among all of us present around Mohanji that day, MF’s experience stands out as truly special. Visibly overwhelmed, as soon as the meditation was over, MF prostrated at Mohanji’s feet with deep reverence. He was so sweet while trying to convey the magnitude of his experience in limited words.

MF said that during meditation, while chanting OM with focus on throat chakra, his head suddenly became heavy and body got paralyzed/frozen (i.e. he experienced a high energy expansion, a trance state).  During the intense HUM chanting, he felt as if his body became completely empty & inner space was “fully filled with something.” He then understood that it was the enery of Shirdi Baba that entered him! While in that state, he could make out that Baba is asking him something, but he was unable to understand exactly what, so he didn’t answer. He also felt that Baba touched the centre of his chest & stomach. At that point, his body became cold and he was shivering & vibrating, overwhelmed with deep reverence. He was still feeling the heaviness of energy even one hour after the experience. We understood how great the blessing that he received really was and felt so happy for him – his purity and continuous, sincere Seva to Mohanji brought this experience to our dear MF.

I would also like to mention that just a week before this meditation, MF had the incredible blessing of meeting Shirdi Sai Baba in person. He appeared to MF in a form of a beggar, just near the Post Office. MF was about to enter the Post Office, when this ‘beggar’ told him in commanding voice: “Give me some water.” MF was rather confused and, worried that the Post Office may close, went inside to drop one parcel. He came out fast, with intention to bring water to this man, but he disappeared. MF looked around, but the unusal man was nowhere to be found. When he shared this experience with Mohanji and me, we knew right away who that was, and told MF that he has no idea how great of a blessing that was. He actually met Shirdi Sai Baba in person!!! MF was quite dazzled with our reaction and then started feeling bad that he didn’t go get the water immediately, but went to the Post Office instead. During this meditation, Baba reconfirmed his blessing to MF through this intense experience and he was completely overwhelmed.

Moreover, that day Mohanji insisted to bless and gift a Sai Satcharita, the living book about Shirdi Sai Baba’s life, to Murari. He took this inner command very seriously and asked our Pradeep S. from Dubai to send one Satcharita to Muscat by bus. However, we received not one but three Sai Satcharitas. MF was meant to be one of the recipients of Satcharita as well… – Baba’s leela… 🙂

Mohanji blessing 3 Sai Satcharitas on 10-10-10

After Mohanji blessed and gifted these 3 Satcharitas, we continued with our experience sharing.

Sudeep said: “The moment Mohanji entered the room that evening, I could feel the energy oozing out of him and noticed the sharp, Shaivic expression in his eyes. His Presence was so powerful that immediately everyone fell into deep silence. During the meditation, I felt the presence of the Masters – first it was Lord Jesus, then Mahavatar Babaji and then, most clearly, Shirdi Baba whom I felt/saw standing right in front of me and then moving through the room. After the meditation, during the Arati, I felt the presence of Bade Baba which melted my heart. Experience was that of total, absolute stillness!

Murari in bliss!


“I felt a lot of peace. At some stage during the meditation I felt that my body is evaporating with deep sense of gratitude towards Guruji (Mohanji), Babaji and the mere fact that I was there with many spiritually advanced loving souls.”


Fabian conducting BTW in London

Fabian (London):

“Already in the morning meditation (10:10am my local time) I felt a very dense and intense energy rushing through me & could feel my third eye very strongly. But in the afternoon, when I  joined Mohanji’s meditation at 7:30 pm Muscat time I was literally knocked out! I felt a huge shift happening and a rush of heat coming into me -my skin felt like electricity was flowing through it. I then had to lie down on my back because I was so dizzy and overwhelmed! It was amazing! I was electrified the whole rest of the day, hot like a radiator, even while on my way to our local BTW meditation with Shaktipat: in the tube, walking to the venue, during the Shaktipat – it was so intense! When the intro breathing before BTW started and we chanted AUM, it was like somebody else was chanting through me!

Everybody else could also feel that the energy was so extremely dense that day during our Shaktipat – I could still feel the energy flow even the next morning.” After sharing this with Mohanji, he told me that Fabian’s connectivity with him has increased manifold. This is in proportion to one’s complete faith and surrender. 

Mohanji blessing Babu-a full Shaivic expression

Babu (Vietnam):

“During 10th Oct, I was in Ho Chi Minh city. Actually I was not able to join the meditation on that day because it was raining heavily.

On that evening around 7PM, I suddenly got a severe headache. I tried to reduce it with medicine, pain balm and head massage, but nothing worked. I noticed that the headache was very different and distinct, as if something was shifting within  my head.

I slept somehow that night, and next day morning was my travel back to Bangkok. To my great surprise, I was able to wake up without any alarm in early morning and there was no symptoms of headache – totally relaxed and feeling very fresh!

Later on, when I spoke to Mohanji , I came to understand that he was “working on me” -:). I was very much excited and the level of happiness cannot be explained by words.

Aum Sai Ram!!!”


Marina basking in the sunset over Ganga


Marina (Germany)- currently in India:

“Dear all, just a little intro to give you an idea on how the day unfolded before my travel companion Abhishek and I got to the BTW & Shaktipat session in the evening of the 10.10.10.
Midday on the 10.10., Abhishek and myself arrived in Haridwar. Having organized everything for a “proper” visit at the temple/samadhi of Lahiri Mahasaya (flowers, fruit, fragrance, sweets,…) we reached that Kriya Yoga ashram just in time for a contemplation and walk around the temple before the gates closed (!). We moved on to the Samadhi of Lahiri M and sat down for a meditation. The energy was so intense in that little room. I cannot recall having felt ever more clearly the energy rising along the spine up, kind of stopping by at each chakra. I felt and saw orange/yellow lava-like energy rising in a constant flow and embracing each chakra upwards like a bus at a busstop (sorry if that’s too much of a simplification, but hopefully it gives you the picture).
To cut a potentially long story short, we moved on towards Rishikesh and checked in at the hotel (Divine Resort!) in Tapovan. Sunset in the magnificent environment overlooking Ganga and the lower mountains of Himalaya – just so beautiful!
At 21:45, Abhishek and I sat down for the BTW mediation. We knew that at the same time Mohanji was starting to conduct the meditation in Muscat.
Although our session was highly improvised, we had a really intense experience. To put you in the picture:
we had neither a stereo nor a laptop. I used my Ipod without headphones on max volume, so we could hear Mohanji’s voice at least, even if the sound was really “squeezed”. We got one tea light from the hotel reception and I retrieved out of my purse two of Mohanji’s spiritual cards. And off we went.

Pranayama was pretty focusing and caused pleasant tingling in the cells of the back, shoulders, arms and hands. Energy rose almost in an instant and I gave Abhishek several Shaktipats of which each one felt completely different. During one Shaktipat round I could not even feel his head upon touch – it seemed like a mass of energy and I almost feared this body in front of me would dissolve completely!
Mohanji is such a powerhouse of love and healing! Connecting to him, I felt that a massive shedding/burning of blockages was taking place in Abhishek. In fact, I thought the palms of my hands will get BURNED by all that energy flow during Shaktipat.
What else to add? Not more, just that we got into that wonderful space of stillness,

light, purity and serenity. The Power of Purity.  :-)”


“With the blessings of Mohanji, I got another chance to visit the mighty Himalayas after a one month gap, with my spiritual sister from Germany, Marina. It was a delight & pleasure to spend time with such a beautiful, evolved soul. Marina is one of the closest disciples of Mohanji and one of the first to be initiated into Shaktipat by Mohanji. She is truly an embodiment of love & light.

After an  amazing day, we reached Haridwar and around 10pm synchronized our meditation with Mohanji’s in Muscat. Both of us got drenched with the divine nectar of Mohanji, who was constantly revealing his presence to us, in different forms. Throughout the meditation, I felt as if we were floating in the air, in some other LOKA. I received several astral Shaktipats from Mohanji & a few from Marina. A great release of energy started happening, from the depth my being .”

Mohanji - the Golden Glow from within!

9 thoughts on “The 10-10-10 Experience”

  1. Satish – from Bangkok, Thailand

    Having read the above experiences, I am numbed completely. I am very new to this wholesome experience of being in and feeling the presence of Mohanji.

    I have not yet had the opportunity of joining Mohanji’s meditation or Saktipath as yet; it is just a few weeks since I first got to meet Mohanji during His visit to Bangkok on 24 September, 2010.

    I was completely unaware unfortunately of the importance of 10-10-10 therefore had no clue what was happening to me. On that fateful Sunday night I was experiencing a terrible headache and had absolutely clueless as to what was going on. It came to the point of being unbearable and have never before experienced such a feeling. I was extremely distressed, could not focus and irritable and very worried as to what was happening.

    Wish I had known and wish I could have meditated (but have no clue how to though) and get to partake that woderful feeling and channelize it the way all of you did. Little did I think of the connection at all.

    Just wanted to share this experience with all of you.

    Wishing all of you A Very Happy Vijaya Dashmi and A Happy Dassera to all!

    Om Sai Ram!

  2. Dear All,
    10/10/10, I was in San Diego. I knew I am going to miss this meditation in Muscat.
    But Mohanji’s energy travels everywhere effortlessly. It is not bound by country, galaxy or whatever you think.

    I was driven to read the chapter of Bramha Gyan in Sai SatCharitra at Bramha Muhurat. It was indeed an expereince.

    I spent whole day expereincing the energy and also talk to Connie for long long time.
    Love to all,

  3. So much is happening in my life now, all of which is moving toward higher consciousness yet requires day to day and down to Earth activity, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to allow the energy to flow through me during my phone conversation with Dear Deepali Sunday evening 10-10-10, our conversation lasting into the 10 o’clock hour here in Tennessee. There was no doubt this was not our first communication; we talked and talked and talked as friends would do who have been away for awhile. We talked about many aspects of our lives and of our common love for Mohanji and Biba. We have set the energy in motion that I will be with all of you in person in the near future. To be in your presence and to experience the meditations with kindred souls is almost more than I can imagine.

    1. Dr. Deepali Jaju

      Dear Connie,
      Thanks Connie. Both of us did not realize the time. It was a meditative talk. We never felt we did not meet before!
      Gratitude to Mohanji’s grace.
      Love and regards,

  4. Dear All,

    I am one of the privileged participant of 10-10-10 arati and meditation with Mohanji in Muscat.

    We have 16 month old baby daughter Turya. Normally in the evening I spent time with Turya and do not get chance to attend any group event. I did get BTW group mails and Biba’s invitation to attend special event on 10-10-10.

    Even if there was keen interest in the bottom of my heart to attend, but restrained myself, thinking that going alone without family is too selfish. On the other hand we go full family, Turya’s baby talk may cause disturbance to other participants of meditation.

    I got a call from Ravi dada around 5 PM. He was enquiring whether we are participating. I was outside, went home, asked Tanusri (my wife), she happily agreed to go along with Turya, took bath, got ready and by 6:30 PM we found ourselves in our car on the way to Biba’s house.

    We are not regular participant of BTW meditation, hence our presence apparently surprised a few. Mohanji commented ‘Babaji has brought you here today”. We full family attended arati. Biba showed me how to hold panch-pradeep.

    Once arati was over, Tanusri took Turya to another room. Moushami loves Turya very much. They have a special bonding since Turya’s birth. Soon they got busy with playing. Not a single sound reached the meditation room though!!!. My earlier concern about disturbance was simply not the truth.

    Under guidance of Monhanji, series of OM chanting with full concentration starting from crown chakra first had a magical effect. Sooner I felt strong bonds with my fellow participants who meditating in the room, through waves of OM chanting. That lead me to a far away zone, which was not known to me before. Felt deep bliss, love and gratitude.
    While chanting OM concentrating on third eye, felt Mohanji’s thumb. The experience was so profound and divine, I am loosing words to explain!!.

    In brief on 10-10-10 meditation I was feeling at home. Some inner voice was telling ‘this is the place I belong’. It gave me many answers why I become restless day by day, why my behavior pattern become so erratic, why I am loosing interest in my own job, etc. etc. Some other voice from white light told me “You are in a state of transition, do your duties and be patient without judgment”

    God bless you all !



    1. Dr. Deepali Jaju

      Dear Rajdeep,
      What a truthful and lovable expression of what you experienced!!!. Wish you all the best. Enjoy the bliss and liberation.
      Love and regards,

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