On Sani Trayodasi Day

Written by Padmaja Nimbalkar

I met Mohanji in December 2011 and since that time I have been connected to him. Recently I have been to Nashik Mahakumbh with Mohanji and a group of lovely people.



In September there was Sani Trayodasi (Saturday). I was not aware of
what Sani Trayodasi is.

I received message about it on Whatsapp from Kumbh Mela group as
mentioned below –


To remove different types of troubles caused by Saturn who causes
consequences of fate, Shiva should be worshipped and gingely seeds
should be donated on Sani Trayodasi. Shiva is the lord of Saturn so if
Parameswara is worshipped with gingely oil then the afflictions from
Saturn are removed. An individual who worships Shiva during the great
sacred time of Sani Trayodasi during the evening Sandhya would be freed
completely from the results of all the heinous sins committed in
previous lives.

When I read this message I felt so blessed as I realized/experienced
that how your Guru takes care of you.


Mohanji as Kaala Bhairava by Vishal Mothilal
Mohanji as Kaala Bhairava by Vishal Mothilal

In Pune Mohanji team conducts weekly meditation at two/three places like
Kharadi ashram, Wanawari, Shivajinagar and Bavadhan. In October
meditation was conducted in Bavdhan (It’s mostly on Saturdays) which is
Aniss’s home. On one Saturday (Saturday previous to Sani Trayodasi
day) Aniss told me that there is one Shiva’s temple near Bombay
–Pune highway which is 4-5 km from her place. We were planning to
visit it the same day but somehow we couldn’t.

The following week as per schedule meditation was planned on 5.30pm. In the
morning I called Aniss and said that I would come to her place by 3pm,
would go to that temple and by 5pm we would come back for meditation. She

I reached her place by 3.15pm then she said we would try a shortcut to
go to that temple, so I drove my car as per her instructions but somehow
we came across dead end… Lol

Then we tried another way. That road was also under maintenance but somehow we parked our vehicle at the nearby temple and we walked for 5-10 min. (I explained all these hurdles just to tell you that I guess it was a divine plan)

When we entered the temple, Gabhara (the small area/room where shivaling gets installed) was closed. Then we looked around, some kids were playing there. So Aniss asked one of the girls and then she brought the keys.

After that we entered inside and sat for 15 minutes enjoying/feeling energy over there. Aniss told me whenever she used to come in that temple Diya/lamp was all-time there. But maybe because of the road conditions people were not visiting much and hence no Diya and maybe regular rituals.

Then a thought crossed my mind to play Shiva Kavacham (Shiva Kavacham is a powerful gift from Mohanji. It’s a 20-minute-prayer/audio which covers all aspects of Shiva). I told my wish to Aniss and then she said yes why not. Then we played Shiva Kavacham, when it got over I opened my eyes Aniss was still in meditation. After 10 min she also opened her eyes.
Then I asked her,”How was it ?” (As Aniss heard Shiva Kavacham for the first time).

She told me It was amazing… then she asked me, “Padmaja, did you
observe the things which happened after playing Shiva Kavacham?” We both observed that when we started Shiva Kavacham within 5 min one person came inside to light a Diya then again after 2-5 min somebody rang the bell (Ghanti Bajayee) and one lady came inside to worship Shiva. But one other thing which only Aniss felt/saw that a lot of people were
coming/going  into Gabhara till Shiva Kavacham got over (Here I have to
mention that Aniss has vision, she can see lot of things which we can’t
see with our naked eyes. She has been doing spiritual practices for the last 6-7 years. She can sense energies very quickly).

So this way it was pure and pure Father’s grace that we could worship
Shiva on that specific day to burn our karmas. Rather I should say we
didn’t do anything it was a divine plan.

With Love,

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