Keep your Faith permanently on your Guru

Written by Nikita Mittal

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Before I pen down our Guru’s leela (divine play), let all of us humbly prostrate ourselves at His Lotus feet.

My only prayer to the Almighty is to always keep us away from competing with each other, so that we are focused only on serving at His Lotus feet.

Last time I met Mohanji, it was Diwali and in that meeting He kept reminding the devotees present about faith and surrender. He is so humble and full of love that He pardons all our sins and mistakes. His heart is like a wax and forever works towards welfare of His devotees.

How Mohanji showered His blessing and increased my Faith

Before I narrate the incident below, I want to give a context to it. Many months before this incident, I had written to Mohanji on some issue. In reply He had asked me to increase my faith and to keep it permanently.

Coming to the incident, one day I had gone to my daughter’s school to pay the fees. After the work was finished I walked out to my car. As I started the car, I observed that one of the car doors was not locked properly. So I stepped outside the car to close the door correctly while the car engine was still running. In haste, the driver side’s door got shut and due to the central locking mechanism, subsequently all the car doors got locked automatically. I really panicked as the car engine was running and more importantly, the duplicate car key was inside the car, locked!

I ran towards the school security guard. He advised me to go to the nearby market and look for a key maker. I saw an auto rickshaw coming towards me. I hailed it down and requested him to help me. He took me to the key maker and fortunately the key maker agreed to help us. He immediately came with us in the auto rickshaw to where my car was standing. He at once got down to the job at hand and tried his best to open the car. But all his efforts were in vain.


As I stood beside the car, not knowing my next steps, my eyes fell on the picture of Sai Baba and eyes of Mohanji, on the dash board. I immediately grinned at my own panicky behavior and reassured myself ‘why to fear when Baba is near’. My mind calmed down and I started chanting mantras. I prayed to Baba to help me in this situation as the car fuel petrol was getting wasted.

All of a sudden, the key maker guy got a rod from somewhere. Then he pulled up the rubber strip lining the window glass and inserted the rod near the door lock area. He was evidently trying to unlock the lock mechanism. It was a surreal situation – I chanted while he worked. He failed a couple of times, however finally the car door snapped open. Whoa… what a relief it was!

I thanked Baba immediately and the auto rickshaw guy and the key maker for helping me in the hour of need.

After I reached office and informed Mohanji about this incident, he just replied: “Happy? 🙂

Lots of love to my Baba


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